Horoscope in telugu for 2013

April 20, Vizag: The Indira Gandhi Zoological Park has emerged as the most popular tourist spot in the city by receiving more visitors in the just concluded year 2011-12 when compared to all other tourist spots. Nine closed circuit cameras were also installed at all important points to check activities of visitors and theft in the zoo surroundings. The zoo has already tied up with the Assam-based National Zoological Park to procure more rare and exotic species including wild animals under the Exchange of Animals (EoA) programme. Nov 11, Vizag: Friends with the picnic season on, thousands of visitors are pouring in to our City of Destiny "Vizag". Mainly this picnic season many visitors, unaware of these dangers venture into these waters and lose their lives. Every year around 30 people's lives are lost by venturing into these beach waters at Vizag.
Three students of Indian Maritime University (IMU), one from Rajasthan and the other two from Bihar, drowned at Yarada Beach a few days ago.
An 11-member group of Intermediate final-year students went to celebrate ‘Friendship Day' at Rushikonda Beach last year. Warning boards fail to deter travelers from getting into waist-deep water or even risking a swim against the tide. Once they get into a playful mood, they forget the dangers involved and throw all caution to the wind. Scientists of the National Institute of Oceanography (NIO) have identified the presence of rip currents in and around Visakhapatnam, a few years ago, and have declared some parts of the beach ‘unsafe'.
Friends, the very unsafe beaches are Ramakrishna Beach, Tenneti Park Beach, Rushikonda Beach and Yarada Beach. April 23, Vizag: When people are spending thousands of rupees every month on various slimming packages including laser, ultrasound and liposuction, 100 gm of papaya on an empty stomach in the morning is a guaranteed way to reduce weight and fight obesity.
Besides fighting obesity, the anti-oxidant carotenoid and bioflavanoid rich papaya is very good for lowering bad cholesterol, good for the skin, cardio vascular, immune and digestive system, provides protection against constipation and colon cancer and helps to treat sport injuries, point out doctors.
Flax seeds (often referred to as linseeds) are nutritious seeds packed with monounsaturated fats (MUFAs) - which are actually a lot more diet-friendly than they sound. Not only will these super seeds tackle love handles, but they are great for those suffering from bloating.
Not only is yogurt low in fat and calories, so good as a weight loss food, but many yogurts also contain active cultures (probiotics) which promote the growth of good bacteria in the gut and help with digestion, excess gas and bloating. Many people, however, instinctively opt for wheat as their primary source of whole grains, which is often not the best choice. While it's not technically a food, a lack of water in your diet could be the one thing still standing in your way of a flat stomach.
If you are aiming for a flat belly, it is important to drink a minimum of eight glasses of liquids a day. You don't need to starve yourself on a wacky fad diet if you want to look look better in your shorts or swimsuit this summer.
The single easiest way to trim calories from your summer diet, experts say, is to load up on nature's bounty.
When "Elizabeth" (not her real name) started college, she ate a typical, animal-based diet. As a bonus, you can forget about portion control when it comes to fresh fruit and vegetables, Moores say. To keep your cool and cut your time in the kitchen, start with prepared produce, such as cut-up fruit and washed greens. Here are dietitian's picks for some of the best foods to help with weight loss during the summer.
Moores loves all kind of produce but says cold soups are among her favorite low-calorie dishes.
For registered dietitian Dawn Jackson, a plate of grilled vegetables is a summertime must-have. Moore suggests flavoring your salads with herbs from the garden so you can go light on the dressing. Smoothies, sweetened specialty coffee drinks, sweetened teas and sodas -- they all go down so easily, especially when it's hot outside. These are some of the highlights of India's largest clinic-based survey to assess the prevalence of diabetes and hypertension. The overall health picture, the study suggests, is grim: 60%, or three out of every five Indians, have either diabetes or hypertension or both.
