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As per vedic astrology, Kanya Rashi (Virgo sign) is an Earthy sign (Prithvi Tattva); and, rises with his head. Slokas 26 and 27 of Phaladeepika mention about one specific and very strong astrology yoga called as Saraswati Yoga.
Transit Nodes (Rahu and Ketu) will be changing their transit positions on 9 January 2016 (at around 10:25 AM Delhi, India time) following which transit Rahu will be entering into Leo sign (Simha rashi) and transit Ketu will be entering into Aquarius sign (Kumbha rashi). As per vedic astrology, Simha Rashi (Leo sign) is of Sattwika disposition and ruled by the Sun. People often enquire about Vargottama planets in their vedic horoscopes; and, very recently one more similar message was received from one gentleman which is quoted below. Slokas 14 to 18 of Phaladeepika mentions about Yogas based upon mutual disposition of Sun, Moon and Jupiter. Results:      The person (Male) born with Mahabhagya Yoga will be pleasant and good looking in appearance. As per available information, Nick Kyrgios is the youngest of three children; and used to be quite chubby during his child hood.
Saturn is generally considered as a negative and inauspicious planet; however, when strong and favorable, Saturn can generate auspicious results too for a nativity. In recent future, the divine planet, Jupiter, will be changing its current transit position from Gemini zodiac (Mithuna Rashi) to Cancer zodiac (Karka Rashi). I also have an artistic turn of mind and enjoy taking fine art film photography- but it's mainly just a hobby.
My Mercury and Venus are perfectly conjunct in my tenth house of career, this indicates beauty in speech, singing and writing, which are apparent to me (I also have a certain grace and poise, elegance about me- people always used to ask if I was a ballerina and I am not.) So this could indicate singing, writing and art in general? Pluto is in my 9th house in Scorpio very close to the Midheaven or MC, which seems to indicate power? My Moon is my oriental planet and is almost 180 degrees behind my sun (Libra in the 9th house) maybe indicating counseling?
My Neptune is in Capricorn in the 12th house, I hear this can also have something to do with career.
I'm not surprised with Venus conjunct MC, but venus is also retrograde (going backwards) so venus maybe delayed until you are older or mid life perhaps. Individuals with a Midheaven in Scorpio can easily indulge themselves too much, and become frustrated and angry when they cannot get what they want. Those with a Scorpio Midheaven are at their prime when they are balancing their feelings with their intellect. Eugene Moore's interpreation that is unaspected Sun individual behaves like an island-unto-himself type seems right to me. The inner nature does not associate itself very well with other facets of the character, determined by the other planets. CHINESE ZODIAC WHEEL:the 5 chinese elements and Yin-Yang,their constructive (ring outer arrows)and destructive (ring inner arrows) cycle. In the chinese Zodiac, the all-important 60-year cycle consists of TWO separate cycles, which are interacting with each other.
Since each of the five elements occurs within each animal sign, a particular animal sign occurs once every 12 years.
A persona€™s characteristics are determined both by the ruling element of their sign (their FIXED ELEMENT), as well as the element of the particular year that they were born in.
In the Chinese Zodiac the 3 animals that are evenly spaced from one another in the zodiac circle are generally considered to be good matches.
Each person is a combination the sign of the year they are born in as well as influences of the time of day and the larger cycles of the zodiac. Sensitive, a deep thinker and capable of great sympathy, tigers share good compatibility horoscopes with cheerful horses, and honest dogs. Articulate, talented and ambitious, rabbits do well to pair up with elegant sheep (also known as goats) and trust-worthy dogs.
Some in Chinese astrology say that the dog represents the very best characteristics of human nature. Similar to western astrology, there are people that take Chinese astrology very seriously and others that take it with a grain of salt.
Handmade beaded jewelry.gemstone wire wrapped jewelry,silver jewelry,custom gemstone beaded jewelry. For the sake of privacy, the email ID and other personal details have been omitted from the message; however, for the benefit of the reader, his queries have been reproduced exactly.
Those expecting promotions, rise in salary or other benefits in their jobs may experience setbacks. This may be supportive for those looking for foreign travel or relocation to different city or country; however, those looking for stability may experience tensions and problems.

