Horoscope september leo 2012

Even though you will try your very best to accomplish tasks very carefully but yet the first half of the month will be a little difficult for you.
I will suggest you to be very alert about all your activities during the first half of the week. You must have JavaScript enabled in your browser to utilize the functionality of this website. OK so there may be a few wobbles, disturbances, stress and a whole bunch of changes this month for you Libra…..
So there were lots of changes a happening last month for sagittarius - this month is no different. OK so you might be experiencing some totes weird and intense dreams this month - Don’t freak out. The Sun in perfecting & critical Virgo until the 23rd can stimulate complaints or arouse your determination to improve your circumstances. The Sun moves out of self-improvement Virgo and into airy, social Libra on the 23rd, marking the onset of Fall - time to make some warm, cuddly friends!
There are many shake ups happening so you might be feeling a bit lost, let the dust settle and you’ll get a bit of mental clarity. BUT… and it’s an important but, there will be sweet, happy and positive changes happening for you too :) Your energy is on the up, your money stresses look set to ease up and your personal affairs will clear up giving you some sweet mental clarity. Let's have a look at what is next for all you gorgeous, beautiful people :) Check out your Dirty Looks Horoscope for September 2015! These changes might feel like a bit of a pain in the derriere at the time but sometimes a shake up is needed and will actually reveal something positive. Change is a big headline, there is drama and stress, maybe some changes at work but don’t panic!
You might need to make some changes with money, a few sensible choices and it’ll work out pretty sweet. There are obstacles but you can and will overcome them as you enter into a long term party of happiness and money, money, money.

Changes and shake ups can feel unsettling or just plain uncool when they are happening but seriously, don’t sweat it, it will work out just fine : ) There are changes going down in work but again, these look set to end well for you and if you keep those pretty eyes open, you will notice a pretty sweet career path opening up. Put your perfectly pedicured feet up wherever possible this September though - Really you should take it easy right up to the 23rd. If you are planning to do something new then ponder over your decisions very carefully and then do something.
You will start to feel more confident, your self esteem is on the up and love is blossoming. This can be a happy disruption but changes are usually major stressful all the same especially when your energy is a bit delicate.
You might notice that September brings with it some weird dreams but this could be a message telling you to get serious, think about what you want out of life - Time to get real!
If you have been worried about your child's education then this month will erase your worries. Improvement pretty much all round, energy is boosted and you’re feeling healthier and brighter.
Friendships might be tested in September but chill Gemini, good friendships will survive and will end up even stronger (squad goals). Don’t ignore or turn a blind eye, what a waste of your emotional energy that would be right?
Success now will be all about how hard you’re willing to work, how much you care and who you’re mingling with : ) Lots of changes going on in September for you. Love has been sweet the last couple of months - it could be tested now, but this can be a good thing because cool and strong relationships will survive and grow stronger.
Sweet, strong and happy relationships will last, flawed and destructive relationships may not. You may want to gift something expensive to your love or child and this will of course keep your mind occupied. There could be some stressful changes throughout the month of September but the outcome will be positive so stay cool.

September will see Leo gals redefining themselves, changing up their image and reshaping their personalities, these changes are set to happen over the course of the next few months, you’ll find a look that’s just right for you…. You might notice some of your friendships are being tested but be patient with your squad, particularly your bezzies, they may need your patience and love right now. Take things easy toward the end of September - there could be some drama on the horizon, this could be home or fam drama. On the contrary, in the latter half of the month, your relations might be at stake with your child or beloved. This is a good move for you, you are in control and creating the right impression of yourself. Despite some of this stress and disruption, this is all in all a fun month so make the most of it - just be sensible with the pennies. The lunar eclipse at the end of the month means you need to take it easy or you’ll get mega-stressed. Relationships are also being tested, your love is major stressed, they’re touchy and edgy, go easy on them - have patience : ) Your energy has had a bit of a booting so you might feel delicate - rest your pretty head, get your beauty sleep. The last few months have seen you question your outlook, who you are, your morals, your beliefs, your philosophy. As a remedy, it will be auspicious to offer water to the Sun lord, but make sure you add red colored flowers to the water before making the offertory. This is a good move and if it’s a new hair style you’re after, you’re in the right place lady! Your energy has had a much needed boost but be careful around the middle of this month not to burn the candle at both ends.

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