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Celebrate your life (3rd) ------------------Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it. The men that are Cancers really try to hide their sensitivity and lean more on being defensive were as the women are less defensive and more receptive and easy going. The Moon is the ruler of the Cancer sign and you will definitely feel its gravitational pull. The Cancer is the first of the water signs, and this means you are in-tune with waves of emotion, you are not only good at detecting your feelings but also posses the skill to read moods of others.
If you were born on or between the dates of "June 22nd and July 22nd" you are a Cancer Horoscope sign.
This depiction is to associate your ability to feel your way through situations as well as life in general. Cancer signs tend to have special food or nutritional issues, and this is because this sign rules the chest.

You have a great gift to flow with the tides and negotiate the waves of life like no other sign has the ability to do. If you are a Cancer and you are looking for more information and meaning about your Zodiac sign, you are in the right place. The Horoscope sign Cancer is intuitive and deeply sensitive, and tends to move away or retreat when hurt or misunderstood. The Moon provides you with your power to be funny, entertaining, and very friendly, you are also thoughtful, considerate and a person that is very deep and meaningful. Below we will talk a bit more about your personality as well as your characteristic traits, and this will help you understand more about who you are as well as making decision in your life.
The Cancer is full of imagination, dreams, and fantasies and sometimes will apply these things to your romantic relationships. You have a very strong ability to be in touch with all your senses, and this ability gives you extremely strong focus.

You sometimes have the tendency to look outward for satisfaction instead of looking inward to be content.
If the Horoscope information and meaning you read is convenient, this will always work to your advantage. You are a nurturer and love to help and look after others because this means a lot to you and gives a sense of inner satisfaction as well as accomplishment.
But when things are not going as they should the Cancerian has the ability to drain people of their life energy and these people can be the closest to them. You do not like to be threatened with life or finance and prefer some things to just happen naturally.

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