Horoscope for libra in august 2013

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There's an annular total eclipse on Sunday 3rd November at 12.49pm which is a new beginning, but a weird cover-up.
YOUR FOREIGN, INTERNET, ACADEMIC, PUBLISHING AGENDAYou read your horoscope all the time, so you have been fully prepared for the changes and delays affecting your trips, internet commitments, studies or book project.
There are some late gains to be made in your career, university life or volunteer role in July and August. Fantastic friendships and tremendous gains from group solidarity make the second half of July feel like a whole new start in your life. Why has progress been so slow (to say the least) with your money, business interests, house, apartment, charity or precious possessions? With so many heavenly bodies in Libra it's not surprising that you there is a hot button attached to image issues, or questions about your personal appearance or reputation. It's always nice to see the asteroid Ops (she is the wife of Saturn) turn up in your horoscope.
Allow for strikes, disruptive weather, barefaced deceit (it happens), missing letters, computer problems and all the other kit and caboodle of Mercury Retrograde to interfere for around two months – right up until the end of November.

What we hear or read from you in October resonates like a really chapter of Brideshead Revisited.
By rights you should have seen the peak moments back in May or June, but sometimes you need this kind of odd progress. You must put your old friend first, along with the amazing new introductions which are coming. She is now in your opposite sign of Aries, which rules your former, current or potential partner. And with Psyche in the communication zone of your horoscope, both you and other people will revisit the end results often. Consequently you now need to spend the first two weeks of July sorting out what is actually there. There will be a replay or rewind situation in mid-July which helps clarify things for you, then by August you will be enjoying some gains which are out of chronological order.
If you are asked to become more involved with a team, association, charity, band, political party and so on – you must say yes. Because Mars also moves into Scorpio in the final days of July it is really important that you don't make your situation more difficult than it actually has to be.

Quite clearly, the 'me' agenda is a political issue for you, and everyone has to be satisfied with some kind of compromise.
In the meantime the messenger boy of astrology is basically inebriated while in control of his bicycle. As July goes on, do get on board with that intensely practical person (or organisation) which believes in a happy ending.
Mercury the Messenger is basically wobbling backwards, downhill, on a Raleigh bike, having consumed ten strong Martinis and too much television.
Or if you don't really care about the house, the possessions, the flat, the business, the charity.
Then it doesn't really matter – you can allow something or someone non-essential to become a container for this cycle instead.

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