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After what’s felt like an unusually creative and inspired month to you, it’s time to refocus some of that in another direction. Toward the middle of the month, start to direct your always intense and ever-revelatory focus into your primary relationships. Unsubscribe at any timeCommentsThis field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.
Hyperallergic’s horoscopes offer astrological advice for artists and art types, in art terms, every month. Imagine if, in addition to her sublime, Op art-ish renderings of grids and glitchy patterns, Tauba Auerbach also made really gestural and grotesque paintings — picture Carroll Dunham imagery with Allison Schulnik quantities of paint.
Gosh, the fall has been so tiring and taxing, do you think you should just put off your next big project until after Art Basel Miami Beach? We’ve always maintained that Julian Schnabel is a terrible artist, but we do so quietly. If we were regular old astrologists, Cancer, we’d tell you that you have carte blanche this month to bend the rules, behave amorally, and do some things that might be perceived as unjust. You’re such an idealist, Leo, always taking the high road, meditating on aesthetics and metaphysics, developing theories, and testing concepts. Many people seem to take a kind of zen delight in Sarah Sze’s installations — the perfect, precarious balancing of so many random, disposable, delicate, and surprisingly interesting scraps and sculptural bits — but not us. Now is a good time to be promiscuous, Libra, just know that your flings, experiments, and nocturnal adventures, though fun, will not result in anything particularly profound or enduring.
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Copyright © 2013 Caroldoey, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners. You are being called back to work (though don’t get me wrong, I think you have probably never stopped working hard in your life), and you can bring some of that creative energy into the workplace like a breath of fresh air. Just because something isn’t broken, doesn’t mean it doesn’t need your love (notice how I didn’t say something needs to be fixed?).
Her huge, animated, and masterful paintings are so fun, in part, because they are bursting with energy and emotion, kind of like the coming weeks for you.
Or, you know what, why not just give up entirely, subdivide and sublet your studio, and go into real estate?
While it features all the interviews and behind-the-scenes installation footage you’d expect from an art documentary, the most interesting part of it is getting to watch the Ghanaian sculptor and his team of studio assistants bent over tiny scraps of metal trash that they flatten, fold, poke holes in, and thread together. None of that is going to work this month, which should be devoted to more practical pursuits. We have nightmares about walking into one of Sze’s shows and setting off a disastrous domino effect that leaves all the fragile work toppled and trashed. In fact, the small details of life like laundry and cleaning the inside of the stove are more helpful than they might initially seem to you right now. In the next few days something huge will happen in your personal life, and it will either be extremely painful or transcendentally joyous.

Sometimes, Aquarius, it’s better to demure and let foolish folks publicly embarrass themselves. We’re not talking about glorified studio assistants either, we mean someone who will not merely reflect your ideas back at you, but transform them and help you and others to see them anew. Your month is going to be like our nightmare, Virgo, but if you muster all your charm and charisma, you’ll patch things up just fine. As all that intensity from last month cools off, you find you are able to express with depth and clarity, especially from the 16th on, and that others will listen. Any projects you don’t see through to completion by the end of the month will never see the light of day, so get cracking. We recommend devoting yourself to similarly menial tasks this month, Gemini, because anything more ambitious you attempt will fold, crumple, and leave you crushed.
If you’re a sculptor, work on some molds or try upgrading materials — do you really need to use the most toxic type of resin on the market?
Get rid of any old, out-dated systems still in place that are preventing this work from moving forward in some way. Perhaps it’s time to start expressing things in a different way than you have been the past few months; don’t be afraid to show a little vulnerability. In work you need to keep your pride in check and ask for help, but be careful in your emotional life, as an old friend is about to betray you.

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