The only parameter where Maharashtra performed better than the all-India average was in the level of awareness: if 7% of those tested in the eight states put together didn't know they had these diseases, in Maharashtra it was 5%. The SITE study, sponsored by a multinational pharmaceutical company, Sanofi, tested almost 16,000 people living in urban cities across eight states over the last three years. The study found that only 1.9% of those tested could achieve these standards," said Dr Joshi, with only 20% having controlled blood pressure levels. While the average American consumes 4 to 6 grams of salt a day, Dr Joshi said that Indians had almost 6 to 8 grams a day.
Extrapolations from the recent ICMR study say that India has approximately 75 million people suffering from diabetes. Evening out your complexion can make you look ten years younger -- the trick is eliminating brown and red tones. For a more powerful evening effect, use topical bleaching ingredients like licorice extract, vitamin C or arbutin, a melanin inhibitor. You've heard it before, but it bears repeating: Antioxidants are the key to reducing free radical damage and keeping skin youthful.
Alright, now for the short-cut: You can also use skincare products that contain anti-glycation ingredients or take carnosine, an anti-glycation product you can find in health food stores. By using a combination of moisturizing ingredients, you give your skin a break and remove stress, delaying the aging process. Naturally occurring Curry leaves and Malabar tamarind reduce body weight and are thus a good cure for diabetes. Scientists at the National Institute of Nutrition, AP, India have found that naturally occurring Curry leaves and Malabar tamarind reduce body weight and are thus a good cure for diabetes.
Curry leaves powder mixed with Tamarind paste and Turmeric powder gave good results in reducing Type-2 Diabetes when tested in rats in lab. Scientists are saying that rats and humans share a some common DNA structure and this mixture will definably work on humans in reducing the weight and body lipids and thus help in reducing diabetes. The World Health Organization's cancer research agency says mobile phones are "possibly carcinogenic". A review of evidence suggests an increased risk of a malignant type of brain cancer cannot be ruled out. A group of 31 experts has been meeting in Lyon, France, to review human evidence coming from epidemiological studies. They said they looked at all relevant human studies of people using mobile phones and exposure to electromagnetic fields in their workplace.
The WHO's International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) can give mobile phones one of five scientific labels: carcinogenic, probably carcinogenic, possibly carcinogenic, not classifiable or not carcinogenic.
It concluded that mobiles should be rated as "possibly carcinogenic" because of a possible link with a type of brain cancer - glioma. Ed Yong, head of health information at Cancer Research UK, said: "The WHO's verdict means that there is some evidence linking mobile phones to cancer but it is too weak to draw strong conclusions from.
Christopher Wild, director of the IARC, said: "Given the potential consequences for public health of this classification and findings it is important that additional research be conducted into the long term, heavy use of mobile phones. The 28-year-old 'Black Swan' star, who doesn't consider herself sexy, feels that Sophia Loren is a sex symbol.
The 28-year-old Hollywood actress, who only finished ninth in the FHM survey, managed to rack up 6.1 per cent of the 22,502 votes cast in the online poll. With the help of some expert make-up advice, knock those years off your face and look younger. Golden legs: If you are wearing that short and hot number, be sure to give some attention to your legs. Jan 31, 2012: Betta splendens, also known as "Bettas" and "Siamese fighting fish", are popular pets recognized for their aggressiveness, interactiveness, and relatively low cost for maintenance and care. Bettas are one of the usual reasons of impulse buying and sudden giving in to the aquarium hobby.
The beauty about Betta fish is that they don't need a large tank to survive, they can cope quite well in a small bowl without the requirement of filtration or aeration. The Betta is also commonly known as the "Siamese Fighting Fish" because the males will always fight each other. A funny thing about Betta fish is that when it is happy and healthy, it will continually create bubbles on the top of the water.
Some things to consider before buying a fish bowl as well as information on how to setup your fish bowl.
Ok Friends hope you got enough information on how to raise and keep your Betta or Fighting Fish ! In order to have consistent potty training for a dog, it is imperative that you keep him on a schedule that also means that you should be on a schedule too. Take the dog out first thing in the morning every day and the last thing at night every night. Umpteen numbers of words have been said, written and webbed about the benefits of training your dog. Instead of confining him within the tiny toilet, isn't it better to let him run around the apartment and training him not to flee and not to bark needlessly to the obvious concern of the next-door neighbor?
