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Our birth date determines our horoscope sign, which, in turn, determines our individual traits and characteristics. If you believe in horoscope, you would know that all the 12 horoscope signs that exist, are actually constellations of the stars.
Click on the zodiac name and it will take you to the section which explains the characteristics, compatibility, and incompatibility of that particular sign. AriesPeople born under this fire sign are known for their energy, confidence, and their independent and individual strength.
TaurusTaurus is an earth sign, and probably the most cautious and smartest signs among the rest.
CancerPeople born under this water sign are known for their emotional and protective nature. CapricornPeople born under this earth sign are very reserved, restricted, and hardworking people. AquariusPeople born under this air sign are known for their logical and practical approach towards life. PiscesThis water sign is considered to be the most sensitive sign of all, so people who care about emotions, commitment, and creativity are best compatible with them.
Incompatible Match - Leo and Libra[ Back ]Astrology is getting increasingly famous all over the world and different countries have different approaches towards it. Astrology has classified the horoscope signs and dates into categories, each being distinctive in its own way. As per astrology, each and every individual on this earth is born under a zodiac constellation and possesses the traits of that particular zodiac sign.
Aries individuals are also known to be impulsive, impatient, and enthusiastic, and that is the vibe that attracts others towards them. People born under this sign are known for their patience, analyzing skills, and reliability! Gemini individuals are fun-loving, adaptable, versatile, clever, and are known for their ability to multitask.
Virgo individuals are known to be extremely shy and modest, although, they can be very conservative, harsh, and criticizing at the same time. These individuals are known for their diplomatic nature because they believe in balancing things out.
Sagittarius individuals can be intellectuals, possess good sense of humor, and are extremely witty and optimistic. People born under the Pisces zodiac sign are extremely caring, nurturing, emotional, giving, and helpful; although, they can also be extremely moody, mysterious, and lazy at times. What once was a knowledge that only a few possessed, with the increased exposure and heightened belief that people are putting forth in this area, more and more enthusiasts are learning this subject.

Though each person on this planet is different from another, they do share certain common characteristics based on the elements they are born under. Arians are born leaders and they love to take risks if they believe in something with all their heart. They are also generous and peace-loving individuals who are determined to get what they want with constant hard work. Leo, being a fire sign can make individuals born under this sign extremely bossy and intolerant at times.
Most of the people born under this sign are known for their intelligence and practical approach in life. They are known for their observant and leadership skills, which is why it won't be wrong to refer to them as 'born leaders'. They can also be extremely friendly, but at times tend to get very unemotional and detached from people, though not intentionally.
While for many, astrology is becoming a source to obtain answers to the questions of life, for some it is just a source of entertainment. You cannot force them to do something that they don't want to, or else, you get to see a moody, childlike behavior which would contradict the leading and fierce personality of an independent Arian. Their negative traits include being extremely moody, touchy, clingy, jealous, and their tendency of not letting go easily. On the negative side, they can also be very obsessive, jealous, revengeful, and quarrelsome. Which is why, these people make extremely successful business persons and financial experts.
This tends to create a conflict between their inner-self and the outside environment, which in turn, leads to them becoming extremely moody and sensitive.
Nonetheless, horoscope is something that we all tend to follow, either for the belief, or for the fun of it! They are the sorts who would never want to risk anything that they possess, which is why, Taurus individuals can also be a little possessive and extremely jealous. It is because of this desire that these people have highly active minds and tend to get bored way too easily. They are the ones who put their all when it comes to taking care of things or people in their life. However, due to their bossy nature, they can become extremely self-opinionated, pompous, and proud. They cannot let go things easily and will sting you back if you happen to hurt their feelings, intentionally or unintentionally. They believe in analyzing all the possibilities and then putting their stakes on something.

Therefore, it is very important for them to be interested in what they are doing as they have the ability to turn the odds into even. However, they may become extremely defensive and temperamental when they do not receive the same kind of nurture and care in return. Among the negative traits of Librans, they tend to get very changeable, gullible, and indecisive at times. As the name suggests, this zodiac is symbolized by the Scorpion and ruled by the planet Pluto. This zodiac is ruled by the planet Neptune and is symbolized by two fish swimming in the opposite direction. Apart from this, Geminis can become very cunning, inconsistent, and trivial at times because they desire to be ahead of everyone else.
Symbolized by the lion, the birthstone is the Peridot which makes them reach their ambition and promotes their radiant energy. Being an Arian, you enjoy being a leader and believe in enjoying each and every moment of life.
Symbolized by the twins, this zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Mercury, and the birthstone is Aquamarine. The birthstone for you is the Opal which helps you reach your ultimate goal, which is to lead an uncomplicated and peaceful life. Symbolized by the Archer and ruled by planet Jupiter, all a Sagittarian wants, is to lead a lavish and amazingly good life. Symbolized by the Goat which depicts a powerful and resilient vibration, all a Capricorn wants is to be acknowledged for their works. The symbol of this zodiac is the water bearer, which depicts the original yet mysteriously unique nature of these people.
If they are happy, they are extremely happy, and if they are sad, they are swimming into the depth of sadness. Being so influenced by the moon, the main aim of these individuals is to feel safe and secure in all aspects of life. Their birthstone is the Bloodstone and their ultimate aim in life is to never be alone and be connected spirituality with the world through their creativeness and artistic ideas.

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