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The influence of the Fire Monkey in 2016 will cause many of our preconceived notions to hit the fan. Another planetary niggle in 2016 will be about massive exodus and immigration of desperate refugees from the above-mentioned conflicts. In 2016, alternative energies to dangerous pollutants will suddenly be taken seriously and developed quickly. In 2016, unconventional medical advances and a new respect for naturopathic cures will also thrive. During this Fire Money year more and more countries will be outlawing toxic insecticides and refusing to allow farmers to use genetically modified seeds (GMOs).
The Monkey, instead of looking at the problem, looks through it, calculates the risks and then begins to pick it apart.
On a personal level, everyone will be called upon this year to take stock of the condition of their bodies.
The real estate markets will improve in 2016.  Low interest bank loans for mortgages will become more available. In the Fire Monkey year you can get ahead, create new concepts, start a business or leave a job. But before you rush into any enterprise—be it personal, romantic, professional or social—do your homework.
About Me: Don't underestimate how swiftly and dramatically things can change between the two of you.
Romance does fairly well early in the week but may begin to show complications near the 9th, especially if 'impulsive feelings' get 'out of hand,' especially if paired to Aquarius, Pisces, Virgo, Libra, other Bulls or Scorpio. Romance appears stable this week and a 'big decision' near the 6th to 8th may send your current relationship into a 'whole new direction.' Upgrades are very likely, especially if paired to Aries, Libra, Gemini, Virgo or Capricorn. Romance does well if you are willing to 'talk, discuss and decide while you remain calm while doing so,' especially near the 6th about money and the 11th about behavior or extended family issues.
Romance does VERY, very well for the Lion this week with long term potential heading the list for single Leos or newly formed relationships, especially with Libra, Aries, Sagittarius, Gemini, Aquarius or Virgo.
Romance does fairly well this week in that 'great promise' is likely to show itself for those of you 'growing' important relationships, especially if paired to Libra, Aries, Pisces, other Virgos, Cancer or Capricorn.
Romance does rather well this week, especially for Libras looking for more 'serious evidence' that they are in for upgrades and future commitments. Romance needs patience and tolerance this week, especially near the 5th, 8th and 10th and if you are paired to Gemini, Virgo, Libra, Cancer or discussing money with ANY sign.
Romance does well most of the week with a small set back possible near the 11th for those paired to Cancer, Scorpio, Aries, Leo or Libra, especially if THEY 'push an issue,' they should have soft peddled or not touched upon in the first place. The AstroTwins’ essential yearly horoscope guide to love, life, career, health, family and your most important moves for your zodiac sign!
Author Suzanne White (The New Astrology) has contributed a special Year of the Monkey section, with a 2016 horoscope for every Chinese zodiac sign. Felicia Bender (The Practical Numerologist) has contributed a special numerology section about the 9 Universal Year for 2016, and a Personal Year numerology forecast for every Life Path number. The 88th annual Academy Awards are this Sunday, February 28—perfectly situated during Pisces season, when the Sun is nestled in the zodiac sign that rules film, music, heart-stirring drama and escape. Stern Saturn is in multicultural Sagittarius this year, sounding the call for diversity—not just as lip service, but as a crucial institutional change.
On a positive note, the Oscars mark a win for the LGBTQ community, with The Danish Girl and Carol both in the running for Best Actor and Best Actress wins. Why He Might Not: The restrictive vibes of Saturn could also block him from taking home the victory statue. Why He Could Win: Jupiter in his glamorous twelfth house of film COULD give him Academy appeal. Why He Might Not: The twelfth house also rules invisibility, so he may be overlooked this year. The actors with the strongest shot at a win this year are Bryan Cranston and Leonardo DiCaprio.
Why She Might Not: Jupiter is retrograde, which is a weakened position and could put a damper on some of her natural luck. Why She Might Not: Jupiter is retrograde and in the ephemeral twelfth house, so she may not have as much cosmic weight to woo the Academy her way. Why She Might Not: Restrictive Saturn rules maturity and favors actors who have earned their stripes through hard work, dues paid and such. Why She Might Not: Tough Saturn is in her eleventh house of popularity, which could cause her to be crowded out by other contenders. The actresses with the strongest odds for a win this year are Cate Blanchett and Brie Larson. Romance does very well this week as long as you remember to keep emotional issues simple, address them fast and give the strong impression of 'validating' what a partner has to say, especially if paired to Scorpio, Libra, Leo, other Rams, Gemini or Virgo. Be very careful what you put in writing this week as that medium may not reflect your true meaning. Romance may require lots of talking, good listening skills and a calm approach to any partner who is 'having emotional issues,' especially the 1st to 3rd.

Romance does very well this week for the Lion and some of you may bite into 'serous upgrades,' higher commitment energy and promising hot connections that 'take off fast,' and get serious almost 'too quickly' for you. Most of the week appear to hold helpful energies for personal and romantic situations, especially once the 28th is over but you show a tendency to put 'too much vocal intonation' or spin on things quipped or said the 4th.