Minor training should be imparted to a dog (apart from house breaking) so that it learns how to live side by side with humans.
The concept of Casual Friday dressing revolves around being comfortable and yet professional. As the companies are adopting this new trend, so are people becoming more conscious about the changing fashion in the corporate sector. Khakis: Although jeans go with essentially everything, you may find that jeans are too thick and restrictive on scorching summer days.
Basic white Tee:This essential article goes with almost every pair of bottoms that you own. Short sleeve shirt: Rather than putting on your long sleeve button down shirt, wearing a short sleeve one maintains the same amount of class, while reducing the amount of discomfort and sweat.
Lightweight pants: If you want to add some variety to your wardrobe, a pair of thin lightweight pants is the way to go. This is a time of inner peace and harmony--a time when you should evaluate your recent past and prepare for your near future. If you are involved in commercial activities, now is the perfect time to conclude transactions, especially if they involve buying or selling products. Work today takes on a greater importance and you make every effort to make a good impression and put your best foot forward, so to speak. You have the mind of a lawyer, always able to size up a problem and come up with a solution. At times you may have sudden urges to travel and you may have direct intuitive religious or philosophical revelations. Those who do not have any birth details can enter the date of birth, and can find out their signs.
Negotiations are on with zoos in other parts of the country and also those in the UAE, Abu Dhabi and South Africa for African cheetahs and Asiatic cheetahs. It’s lovely and wonderful, relaxing and playing on our Vizag beaches but at the same the danger awaits in these beach waters. They were part of a group of 19 students, who went to chill out at the picturesque Yarada Beach on November 7. It is not as though the travelers were unaware of the risks involved in playing with the waves.

With the picnic season on, scores of people of all age groups throng the beaches in large numbers to spend a fun-filled day along with their friends and relatives.
The presence of crowds on the beach sometimes gives them a ‘feeling of safety' that one person or the other would be an expert swimmer to save them in the event of any eventuality. The only beach in the city that is said to be safe for swimming is the Lawson's Bay but unfortunately, this beach is a symbol of neglect with open defecation and unhygienic surroundings.
Modern technology like surveillance cameras can be used to check drowning deaths,” Police Commissioner J.
Ongoing research on this diabetic-friendly wonder fruit has proved the effectiveness of papaya in weight loss, say experts. Monounsaturated fats, unlike saturated fats (the "bad" fats found in junk food), not only lower cholesterol levels but they can also help to reduce body fat.
Flax seeds provide high levels of fiber and can help to keep the digestive system running smoothly, helping to banish bloating, constipation and other digestive problems. Yoghurt is luckily easy to fit into any diet plan as part of a meal or a snack between meals.
Not only are they a low-fat source of slow-release energy but, due to their high levels of fiber, they will help to regulate the digestive system and also keep you feeling fuller for longer. Not only is wheat difficult to digest - which can cause bloating in some - but it is better to eat grains in their natural form rather than as a processed flour. Bloating is something that affects many women and the problem is often worsened - or even instigated - by a lack of fluids in the system. Although this does not have to be water, it is best to go for liquids that are still (fizzy drinks can cause bloating) and low in calories. The secret to weight loss is to choose healthy foods and take in fewer calories than you burn. You will be thrilled at how fresh, delicious, and satisfying it tastes," says Susan Moores, RD, a St. Add rotisserie chicken, prepared soups, and pre-threaded kabobs when you need something a bit heartier.
She recommends keeping a plate of grilled onions, bell peppers, zucchini, carrots, eggplant, asparagus, and garlic in your fridge.
The findings of the study, called Screening India's Twin Epidemic (SITE), were announced on Monday in Mumbai. Patients walking into general practitioners' clinics for complaints other than diabetes and hypertension were tested. Almost 80% of the people studied had abdominal obesity or a waist circumference of over 90 cm.
