Horoscope june 19 1991

The next new moon in Gemini, the second for this new moon of this sign this year continues the emphasis on the sign Gemini that we are all experiencing this summer. It was difficult at first to center upon the major theme for this new moon, but then it dawned on me that this horoscope is just like a true Gemini. This new moon is a good time to see how each relationship is comprised of two sides forming it. So, this is the time to realize and enjoy both what makes us all so different, and what glues us together. Overall, after the commotion of the past two months, here’s an opportunity for feeling of regularity. What we can add to the Gemini view this month is its aspect of duality: the duality between spirit and matter, duality between man and woman, duality between the mind and the emotions and so forth. The sign Gemini highlights the fact that the duality is an essential part of every human being, our total self is a self comprised of parts, and understanding this, and knowing how to relate those sides can bring with it great progress in life.

When there are two new moons in the same sign, like this one in Gemini, the second new moon, which is the one upon us, is the one dedicated to healing and to better understanding and utilization of the sign’s energies. American noted family, the first son of noted aviator Charles and pilot-writer Anne Morrow Lindbergh. Venus is retrograde in the sign, and Jupiter is just entering Gemini, bringing a lot of hope with it for its one year stay in Gemini. Every planet, every aspect has dual opportunities, dual meaning, all the energies in the horoscope are in conversation with each other.
In Gemini we find the relationships with brothers and sisters, and the relationships we form with our peers. I strive to find joy in every day life and love sharing my excitement over new recipes, travel adventures, fun products and great movies! When we think of relationships we think of relationships with other people, and indeed, those are the most important.

Those relationships, or friendships that we have with people as long as we study together, work together or live together due to life’s way of throwing people together.
But, we can have other forms of relationships such as our inner relationship, relationships to beliefs and ideas, relationship to heritage and so forth. Those relationships, as superficial as they seem, are important, are a major building block in life and can be a source of great pain when not managed well or a source of great fun when all goes well.

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