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A professional comeback that began back in August, when Mars returned to your work sector, had all the makings of a temporary reprieve or a flash in the pan.
The forces in play on both the work and career fronts are both under pressure as you move into the new month, providing a false impression of what kind of month to expect, for on both fronts forces under pressure in the early days will eventually get their payback.
There is something happening on the professional front this month that might be confusing and even alarming, but is in fact perfectly natural and exactly how things are supposed to roll. While things may be relatively quiet on the professional front this month, by association this is a game changing month. After the Sun and Mercury left your career sector last month all the planetary activity and support for the year should have run its course, but this is one year when the gods are saving the best to last.
From where things stand on the professional front at the start of the month to where they’ll stand at the end of the month is so different, that it beggars belief that this is the same month. Even though you’ve been building up to this month since as far back as August, when first Mars and then the North Node returned to your career sector, this is unlikely to prepare you for the dramatic and game changing events this month.
October is a crossover month on the professional front or more accurately it’s in the first week that the focus shifts. After already merging with a nor’easter and clashing into Arctic winds, Sandy is growing stronger each day.
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While Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos can definitely get things moving, creating an urgency, drive and competitiveness that can create a lot of movement on the work front, he’s only here for 6 to 7 weeks. Expect some very real professional pressure in the very early days of the month and by that I mean the 1st October and the 2nd October, especially as it’s coming from two separate directions. A lot has changed since you moved into September for a month on, while Neptune and Chiron are still in retrograde motion in your work sector and won’t turn direct until next month, the work pressure and tension from last month has gone. It was a Full Moon in your work sector on the 30th September that brought things to a head or to a tipping or turning point, but with the Moon still here as you move into the new month and the Full Moon having only peaked a few hours before the month began, this is still in effect.
Because of her retrograde phase earlier in the year Venus is running behind schedule and won’t return to your career sector until the 3rd October, after all the other planets have left for the year. At the start of the month things couldn’t be more full on, high pressure and urgent, creating some of the most powerful, important and stressful professional days of the year.
Until now, with Mars evoking your professional passions and fighting spirit and the North Node providing a sense of direction, bringing a hint of fate and destiny into play, this has been nothing more than a driven time on the professional front.

As you move into the new month Venus, the only planet active in either of your professional houses, is getting ready to move on and when she leaves your work sector on the 3rd October, she’ll not only wrap up her own 4 week visit or all the planetary activity on the work front for the year, but will leave you with no planetary activity in either of your professional houses. As you move into the new month the Sun is just moving out from under the shadow of a Full Moon on the work front, that put direct pressure on the Sun and your work sector, just as it had already been pummelled with pressure. You move into the new month riding the tailwind of a Full Moon in your career sector on the 30th September and with the Moon still here until the 2nd October, with your professional instincts sharp, your finger on the pulse and your ear to the ground. You’ll remain in the full force of this Full Moon until the Moon leaves your work sector on the 2nd October, which coincidently is also the day that pressure on Uranus and your work sector also starts to ease back. This gives Venus, planet of desire and attraction the last word and the honour of wrapping things up for the year and what an extraordinary year it has been. For as you move into the new month the Sun, moving through your career sector, is only just coming out from under the shadow and the pressure of a Full Moon on the 30th September, which just hours before the new month began, was itself a catalyst for pressure building during the second half of September.
Mars returns to your career sector every other year and having last been here in 2010, his return is creating a very favourable professional phase, but it’s not game changing. This makes it important to make the early days of the month count, especially on the work front and especially when it comes to establishing what you want, where your heart stands and on capitalising on the income forces in play, using any financial tension or pressure as motivation.
At this point that’s all they need and with Mars returning to your career sector next month, this marks the point that your professional year reaches a tipping point, with the improvements and developments reaching critical mass, to a point where they become self sustaining.
Yet with Saturn leaving your work sector on the 6th October, not to return for another 27 years, the hard work of the last 3 years is about to pay off and that last push to get you over the line is already in play.
Yet what is happening on the work front this month is game changing and Mars is playing a part in this. Yet Jupiter, the only planet active in either of your professional houses has other plans and due to turn retrograde in your career sector on the 5th October, he began applying the brakes last month and by the time he turns retrograde, will have come to a complete standstill. What makes the difference this month are forces outside your work situation, but are still having a big impact, with the most significant being Saturn’s return to your income sector on the 6th October. As work pressure slowly eases back, this will be replaced by a growing sense of confidence as you start to appreciate what this has triggered and the breakthrough that is now possible. Once Venus leaves your work sector you’ll have a chance to take your professional hat off, but not for long.
With the South Node in your career sector and the North Node in your home and family sector until February 2014, finding and maintaining that balance is crucial, with the early days of the month the first real test of this. In retrograde motion until January and with no planetary activity in your work sector until Mars returns on Boxing Day, this is going to see things ease back dramatically. From the moment Saturn returns he’ll immediately forge a partnership with Neptune in your work sector, a partnership that will remain strong for the majority of the next 3 years.
Venus will spend from the 3rd October to the 29th October defining your professional desires and expectations, giving them and your heart the last word and you a chance to decide where you want things to go from here. For now the North Node is a bit of a sleeper, with its true influence not likely to reveal itself until November’s total solar eclipse, which could usher in some major new beginnings or put things on a completely different course. Just 4 days after Venus leaves your work sector, wrapping up all the planetary activity for the year, Mars will return to your career sector, where he’ll kick off a new chapter.
While this gives ailing career forces a leg up, Venus’ return to your work sector is to wrap things up for the year. When Mercury leaves your work sector on the 5th October and Saturn on the 6th October the Sun will be on his own, with the relentless push of the last 3 years over.
But with Mars leaving your work sector on the 7th October, this would still be an advantage, but not game changing. That will come between the 2nd October and the 7th October, a 5 day period that is your only window of opportunity to ease back and let things settle, giving yourself a chance to recharge your batteries if need be. At the same time Pluto, who has been under pressure since turning direct in your work sector mid September, is also just about to come out from under the shadow of this, with the forces causing this running out of steam on the 2nd October. While more dominant income forces are driving things, this gives you a chance to start moving closer to your real dreams and aspirations, on the work front.
From Venus’ departure from your career sector on the 3rd October expect work pressure and any urgency to dial back considerably.