The SITE study, for instance, found that 7.2% of those tested didn't know they had diabetes or hypertension. The first step is to put a stop to the daily damage by avoiding the sun and wearing sunscreen of at least SPF 30. If you want to take things to the next level, you can try in-office treatments that speed up the process, like lasers and light sources that remove red and brown discoloration. We're constantly being assaulted by both internal and external aggressors that help free radicals proliferate and break down collagen. Powerful antioxidants like green tea and acai berry -- the most potent antioxidant on the ORAC scale -- are great to use on the skin, and even better to ingest. The process not only removes dead skin cells and helps skin reflect light more evenly, but also stimulates collagen production over the long term, helping smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
A steady diet of sugary treats causes a process called glycation, which weakens collagen and elastin and leads to wrinkling and sagging.
However, any link is not certain - they concluded that it was "not clearly established that it does cause cancer in humans".
Known for her exotic looks, the Ukraine-born star is not short of admirers and has been recently romantically linked to Two and a half Men star Ashton Kutcher. You should never keep males together for this reason, but can keep a Betta with other gentle fishes if you have a large aquarium. Once your Betta gets to know that you are the one feeding him, he'll flutter around happily when you approach. Small, gentle filters are an option to help keep the water crystal clear, reduce waste, and therefore lessen maintenance.
As mentioned in the first page, fish excrete waste that would easily accumulate in the water. Since it is basically an animal, to relieve himself anywhere, specially on a thick pile carpet is not unusual nor it is an unpardonable offence. Young dogs are extremely sensitive to the tonal quality of human voice and very easily distinguish between harsh words and soft words. And yet people find it unnecessary to undertake the job for the simple reason of lethargy till things have reached such an impasse that a novel campaign may soon be launched, asking the dog to train the master! If you have read George Orwell's famous satirical episode, Animal Firm, you could jolly well have visualized the dog knocking off the bathroom ceiling and replacing it with chicken wire fencing for a little fresh air.
A pair of beige or khaki pants will feel more lightweight, comfortable and breathable, and are perfect to wear to work.
I already covered cotton pants, but this time I'm referring to pants made of nylon, or another form of fabric that track pants are usually made of.
Celebrities like Carrie Mulligan and Emma Stone are taking the red carpet to new heights by donning stylish frocks in the show-stopping hue. However, it will seem as though everyone and everything is testing your will and the validity of your work.
This whole month gives you the opening to bring focus to the workplace and some understanding to a loved one on the home front.
It's important to gather all the facts necessary to give you a realistic idea of what you are getting into. If you are not prepared to organize your efforts and negotiate for improved cooperation, this can be a frustrating time. Indian Vedic astrology based full Horoscope & Marriage compatibility calculations of any person born anywhere in the world can be viewed by entering date, time and place of birth. Speaking to this correspondent, the zoo curator, Mr Ramalingam, felt that this was the result of collective efforts by all staff to attract more visitors, and the establishment of Meena Lokam, a giant fish aquarium with rare marine species. To get wet and play with water up to your knee is ok but thinking going further deep will be a invitation to danger.
The blue waters of the sea and the golden sandy beaches are an irresistible attraction not only to tourists but also local people. Papaya is rich in the enzyme papain, which aids the digestive process and increases metabolism which in turn helps in weight loss. Satya Prakash, principal, BRKR Government Ayurvedic Medical College, said, “The fruit contains a lot of fiber, is very low on protein, carbohydrates or fat content. Whether you’re hoping to blitz away a muffin top or are battling with bloating, your diet is integral to shaping up this problem area.
Liz Vaccariello, author of The Flat Belly Diet, advocates these healthy fats for those wanting to specifically target belly fat.
Try adding a tablespoon of freshly ground flax seeds to your morning cereal, lunchtime salad, or homemade smoothie to start enjoying their belly-flattening benefits. You could also try combining natural yogurt, berries and flax seeds in a morning smoothie or bowl of cereal, getting you off to a great tummy-trimming start before you even leave the house.
