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She re-evaluates histories of working classes which focus on proletariat solidarity, the law of the father, and the myth of mothers' tough love at the expense of women's agency, some women's lack of maternal feeling and portrayals of women who desired status as embodied in material goods.
It isn't really a memoir, or a traditional work of history, and I can't remember ever reading a book quite like it.
It has some fascinating things to say about how the stories that we tell to make history make sense can fail to encompass real people and their contradictions.
Nobody really, truly fits our easy narratives, but we have to make them fit, because we need history to make sense, individual idiosyncrasies be damned. The moments that stand out for us about our childhoods seem important, and we create meaning for them to help us understand our lives, but maybe nothing really happened the way we remember. I think I can recommend this book, just because I feel like some people are really going to love it, but they won't know unless they read it themselves.

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Paul Aug 26, 20144.5 starsI first read this when it was published in the 1980s and I still have the virago original paperback from that time.
Aubrey’s efforts in the 500 great books by women group has prompted me to dig it out and re-read. Steedman uses the factual information to analyse female childhood (working class childhood) in feminist and psychoanalytic terms. Steedman l4.5 starsI first read this when it was published in the 1980s and I still have the virago original paperback from that time. Steedman looks at the nature of patriarchy, how it is learnt, even with a father absent and what its theoretical limits are.

There are discussions about legitimacy, the nature of childhood (using fairy tales to illustrate theoretical constructs), poverty, class, interesting critiques of Hoggart and Seabrook and a good section on reproduction.
The book is about marginality, how to explain a patriarchal figure who is totally unimportant outside the household (the story about the bluebells is especially telling) and what about women who don’t want a child.
Steedman throws her net wide in what seems a narrow subject, but it’s a telling analysis, especially when she looks at Freud and Dora.

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