During her time in your career sector Venus will link in with the South Node in your work sector and Pluto in your income sector, creating partnerships with both that will see your income, work and career situations all benefit, bringing back some of the mojo you had earlier in the year. At the same time this has pushed and extended you more than you realise, with your professional game for years and decades to come likely to be defined by the push you’ve received from Saturn. The real game changer comes on the 6th October, just as Mars is spending his last full day in your career sector, before leaving on the 7th October. As the last planet to move through Venus is charged with not only wrapping things up and tying up loose ends, but leaving you with a clear sense of what you want and where your heart stands.
Any work pressure or urgency will drop off dramatically after that, but with the Sun staying on until the 23rd October and a New Moon here on the 16th October things will not only settle back, but you’ll start to reap the benefits.
What is game changing is Saturn’s return to your work sector on the 6th October, for the first time in 27 years. For while pressure on Uranus and your career sector will ease off dramatically from the 2nd October, with Mars returning to your work sector on the 7th October, you only have a temporary reprieve before a very busy 3 months on the work front kicks off. With Jupiter turning direct in January, just as there’ll be a huge amount of cosmic activity on the work front, this is when your next thrust will come. Mars’ return to your income sector on the 7th October will provide the motivation to turn any remaining tension into a new sense of determination, with the focus shifting to benefiting from the hard work already put in.
Venus will leave your career sector a day before this month’s Full Moon, in your work sector on the 30th October, but her professional desires will play a big role in how you respond to what this triggers. With Mercury leaving your career sector on the 5th October, this will soon leave the Sun on his own and while a New Moon on the 16th October creates an opportunity to commit to the future and to this new post Saturn era, by the 23rd October your career sector will be empty.
On the 6th October Saturn returns to your career sector, for the first time since 1985, kicking off your most powerful professional chapter since then, a chapter that won’t run its course until 2015. It’s a strong partnership between Mars in your career sector and Uranus in your income sector that will soon turn the tables on any financial pressure earlier in the month, with a chance for a breakthrough on both fronts. By the time Venus leaves your work sector on the 29th October your aim is to have things on the path to where you want to be.
This not only opens the door to 3 of the most powerful years on the work front in decades, but on the very first day he arrives Saturn will reach out to Neptune in your career sector, creating a partnership that will remain strong for the whole time he’s here. Actively supporting both Pluto and the South Node, any remaining pressure will quickly turn into motivation. Until then it’s about pulling back and after Jupiter turns retrograde on the 5th October, retracing your steps. It’s a stunning grand trine between Ceres, Neptune and Saturn from the 6th October that brings forces on the income, work and career fronts together, with game changing consequences.
With Mars returning to your income sector next month, some of that old motivation is returning, just as you move into the final 3 months of the year. By that point Jupiter, the only planet in either of your professional houses will be in retrograde motion, having turning retrograde on the 5th October. With Mercury here from the 5th October to the 29th October, the Sun returning on the 23rd October and a strong partnership with forces on the income front, this is a game changer. As Saturn puts his full might and support behind Neptune’s professional dreams and aspirations, everything changes. With a Full Moon in your career sector on the 30th October and Mars returning to your work sector next month, conditions will only improve.
With the door open to second chances, from this point your focus needs to be on the rear view mirror rather than the road ahead.

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