Horoscope may 2014 cancer

Gemini June Horoscope 2014 predicts that you should concentrate on planning your future goals in life during June 2014.
June 2014 career predictions for Gemini sun sign people foretells of a peaceful atmosphere in the professional environment.
Health forecast for June 2014 points to a month of well-being without any problems for the Gemini zodiac sign. Monthly horoscopes for Gemini zodiac sign individuals for the month of July 2014 predicts that the month will be highly exciting with significant modifications in monetary as well as private aspects of life. Career astrology forecasts for July 2014, requires you to concentrate on your hard work and avoid all confrontations with your associates and superiors during the month. Exceptional health is forecast for Geminis during July 2014.While you can celebrate your health, do not go overboard and indulge yourself. There are two important changes this week that will have consequences: Venus will be in Aries and will enter in aspects with Mars, Uranus and Pluto at the end of the week and Mercury will enter in Gemini in the second part of the week. Venus in Aries it is not a good position as Venus is in exile and will make difficult aspects, especially with Mars.
For Aries it should be apparently well, as they seem they will benefit for some pleasures, but it is just an impression. The other important position of this week, Mercury in Gemini, it is a really good aspect and will favor especially Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, but it will be felt in a good manner by Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces.
The aspect will bring a great improve in communication, the use of information, the ability to find quick solutions.
The Sun will make an opposition with Saturn in the second part of the week which will affect especially those people from Taurus, Scorpio, Leo and Aquarius.
A lot of communication these days.  You may have a lot of paper work to done and participate in many conversations.
On the other hand you may become attracted to the occult area and have some strange revelations, dreams, unusual inspiration.
For women it may symbolize problems with the masculine part of the family (husband, dad etc.), events that will weak their position or health.
Take care about your health, because you are vulnerable to problems related genitals, nose, bladder. You will be in deep discussion or complex digital planning mode after Mercury changes signs on Wednesday 7th May as the trip, website, foreign connection, book, course or seminar becomes your top priority.
You've got away with some fairly jaw-dropping things in the name of work over the last year or two.

It's so tempting to look at the man on the other end of other scales with you, or the woman at the opposite end of the see-saw and assume that your situation is entirely about their personality, temperament and destiny. Because you were put through hell last year, even for a few months, you made some fairly weighty decisions recently to take the raw material of the situation and do something useful with it.
Daily Aries horoscope and Aries compatibilities is provided for entertainment purposes only.
Daily horoscope, compatibilities and relationships is provided for entertainment purposes only. You should also pay enough attention to improving family relations as well as spiritual quotient.
The month is lucky for getting into new business partnerships or starting new business projects.
Partnership businesses will be able to secure loans for running their ventures and they will have enough money to clear their old loans gradually.
Your financial position will be extremely encouraging which will endow you with a sense of freedom and confidence. Maybe they will have initiative in relations, but they will find surprises and a really unstable field. Many situation will be clarified, many people will understand what they didn’t knew for sure, many confusing acts will be clarified.
It will generate events that will call for rigor, austerity, responsibility, rigidity, punishment.
In reality, this ever-changing scenario is actually about you and the way you are still affecting the alchemy and the chemistry. Monday 19th May puts the money, house, flat ,business, possessions or charity at the top of your list with a really fortunate break in the weather near Saturday 24th May. Those random texts from friends or Twitter posts have been accumulating since last year for a reason; you are supposed to move on up by July, in your chosen field, profession, industry or business.
You will accrue money from all sources and will be willing to take up speculative ventures. If we are looking at the conflict from Ukraine we can expect an increase of the war actions at the final of the week. Hard work is necessary, if not problems may appear in relation with authority such us institutions, people that command us etc. There will be a fresh start or big launch near the New Moon on Wednesday 28th May but if you did precious little to nail things down before that date, you may find June is full of reversals or delays.

What you want to do, is what others probably dream of, but why on earth should you at least not make the attempt? If we are looking at personal charts, the aspect will affect especially Libra, Aries, Cancer and Capricorn.
This cycle is frequently underestimated, even by pro astrologers, but it begins much earlier and ends much later than you may see on some websites.
People expect Jupiter on their Midheaven to do all the work for them so that the hot new position, amazing award, promotion or outstanding business success is dropped into their lap from a helicopter.
After your ruler Venus changes signs on Saturday 3rd May it all becomes like an archetypal 'marriage' no matter what the actual nature of the relationship is. Smart Librans already seized the day, not just once, since last year and have been seriously working their horoscope luck so that outstanding success in an entirely different field is quite possible. The Venus-Uranus conjunction on Friday 16th May makes it a rather revolutionary 'marriage' in the sense that both of you are in a rare position to reconstruct the scales that balance you.Venus your ruling planet is a very traditional, old-fashioned archetype. In other cases you can just do more, have more and become more in the profession or area of study you chose a few years ago. The trine between Jupiter and Chiron on Wednesday 14th May will show you how far you can push things.
The very project, role or professional change you need to allow you to experiment may appear. Mercury will be retrograde all too soon and you will be spinning your wheels with this in June or July so do as much as you can, now – especially paperwork.What do you think? She had a son called Cupid who made people fall in lust, often with the wrong people at the wrong time.
There is something really old-fashioned and a little bit 1950s Desperate Housewife about Venus, so one of the things I imagine you will be doing in May is playing with the construct of what love should be. And if this person is connected to you more through a professional or business 'relationship' there is a similar theme.

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