Horoscope for aquarius year 2016

Planetary Influences on Your Love LifeLearn more about the planetary influences affecting your romantic life by reading today’s Aquarius love horoscope today. This brief profile of the Aquarius personality lets us have a look into the mind and heart of the Water Bearer.
Aquarius is the eleventh horoscope sign of the Zodiac and it holds dominion over the eleventh House of Friends and Social Endeavors. Aquarius is always surrounded by friends and they love the society of others in general; their conversation is unique, sharp, and very funny.
Aquarius also have a tendency to disappear for long stretches of time and they hate being questioned or feeling cornered; act too emotionally attached to one and watch their dust as they run away. The Aquarius horoscope sign is more concerned with the needs of the many and with humanity in general than the needs of one, even their own. If you are a person who loves to dress a little different and stands out from the crowd, you will pique their interest; take an unusual and intelligent view on a popular topic and you will keep it. CompatibilitiesAquarius works best with their kindred Air signs, Gemini and Libra; few other zodiac horoscope signs truly understand their minds.
Horoscope Lessons to LearnPeople born under this horoscope sign are surprisingly sensitive and get their feelings hurt easily; they are just very good at hiding their emotions from others.
Earth signs Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn are too rigid in their thinking and their need for stability and consistency is something the Aquarius simply cannot provide.
Use this profile in conjunction with the Aquarius Daily Love Horoscope in order to the find ways to incorporate this information into the daily interactions of the Aquarius person and those who love them. Aquarius Woman’s Love HoroscopeAquarius horoscope sign women are communicative but resist change as much as possible. Commitment in a romantic relationship is important to her and the saying ‘first love never dies’ is something she believes in.
This detachment is also a problem for partnerships, while she loves the person in her life, expressing her feelings and sending flowery messages aren’t things that she will do. Aquarius Man’s Love HoroscopeAn Aquarius man portrays qualities of the horoscope symbol he is represented by - water. Aquarius males are idealistic and loving in nature and cannot stand to witness discrimination in social or formal settings. A lack of contact with a romantic partner could have you feeling a little down right now, Aquarius. Even these people love to do work alone, but once they become friend they will show a high level of trust and faith. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Aquarius Horoscope 2014 tells the predictions of different aspects of life such as love, career, family, money and health. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation.
During 2016 those who were born under the sun sign of Aquarius need to make sure that they are listening closely to what their subconscious is attempting to tell them.
Failure to properly communicate can create a myriad of misunderstandings with everyone around you. You will be going through a mixed time when it comes to your intimate relationships and there could be dark patches where you will see the rise of differing opinions. However, things will settle back down as the year moves on and you will be able to have good level of coexistence with your significant other. However, make sure to keep all lines of communication completely open and attempt to make decisions together if they affect you both.
Today you are in a mood to spend the day in the lap of luxury and you shall grab every opportunity to pamper yourself. Don’t expect calmness in your professional as this year and there will be plenty of things happening. The configurations of the planets during this year will mean you have numerous duties that you will need to take care of, but they will bless you with the required health to take care of them.
This year you will find yourself in smooth waters in terms of your finances and you can rest assured that you will be financially secure and stable this year. During this year you will have to give some extra time to your family to keep everything running smoothly. The cards are indicating that you will be traveling this year, but it is recommended that you leave all the traveling until the second apart of the year. During this year you will have to put in a considerable amount of effort to get the expected result. This is the year when you will have plenty of creativity and ideas that will be received with appreciation at your office.
During this year, both of these areas will challenge you before you only have one thing to worry about.
Those born under the Aquarius sign are always ready to explore and try out new things to make their lives full of adventures. Aquarius is always looking for things that are new to them and you have a tendency to lose your interest quickly and you want to move on. It's reassuring to step out into the world each day armed with the knowledge that this could be your lucky day. It provides useful information about the Aquarius attitude toward love and relationships and highlights their strengths and their problem areas. People often mistake them for Water signs because their symbol is the Water-bearer, but our friend Aquarius is pure, fresh Air.
They tend to stay friends with their lovers long after the romantic relationships ends and they are the zodiac horoscopes best listeners. Engage them in interesting conversation about art, politics, or just about anything, but be original about it.
