Horoscope of the day birthday

Warn off any decision making based solely on intuition, attention to details is needed on Wednesday more than ever.Your financial status looks like it may require more work for it to fulfill your aspirations but on the plus, your health state will bring some joy. You may be in the process of recovery from a forced separation, Libra horoscope for today suggests caution in new adventures.All negative things are likely to pass in the following days, expecting you to restore healthy relationships. Strains are laid on your financial situation today, be cautious and watch your spending.No need to get anxious when your finances seem diminished, try and spot new opportunities, and work harder to achieve your goals. Not a day in which you have to let your guard down, although you may feel that things are going for the better in terms of health, vigilance is still recommended.Better things are still ahead of you, more energy and overall a higher desire to be active should follow.
The previsions summarize the positive and negative points for the 14 day period you selected. The transits of the major planets, in other words those furthest from the Sun, have the greatest influence and determine the most important events in life. The minor transits, whose movement is rapid, only produce fleeting states of mind, actions of no particular importance in everyday life. The gift of foretelling by the stars requires a lot of work, but also a lot of tact and human feeling.
If you'd like to get a 30 day, 60 day or 90 day forecast, then please check out the AstrologySource Transit Reports.
This Valentinea€™s Day that is 14 February 2013, if you are planning to propose someone then it is very important for you to know whether the selection of this day is fruitful for you and what effect it will put on your brain.
If your intention is to find such a love partner with whom you also want to marry then you may get success in this effort, but due to the presence of Moon in eighth house you might suffer with the feeling of fear or insecurity. Moon is in your 5th house this Valentinea€™s Day, which is indicating that either you have more option in mind or chances of getting more proposals.
If your intentions are to make a Valentine for your entire life then you might get succeed in your efforts. The more distant a planet and the longer it takes on its path around the Sun, the more lasting are its effects. One must also take into account the Signs of the Zodiac and the Houses where these aspects are found. They are easy to understand and provide an in-depth view on your possibilities and your options.

If your love life is still not working and you are going to propose someone then it will prove to be a right decision of your. If you are going to propose someone who relates to your work then it will be a good decision. If you are having some trouble with your Valentine then your efforts of consoling them will work this time.
If you are going to propose someone who has family terms with you then it will be a good decision. Position of Moon in your second house is indicating that you are planning to buy an expensive gift for your Valentine. The position of the planets and their aspects in the natal chart must also be taken into account. People born in the Year of the Horse are said to have personalities that are fun and kind.  Click on the calendar below to find your Zodiac animal! But day by day, our moribund lives are strangling our throats in such a way that we are unable to give desired time to our love partners.
Because, if you didna€™t take the right decision on this day then you might stay at bay from the sticks of some anti-valentinea€™s day organizations, but you will not be able to run from the havoc of stress throughout the year. If you are already in love and the one is also in love with you and you are planning to begin a new relationship with the intention of fun then change your decision this time. But still if your intentions are to work on multiple relationships quietly then it is not good. Your Valentine will prove to be quite lucky for you due to the presence of Lord of destiny in fifth house. If you took a right decision this time then your Valentine might stay along for a long time.
Lord of your sign is in sixth house; therefore ensure that no dispute will rise due to your decision.
Venus placed in your first house is giving your personality such a charm that you will not have to put much efforts to find your Valentine. Lord of the fifth house, Mercury is in the constellation of Rahu; therefore any type of pomp in the matters of love will not give positive results.

Position of Lord of the fifth house over ascendant is indicating that your Valentine deserves to be your better half. However, if you took the right decision then you might stay happily with your love partner. Because, the beginning of this new relationship with Valentinea€™s Day will not be able to make you feel contented. If you are planning to go somewhere with your Valentine then your wish might get fulfilled.
Venus aspecting fifth house is the Lord of eighth as well as third house, which is also indicating small altercations along with love. As now Indians are also suffering through the disease of business, trend of Valentinea€™s Day is becoming popular. If your old love is upset with you for some reason then it is a good time to convince them. But beware if your Valentine works at the same place you work then some disputes are possible.
It will be good if you either accept your old relationship completely or end it up properly. Saturn is aspecting fifth house which might lead to the breakage of relationship if any matter is given excessive hype. Valentine chosen on this day will not only prove to be lucky for you, but also can become a good life partner. It is important to keep a control over speech while proposing, dona€™t say anything even in joke that might hurt your special one. If you will gift a perfume in blue bottle to your Valentine then this might strengthen your love.

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