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The zodiac zone in which the sun is present during a persona€™s birth time is termed as birth lagna.
Marriage matching and marriage tradition are made by matching birth horoscopes which is now-a-days termed as marriage matching horoscope. A persona€™s lagna should not be matched to another persona€™s lagna which comes as 4, 6, 8, 12 houses.
According to the basis of ancestora€™s life environment, marriage matching horoscopes are made to bring better life for the wedded couple till the end. These rituals are followed for the goodness and better life of wedding couple which gives all the benefits throughout their life.

Life of wedded couples who has got good marriage matching was better according to that Indian marriage matching tradition.
In general, to make a better life marriage matching is made on the basis of stars between man and woman.
As the bride is considered as most special in the wedding ceremony, many rituals are dependent on the bride.
Rituals are divided into two types like pre wedding ceremony rituals and wedding ceremony rituals. If lagna marriage matching is good then full further horoscope matching should be made to make a better life to man and woman.

If seventh place is bad and lagna is good in any birth horoscope then that horoscopea€™s marriage life will not be problematic. So, it is better and accurate to know the horoscope reading and marriage matching on the basis of lagna rather than zodiac.

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