Horoscope november 16 aries

Love Prediction: Basically a mixture of good and not so good things for you throughout the week.
Love Prediction : A mixture of all is seen in your love life but if you are in love with your colleague, things will be great. Beginning of the week is the time to work extremely hard in order to get the favorable results.
Love Prediction: Generally, this week is going to be good but keep control on your passions for betterment of your love life.
Love Prediction: Starting of the week is quite good, but work might take the time of your love. Akshaya Tritiya is indeed an auspicious day and Jupiter has its special spiritual significance.
Weekly horoscope for April 25 to May 1, 2016 is here for your zodiac sign based on Vedic astrology.

Situation in professional life looks as usual, but you can reap benefits by giving efforts.
However, the beginning of the week might be a bit stressful, still you will get good results.
You will be a little emotional in the middle of the week, but do not speak anything that you will regret later. Then, read the general and love weekly horoscopes for this week, prepared by our expert astrologers. A little stressful time for you in the halfway thus you will spend some good time with your beloved. In the halfway of the week, you will get chances to spend some quality time with your lover, so enjoy them. The middle of the week will be positive but the end might be stressful, due to which you might not enjoy your love relationship much.

In the mid of the week, you will be busy but take out some time for your love to experience joy. End of the week will be very much favorable and the harmonic relationship with your colleagues will make it even better. Avoid useless arguments during this time and rather spend it in entertainment like watching movies, etc.

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