As per vedic astrology, Cancer is a watery zodiac sign and is ruled by the Moon, which is a very friendly planet for Jupiter.  During its transit over Cancer zodiac sign, transit Jupiter will be exalted and, therefore, capable of generating significant influence as per its nature for the respective Ascendant. I'm 25 with an undergrad BA (In Sociology and Italian Studies) and a lot of varied and unrelated travel and work experiences. This configuration is in my second house so it seems to suggest this is a money making chart aspect??
Because of this, they can truly sympathize with others and can find the strength needed to achieve their potential.
Learning to let go of things and desires will make them more successful and happier in the long run. You will probably rise to a position of authority within your career and you could have a strong desire to be your own boss. Thus one's individuality is seldom stimulated into full expression, although it may e one-pointedly evident in a singular area of one's life. Another avenus I suggest would be martial arts, sports, something risky as your mars square pluto is tight and needs to be doing something physical. Gemstone custom beaded jewelry, gem stone wirewrapped and wiresculptedjewelry made from gold and silver.silver bracelets, gold necklaces, gold earrings.
The first is the cycle of ten heavenly "stems", namely the Five Elements (in order: Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal, and Water) in their Yin and Yang forms.
You may find that even though a person was born in a year that would seem to make you a poor match, the other influences that you share balance the ill effects of incompatible signs and make for a very good relationship - or cause problems in even the most compatible signs! Your charm and attraction for the opposite sex blends especially well with the energetic, excitable and stubborn dragon.
Additionally, because you tend to be impatient and passionate, consider spending time with goats and fellow horses. Balancing out this side of their personality is their wise, gentle and compassionate nature. It is said that whatever they do, they use all their strength, and when they make friends, they make them for life!
No matter which camp you happen to fall into, we can all agree that it's a lot of fun reading about your sign! Sometimes, one may get confused or delighted when the astrologer, whom he or she is consulting, comes up with such terminology like, “there is a Dardira Yoga in your horoscope” or like, “you are having a Raj Yoga”. This is so because it works more towards in generating a happy or sad feeling (depending upon which type of Yoga is present in your horoscope); while, this may not serve any significant purpose on practical grounds.
These horoscope readings for twelve ascendant signs are of general nature, and specific results may differ on the basis of strength and placement of Saturn and other planets in your vedic horoscope.  For personal horoscope readings of transit influence of Saturn on your horoscope, you may approach for paid astrology readings.
I am a good writer but find  it difficult to put together a succinct argument for essays so I feel like journalism wouldn't do.
Once they decide which direction to take, they will go to almost any length to achieve their goal and make their mark on the world.
Because of this deep understanding of the darker side of life, they can skillfully maneuver through difficult situations.
Careers that have something to do with the subject of grace, art, beauty etc, could feature strongly in your chosen profession. This condition should accentuate an independent spirit, but not always in a wholesome, well-balanced manner. Planets connected with the Sun by aspect gain a greater sense of their own purposeful strength. Yet you are cautious and secretive about your projects, especially as you mature and develop.
Some support is there for people working in research, education, mining or agriculture sector though. The first half of year may remain a bit more vulnerable in this regard; while, the second half is showing some relief or betterment.
Also I hate working at the computer and get carpal tunnel symptoms after a short period of office-type work. Careers may center on research, criminology, hypnosis, psychology, acting, energy healing, therapy or social science. Childhood traumas may impact their lives significantly, but they have been able to deal with it. If they can understand their inner selves they can deal with emotions without becoming overwhelmed. You may have a strong sense of duty towards religious principles or a spiritual path of some kind. A heavily aspected Sun natally would suggest one who is driven to gain recognition and honor in the external world.

Being thus tied in with one's vital ego structure, they are brought more into conscious, creative expression and given a firmer sense of direction thru the positive active of the will. Matters related to health and family may also remain somewhat disturbed during this year 2015. I, personally, avoid using such terminology in my consultations; and, instead, try to offer a clear perspective on specific aspects of horoscope like Marriage, Profession, Finance etc.
On ground level, the prominent and practical questions, which needed to be addressed, are related to stability, security and growth in profession.
I like working with people, I'm compassionate, I like autonomy, I'm good at organizing others, I like working with children, but not teaching them, I like comforting them and tending to their emotional needs more so than I like helping them learn to spell, do math, etc. With an unaspected Sun, the remaining planets still function, but without a dominant central life theme to revolve around. This aspect suggests that your sexual drive is strong, and may not be well controlled at times.
There may be delays or problems for those looking for marital alliance; and, matters related to progeny may also get negatively influenced. Those looking for marriage or family matters may also expect some positive results, specifically during second half of the year. And, for addressing this, one may need to be specific both in questions as well as answers. An example is Aries which is ruled by Mars and has a similar characterizes and description.
Problem is I am very nervous in front of people and don't understand music theory or know how to play an instrument so music is fairly inaccessible to me.
A number of  people surveyed in the film industry, who have this particular placement follow occupations in which they take on the role of beautifying others in the makeup department, prior to the actors going in front of the cameras. Such an individual makes an effort to attract attention and be openly admired or praisedddd for his achievements in order to feel ego-fulfilled.
They neither help nor hinder the individual's main objectives, but only because they are not directly related to such objectives. The appeasement therapy of showering good looking words like you have a Raj Yoga or Dhana Yoga may, sometimes, also create unwarranted problems; and, except a happy feeling (which may not sustain longer), nothing much can be achieved. Mars, the first house which deals with a persons physical health, strength, the manner in which they project themselves.
I was thinking nursing instead but I have a lot of beef with Western Medicine, prescription drugs, insurance companies, and apathy for true wellness and preventative medicine in the american healthcare system, so that's kind of out too.
There may be a desire for a job, career or a profession that is more attractive than the average run of the mill type occupations. Thus, he consciously attempts to radiate his energies in a manner insuring a direct impact upon his environment. Perhaps the drives of these planets are forced to take the back seat, in which they are experienced as mere secondary needs given less attention and development.
When you can control actions, this aspect can be positive as it shows a penchant for eliminating, by force, the unacceptable and unnecessary in your life. The negative planetary influences may remain a bit more highlighted for those passing through Mahadasa of Saturn, Ketu or Mercury; while those passing through Mahadasa of Jupiter, Sun or Mars may expect some relief and comparatively better results.
Health and physical safety may, however, remain a cause of concern; and, some possibilities of accidents or injuries are possible (specifically during first half of the year). Passion is what the Scorpio Midheaven is all about, and passion must be brought to the table for them to succeed. Instead, the individual may be more intent upon the exclusive development of his pure solar characteristics. He appears less overtly glory-seeking,and thus makes little effort to secure center-stage positioning. Nevertheless, he is motivated to focus upon his own self-importance, holding himself in high regard. Self-esteem and self-pride are important to him, whether reinforced by his environment or not.
As his strength and integrity come from a subjective source, he is less dependent upon outer relationships for ego-support.
He can be very rooted within his own inner core of being, regardless of how unstable or chaotic his external surroundings are. Such intense self-centeredness may make him appear unresponsive and aloof, almost as he is totally absorbed within his own self-made world.

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