Of the Fire signs, Leos respect their intelligence and individuality and Sagittarians will provide them with plenty of stimulating conversation.

These Water signs won't even play that game and their overly emotional and needy personalities won't interest Aquarius at all. Aquarius likes to look for order in the Universe, these astrology signs have their feet planted firmly on the ground and their mind on today.
Knowing how to interact with the one you love is half the battle toward a deep and lasting commitment. They tend to make mountains of molehills and cause a stir on hollow cases for the sake of it.
You may be wondering if you’ve said or done anything that offended your beloved one in some way. Because of their nature and intelligence, people attract towards them and want their friendship.
You would also need to work on your skills in communication because you would need to be able to express yourself fully in the right way.
You will have plenty of opportunities that will be thrown at you this year, so make sure to take a hold of them when you can. However, you might experience a temporary break-up because of the cracks created by these disturbances and you might experience pangs of confusion then. You will be required to give a high amount of stamina and energy to all of the projects that you are involved in during this year and, despite the extra hours you spend working you will enjoy it.
You will experience good health and a good attitude for most of the year and the planets will help to boost your immunity and all illnesses will not touch you.
However, this might be difficult because of your work related responsibilities that will keep you from seeing your family for long periods. This is due to the fact that the cards are indicating a high level of accident proneness during the first part of the year and you should avoid all travel during that period. You will have to be fully dedicated in the way that you approach your academics and you will face slow progress, which can be tempered with a bit of perseverance and patience, which will be tested. This will also coincide with an increase level of responsibilities if you can properly execute your part in these ideas.
First, you will have a health based challenge and the other is regarding your relationships with your family or partner. During this year, you will be able to have plenty of opportunities for this because of your work due to your ideas and you will be able to execute them fully. However, this attitude should see a change during the year, otherwise all of your goals will remain goals and you won’t achieve them. On those days that might not favor cupid, you can learn how to avoid potentially disastrous situations. Interested parties can also learn what signs bring out their good side and which might rub them the wrong way.
They just have trouble showing their emotions and feel uncomfortable when confronted with love and emotion from others. Their ruling planet is erratic Uranus and they are associated with the Major Arcana Tarot card, the Star. This can cause a daily problem for them in relationships, especially in involvements with astrological horoscope signs that need closeness and intimacy.
They will move Heaven and Earth to help others or contribute to a cause, but they want a partner who can stand beside them as an equal and independent person with goals and interests of their own.
They are always ready to help someone in need, as long as that someone doesn't get too emotional about it. They love to fly in the face of today’s conventional wisdom and they are drawn to people who do the same.
They need to learn that to show their feelings leads to the romantic intimacy they secretly crave but are afraid of.They also need to learn that their blunt and often caustic wit is lost on other people and causes needlessly hurt feelings. Aquarius also love to bait them to watch the famous Aries temper explode, then sit back and laugh. A Scorpio will turn their sarcasm back on them and these two can be cruel to each other unless their are other factors in the charts to offset this tendency in one or both horoscope signs. Since the Aquarius is an air sign, women will think logically and follow the mind instead of the heart; this will bring intelligence, honesty and originality. She will be unpredictable when it comes to future plans (reading today’s horoscope will help), which leads to problems trying to making things work. He likes his woman to show strength, physically and mentally and to take charge and to have her own opinion of life, love and relationships, although he takes quite a while to get committed to a relationship. When in such a mood people cannot stand the one who portrays such behavior, thus hampering his ability to maintain a well networked social circle. They love to go deep down for details of various things and want to know the truth behind the scene.
For such a nature, Aquarians people often are faced with nervous breakdowns, diarrhea, and other physical as well as psychological health related issues. They are not ready to face the bitterness of truth rather than, they make their own point of view and stick to it. Talking of money, it will be an exceptionally good day for finances, especially with respect to property related dealings. This will ensure that you won’t feel exhausted or even bored easily, even when working overtime. However, you need to keep living a healthy style of living since by challenging your body it will fight back and leave you feeling off. You should keep your spending in a conservative pattern and avoid any unneeded extravagant spending to have a stable budget.