Eating whole grains also helps to lower levels of cortisol (the stress hormone) and insulin in the body, both of which encourage fat to be stored around the belly. Drinking water will help to flush toxins out of the system, curb hunger, improve the digestive system and reduce fluid retention, all of which will leave your stomach looking flatter.
If you don't fancy plain water, a good alternative is green tea - which is also rumoured to have fat burning benefits - or fennel, dandelion or peppermint teas, all of which can combat bloating. And it's just easier to make better food choices in summertime, when heavy, high-calorie dishes seem less appealing. In her sophomore year, Elizabeth switched to a vegetarian diet, saying she'd learned so much about animal rights at school that she could no longer eat meat. The study also found that one of the driving forces was the rising trend of non-vegetarianism along with the old cause of excess salt in diet. Next, look for products with ingredients that reduce inflammation and decrease redness in the skin, like green tea, aloe and chamomile. Look for topical antioxidants like vitamins A and C, soy and coffeeberry, which will amplify the effect of internal antioxidants. You can exfoliate physically with an at-home microdermabrasion product, or chemically with a peel that includes glycolic and lactic acid. Changing your diet will not only improve your complexion, but also help you lose weight, which will contribute to a more youthful appearance. You just want to put your feet up and sleep when you remember that you have to attend your cousin's Sangeet in an hour's time. Apply a highlighter in the inner and outer corners of your eyes and see your face come back to life. Use a fat brush to dust some on the cheekbones, paying some attention to the apple of your cheeks.
Thanks to their brilliant coloration and long flowing fins, they are one of, if not the most recognized aquarium fish.
Since you cannot equip a fish bowl with water heater, you should situate it where it's very warm and never put it in an air-conditioned room where the temperature can get exceedingly cold. This is an important factor that allows the Betta fish to survive in a bowl without an air pump. He'll show off his vibrant color, spreading his beautiful fins, and push against the glass of his bowl as if he wants to greet you. Those beautiful Betta fishes with long fins and vibrant colors you see in pet shops are males. Since you cannot equip a small bowl with water heater, keep it away from sources of hot or cold air such as direct sunlight, air-conditioners, heater vents, etc. They do not only make the bowl look nicer but they also provide hiding places for the Betta, which is also a requirement for almost any type of fish.
There are filters small enough to fit in a bowl, such as corner filters and undergravel filters. By this time your fish's particulate wastes and uneaten food have accumulated in the gravel, and these need to be removed before they rot and cause a bacterial bloom. There is nothing pleasanter to a dog than to please his master, which he will do even in his deathbed. Most likely, he will pick it up fast and very soon he will pull you by your clothes to take him out for the intended job. Take the case of an office assistant having a pet at his apartment, locked up in the bathroom during working hours since there is no one at home to tend to it. Also, the dog being the master would have held you by your neck and locked you up in the bathroom where there is no music, no TV and the place stinks like hell. And in any event, a normal dog is intelligent enough to grasp what is asked of it and learns quickly. Take a cue from these brazen celebs and ditch those LBDs for a Little Red Dress and you're guaranteed an unforgettable entrance come prom night! As you correct areas of your life that need shoring up, you will make compromises with others to smooth out relationships. Be self-critical so that your ideas become stronger and can stand up under an onslaught of criticisms from others. Unless other planets in the horoscope constrain you in some way, you should be successful in most any undertaking.
Understand your feelings and take responsibility for them--you will jump ahead in the game of life many, many steps.
You have an innate ability to guide and lead others through the hurdles and hassles of life and now you have the opportunity to solve problems for yourself.

You have more imagination when it comes to finances, choosing possessions and the material world in general.
From now on, you can express any doubts for the answer from the astrologer to your question.
