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This house represents the area of your life where you will feel energized.When you are engaged in the activities of the houses containing your sun, you will shine, like the sun! Photos used under Creative Commons from Mr.TinDC, astrologyphotographywesildssharon, Phil Stefans, visulogik, kpi, ValetheKid, akshay moon, lehman_11, Humphrey King, Kris Krug, Robert Bejil Photography, Wis Empire State, katerina r.
A pile of chipped wood waits to be burned at Nova Scotia Power’s biomass power-generating station at Point Tupper, Richmond County. There were plenty of warnings that the proposed biomass project was too big to be sustainable and it strains the limits of credibility to suggest that the department responsible for managing our forests was unaware of the potential negative impacts. Numerous stakeholders, individuals and experts predicted this outcome and laid out clear steps to try to mitigate the ecological damage that the advent of this huge new consumptive pressure would bring.
In 2009, Michelle Adams and David Wheeler (yes, the same David Wheeler who led the recent fracking review) steered the stakeholder consultation process for a Renewable Energy Strategy for Nova Scotia to provide options to help meet the province’s renewable energy targets.
They were presented with a slew of evidence pointing to failures in the regulatory regimen and potential negative impacts from biomass harvesting. They were clear that the case for forest biomass for energy production was “contingent on the ability of stakeholders to come together in a consensual way to identify and define sustainable harvesting practices” and called on DNR to convene such a conversation before moving ahead with any biomass projects. The report similarly noted “proponents of forest biomass-based electricity generation will need to implement procurement policies that adhere to the highest possible certification standards (e.g.
DNR and NSP’s guarantees on ecological integrity go no further than the current, ineffective regulatory framework that’s been in place for all forest harvesting since 2002. Can DNR justify these minimal standards as a “guarantee of ecological integrity,” as Wheeler and Adams insisted? The Ecology Action Centre opposed the Port Hawkesbury biomass project both at the Utility and Review Board hearings and in various public forums.
We predicted at the time that it would result in a significant increase in the amount of clearcutting and whole-tree harvesting, that valuable hardwood logs would be redirected from value-added sawmills to the biomass chipper pile, that young stands of trees would be cut before their time, that there would be firewood shortages for people who heated their homes with wood, and of course, that there would be further loss of habitat for forest dwelling species.

In 2017, renewable electricity from the Muskrat Falls hydroelectric project is scheduled to come on stream. In the meantime DNR needs to bring in much more stringent and effective regulations and provide support and incentives to improve harvesting practices now, before things get even worse. Also, what is missing in a house can be completed through a relationship with another person. The entire left side of the chart (Eastern Hemisphere) is more self oriented with the epitome being the first house.
Although we acknowledged there could be some use of residual forest biomass, we advocated for many small-scale combined heat and power projects at the community level, rather than one or two huge electricity generators.
And the worst part is that it’s not doing a thing to help Nova Scotia reduce greenhouse-gas emissions. Although no one wants to come right out and say it, the truth is the Port Hawkesbury biomass plant is simply too big and too destructive to be allowed to continue.
Nova Scotia needs to begin planning for the phasing out of large-scale forest biomass burning for electricity as this new, greener source becomes available.
And the Department of Energy needs to insist — through legislation if necessary — that Nova Scotia Power bring its harvest procurement system up to “FSC or higher standards,” as directed by the Adams-Wheeler report.
Each planet is either tempered or aroused by the other planets in the same house when they are conjunct.
The entire right side (Western Hemisphere) is other oriented with the epitome being the seventh house.
The conditions for additional stakeholder consultations and guarantees of ecological integrity were also ignored. And to add insult to injury it is also the most expensive form of electricity on our power bills.

It needs to be shut down as soon as possible or at the very least significantly scaled back in size. If they are not conjunct, they will each color the house but will retain their uniqueness rather than being modified by a conjunct planet. You are constantly drawn to this house because you need to develop the skills or tasks of this house.
Each house represents a specific area of life from ego development, to family and career. During various parts of your life, this will be the house in which you spend the majority of your time. A feeling of satisfaction and pleasure is gained by engaging in the activities of the house in which your sun is placed. The eleventh house of Aquarius and the twelfth house of Pisces are universal houses but are on the self side of the chart. When you need a break from the house containing your sun because you are burnt out or tired, you will retreat to the house of your moon. The fifth through eighth are the relationship houses, and the ninth through twelfth are the universal houses. It is a place of comfort and devoting an ample amount of time to the activities of this house gives a feeling of completeness and peace.

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