This absence will leave your family feeling unwanted and they will remind you constantly about the responsibilities that you need to face up to in regards to your relatives and family. You should also avoid all situations where controversy or getting involved in arguments where words can be exchanged, especially when you are traveling for work.
Make sure to keep a good reputation with your mentors and peers to make sure that you always have someone willing to help you out.

However, this will also mean that you will have to spend more time at your office, but you will be sufficiently rewarded for your efforts and ideas at the appropriate time. This journey will inspire you and keep you excited, especially as you start to experience the success and everything that comes with it.
This will tarnish your reputation and your goodwill, so make sure to be motivated during this year. They aren't as insensitive as they appear; this aloofness is necessary for them to process things and find how they fit into the larger picture today. They will listen to your problems for hours any day of the week and do whatever they can to help.
This enrages most Aries people, who like to be taken seriously even when they look ridiculous.
She will experiment and try anything; humanities, technology and science are great areas for her.
He will find excitement and pleasure in logic, finding amusement in riddles, puzzles and random sayings for example.
The Aquarius male can often be misunderstood as unromantic and carefree as they do not always display their love and affection towards their partner. Your partner is probably taking care of some family obligations and may have lost track of time. This will be one of the best opportunities for you to open yourself up to some new experiments and work on acquiring new and useful skills. Don’t over indulge in anything as that will have a negative effect on your body and your health. This is most important during the middle part of the year when your expenses will be higher than normal, but try to put a budget into place that so that these expenses won’t affect your savings. This will be in your mind all the time and will lead you to having a guilty feeling and added stress, but you should try to remember that this isn’t helping and that added stress can affect your health. Those students who are waiting for the opportunity to study in other countries will be able to pursue them and the last part of the year is calling for a family holiday. During the second part of the year you will see the results from the effort you have put it and you should try to schedule if you can, your competitive tests during this time. First off, make sure to prioritize all of the tasks that you are responsible for so that you can stay focused as you undertake the projects.
A free daily love horoscope helps interpret that story so that we can make the decisions that are best for us.
When they believe in something totally, they will defend their position fiercely, even if it means standing alone; they're not afraid to go against today’s popular opinion and they love to play Devil's Advocate. They will laugh if you act offended, until they realize that the hurt is real; this can lead to a terrible guilt, which the Aquarian will also internalize. This couple can be like a child trying to impress his elders and a condescending Uncle who teases them to tears and then tells them to stop being so sensitive. The Aquarius horoscope man can be very moody and unstable in his thoughts which in turn affect his day to day decision making abilities. Remembering birthdays and anniversaries, buying flowers or any other display of love does not come naturally to the person born under the Aquarius horoscope sign. They look comfortable and calm doing anything but they do not show off what is actually going inside them.
They do not turn from their words irrespective of the fact that someone is getting troubles because of them.
You will also be exposed plenty during your work and this will create some changes in your professional area.
Make sure to maintain a lifestyle that has a healthy based diet and the average level of exercise, which will help you to stay healthy all year. During the last part of the year look into real estate investment, which will bring you rewards later in the future. Make sure to be on the lookout for ways to fix this problem and during the last part of the year you will have a bit more freedom, so make sure to plan a vacation with your family.
Aquarius males also show wit and creativity, this combination is not a rare one and is definitely an added bonus. He is shifty in his mindset and is very unpredictable by nature which makes it difficult for other to gauge his reactions, judge him and keep up with him. However, make sure to stay calm and to deliberate any decisions before you take your final choice. You should also think about starting an active based hobby or a sport to help keep your fitness level up. This will allow you to relax and allow your relationships, mind and body to get back in shape. Despite his introvert character, the Aquarius man loves excitement and readily takes up any challenges that come his way. Their unique ways of doing things fetch many friends for them and this keeps them away from boredom. If you are in business, then you will have some scope for expansions and this is one of the best times to branch out beyond your current profession if you have been thinking about it and turning your hobby into a profession.
Also, during the second part of the year expect some expansions through births or marriages. He considers himself as a team player and portrays immense discipline in order to bring out the best in him as well as the team.
To achieve their objectives, they can go for anything and find the destination with firm determination.

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