It have the details of JanmaNakshatra (birth star), Tithi, Karana, Nithyayoga, Sunrise, Sunset Ayanamsa(Obliquity), Sidereal Time (Nakshatra Hora), Bhogya Dasa, equivalent date of birth in Malayalam (KollaVarsham) Era, Longitudes (spashta) of Lagna (Ascendant), Sun, Moon, Mars, Mercury, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn, Rahu, Ketu, Mandi (Gulikan), Bhava starting, madhya and ending points (Bhava Spashta). It has just 3 kilocalories, and 0.1 gm of fat and 16 mg of phosphorus, all of which helps reduce obesity.
Studies have suggested that those wanting to lose their belly fat should opt for fruit that is blue or red in colour (such as cherries, red grapes and many types of berries). Quinoa - although technically a seed - is also a nutritious alternative that can be used in the place of grains such as pasta and couscous. The best foods for weight loss in summer are light, refreshing and, most important, keep you out of the hot kitchen. Besides being low in calories, produce is loaded with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and fiber. Now a senior in law school, Elizabeth is extremely health conscious and an advocate for animal legal rights. Dermatologists also offer higher potency versions of these treatments in-office if you want a more dramatic effect.
It is common to people who just pass by the pet shop with no intention of buying a tank nor a fish in the first place and end up carrying a fish bowl kit with a Betta as they go home.
Nevertheless, if a fish bowl is properly cared for and maintained well, a Betta fish will do just fine in such a small environment. Putting many fishes in a bowl means more waste, poorer water quality, and eventually a sick fish! It is where the male places the eggs of the female and continue to tend it until the eggs hatch. While buying, be careful to choose one which is active, bright in colors and with full fins. You must have observed how smugly young toddlers place themselves on baby toilet seats to do their jobs.
Feeding the dog at a fixed time each day will also assist in potty training for a dog because when the dog eats on a regular schedule, his bowel movements will follow that schedule too. If you had been the dog and the dog its master, you would surely have sunk your teeth at the master's calf the moment the bathroom door was opened after a lapse of ten hours in agony. The poor little fellow is alarmed by weird traffic snarls, gets hungry and finally becomes nervous due to the long hours in solitary confinement. In the case of a puppy, the situation is somewhat similar excepting that the puppy not only puts everything in its muzzle but chews it too, because it has a tendency to gnaw as all younger animals tend to do.
Now is the time for you to work hard to achieve specialized knowledge that will give you the freedom to advance your professional goals. Relationships with female friends and relatives are very good today and they may provide you with a welcome opportunity. You tend to have marvelous ideas for greater financial independence and your follow-though is exceptional.
Participation in group activities is favored and you could learn something of value from your superiors today. There are only two real feelings, one is fear and the other is love; anything else is a symptom of the two. Someone tries to tell you an untruth today but your mind cuts right through all the window dressing and gets right down to the quick. Your efforts to heal some negative aspects are commendable--others are watching your success. The water depth and intensity of waves are unpredictable, and sometimes even playing in shallow water can be fatal. In fact, it is the chemicals that are responsible for giving these fruits their colour (anthocyanins) that, according to recent research, also burn abdominal fat.
Use an air clamp (or air valve) to regulate air flow as Betta fishes do not like too much water movement.
Pour at least 50% of the water from your fish bowl into a clean bucket (you need to use something like a small scoop). Although puppies cannot express themselves like young children, they do give indications that we must learn to recognize.
All it can do is to walk back and forth, back and forth like a caged animal, taunted by the uncalled for punishment inflicted for no fault. However, when it has chewed the heck out its master's favorite shoe, the punishment is severe. The beauty of these styles is that although some may have a trendier look, such as cargo or the pants made of nylon, most of these are classic articles that you'll be able to wear come next summer.
Dresses with textural details like ruffles, pleats or velvet panels add interest to the monochromatic look without taking away from the hue's brilliance.
To understand more about the company for which you work, you may want to learn more about its beginnings and growth over the years. Faith, optimism and a yearning to explore all kinds of new horizons are some of the focal points in your life now.
You may have insights or breakthroughs with regard to your work situation or life circumstances.
A sudden change of residence may give you that feeling of added freedom but will require much effort to stabilize.
With the help of stylist Sheetal Rajasekhar, we tell you how to take off few years from your face. While it is true that most pet shop owners keep Bettas in very small containers such as plastic cups, this is a very cruel thing to do! If you live in the US your water probably has chloramine, so use a water conditioner that would neutralize both chlorine and chloramine. If you are using bottled drinking water, it may be stored covered in its original container.
Continue pouring up to 80% only if you don't disturb the wastes in the gravel and the water you are scooping still appears crystal clear.
In desperation the dog howls which brings further punishment as the angry next-door-neighbor complains.
But the fault is on the part of the master or his lack of training in matters concerning dogs. That's why you're better off sticking to simple and solid prints, and trying to steer clear from trendier colors or patterns. When picking your accessories, beware of clashing--this is not a dress you want your shoes or purse to compete with. Formal studies, especially in history, teaching, religion, law or philosophy are available now. You are on a particularly feminine wavelength now, regardless of your gender and you may have difficulty communicating with individuals that display a strong Mars characteristic. Your ability to communicate your position and come to a successful resolution is a step to success for you. Make some real effort to become involved in some fun and creative projects, perhaps a volunteer time with a teen group or an after school gathering such as business or science club. You would make a great investigator--in either scientific research or undercover work--it makes no difference. This is a change that will take some time to decide and you must do just that--take your time. A rock or two can be added as decor, and a broken clay pot (also a hiding place) provides interest to the fish. It would be best to use a water conditioner that will also eliminate ammonia and heavy metals such as copper and zinc, however this is not a requirement. A typical 1.5 gallon fish bowl requires only about 20% water change twice a week, or once a week if it has filtration. Then using a fish net carefully move your fish and live plants from the bowl into the bucket.
The little fellow is no more considered cute as it seemed at first but becomes an eyesore only to be treated with a cane.
Top the look off with a smoky eye and nude lip, or if you're feeling daring, try a red lip--just make sure the shade matches your dress!
Situations are almost tailor-made and it is easy to see which path is the one you are to take. You desire mental stimulation and so you may want to take a new course of study, read a book, visit a museum or just explore ideas with a friend.
Instead of always fixing the adult problems that come to you, you could teach awareness and good business practice to the young. Travel and animated discussions play a part in this and could be less than satisfying in some respects. This time every year is usually reserved for withdrawal from worldly concerns and the quest for inner peace. Next take a clean paper towel and scrub the inside of the fish bowl until it's squeaky-clean.
Has your eyes opened to let you feel that a little bit of training could have solved all the problems? You may embark on journeys to unfamiliar places in order to learn the customs and beliefs of different people. There are plenty of opportunities to succeed at about anything you set your mind to accomplish.
Relationships with female friends and relatives are very good today--they may provide you with a welcome opportunity to enjoy group activities. Indulgence in rich foods this season can contribute to unhealthy habits or excessive weight gain. You may feel that you are in touch and in harmony with others and the lines of communication are open.
There is a chance to understand those around you and to have a special time with someone you love. Not only would it provide a wider space for the fish to swim around, it would also hold a larger volume of water to dissipate waste and, therefore, require easier maintenance. Let water stand for at least one hour before adding fish to let it warm up (or cool down) to room temperature. I also feed him freeze dried brine shrimp once a week or mosquito larvae whenever I see some in my flower vase.
If you feed him live food, make sure to rinse it well and only give it to him if it is alive and clean.
You may find a loved one encouraging you toward a decision about any one of these opportunities this evening. You should not feed with live food when you have gravel in your bowl where the worms or larvae may hide if the fish doesn't see it first. Pour the old water with the fish and plants from the bucket back into your fish bowl, and fill your fish bowl 2 inches from the top with bottled drinking water or pretreated tap water. Adding a cover to the bowl is advisable, but make sure that air can freely move in and out of the cover as the Betta fish need to breathe surface air. Some people prefer to feed their fish twice a day, but frequent feeding means more frequent cleaning!
Having a top on your bowl also reduces water loss due to evaporation and reduces the amount of debris that collects in the water from the environment.

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