Romance does very well this week and a partner may actually 'surprise you,' with gestures of support, sentiments of love and big time willingness to 'move up to the next level.' A small cross section of you may find yourselves 'reassessing a romantic partner,' the 4th but it would most likely be those of you who 'have seen or know this was coming' for some time now. Romance appears to carry 'swirling and emotional energy,' near the 30th to 3rd when spikes in sexual drive and 'passionate opinions' are likely, especially where paired to Pisces, Cancer, Capricorn, other Scorpios or Taurus. Romance does well as long as you 'remember to leave well enough alone,' near the 1st to 3rd, especially if you are already aware you and a love interest 'have opposing views' on a topic, person or position. Romance tends to be solid this week and a love interest may surprise you with just how cooperative, supportive and understanding they can be.
Romance does well for most of the week and only a small cross section of you may be vulnerable to the aspects of 'termination' that are possible near the 4th. Whether it’s climate change which brings everything from volcanic eruptions to cyclones, drought, floods and unbearable heat and cold spells, or it’s the prevalence now of religious wars when enemies fight each other over whose God is the best God and whose God doesn’t count—these, we know, are futile wars. Many war-torn countries today can do nothing for their people who are homeless and frightened and hungry. Populations everywhere will begin calling for reforms to delay the progress of global warming. Already we see that scads of people are fed up with allopathic remedies that not only make people sicker, they don’t always cure them. Some of us have developed chronic conditions such as carpal tunnel syndrome, trick knees or tennis elbow. She has produced many best-selling books on western and Chinese Astrology, including The New Astrology. Singles may see strong upgrades with outright proposals very likely, especially where matched to other Rams, Libra, Pisces, Virgo, Taurus and Scorpio. Being 'put on the spot,' with leading, hot or loaded questions being 'posed to you,' is possible.
Single Crabs may find fortunate connections with very promising returns near the later hours of the 7th through the 8th and again the 10th. Paired Lions who have 'small clashes' near the 5th to 7th appear to 'iron it out,' quickly near the 8th or 10th. Outright proposals are not out of the question and even long term relationship status can experience 'new dimensions' and improvements. You may feel like you are being 'dangled,' but it would be wise to remain calm and be patient, especially with Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Pisces or other Sags. Cooperation is not the best the 5th to 7th, especially if you are trying to 'manage or choose the right thing to do.' You may be 'expected to invest a lot,' for some reason and a partner may be 'fishing' for your take on something, especially if you are paired to Gemini, Virgo, Taurus, Cancer or Pisces. With the moon in intense Scorpio, this year’s vibe could be intimate and charged with edge-of-your-set energy. The charismatic Sun and glamorous Neptune will make their once-a-year meetup in Pisces this weekend, which should bring some stunning red-carpet looks and touching tributes. The stunning and chronic absence of people of color nominated is finally being addressed through serious action.
The upcoming March 23 Libra lunar eclipse could already be sending him powerful winning vibes. Tough Saturn is finally out of Scorpio, and Leo has earned his stripes, wisely taking on a hefty role like this one. Lucky Jupiter in his ninth house of risk-taking could also pay off, and he may benefit from early vibes of the March 23 Libra lunar eclipse in his tenth house of professional recognition and awards. The moon and courageous Mars are both in Scorpio tonight, which rules her relationship house. However, retrogrades rule the past and this movie is set in an earlier time period, which could offset the challenge.
The twelfth house is about being separated from society and hidden away: the exact themes of Room, coincidentally. We kid…but actually, status-driven Saturn is now in J-Law’s fifth house of acting and fame.
At only 25, Lawrence’s age might actually work against her now (believe it or not…in Hollywood!). The tenth house also rules older people, and the film’s plot of a longstanding marriage fits with this. Single Reams show hot potential in the day of the 29th, evening of the 1st and all day the 4th. You may find out things and it could set you to 'assessing and reassessing' big time by the 4th. Other than birthday or occasion 'greeting cards,' make sure you express the important things 'face to face,' especially the 2nd and 4th. Show your understanding and support or risk losing ground 'big time,' especially with Pisces, Libra, Gemini, Virgo, Aries or other Crabs. Some of you may find a partner being 'a bit too picky or critical,' near the 4th or from the events of it.

Single Sea Goats do very well near the 28th all day, AM to mid day the 1st and the evening of the 2nd.
IF you have had 'doubts,' and been 'loathing the thought' of sharing or telling a partner something, the 29th to 3rd may be the best window of opportunity to get is delivered right.
While this termination energy is more likely to play out in typical 'life mile stones,' like empty nest issues, elderly members passing on and various 'phases of life' reaching expected conclusions, some of you may find an outright 'love relationship ending.' Chin up! So these same people (understandably) need to leave their stricken lands and find a place where they can live in safety and peace and try to make a better life for themselves. Detractors and fanatics who have resisted the idea of climate change will be forced to accept that the consequences of their faulty beliefs are grave and they can no longer hide behind reactionary rhetoric. Monkeys have few hostile verbal confrontations because their enemies know full well that they are up against a superior Monkey mind.
There are some New Astrology™ signs whose love lives will float along without incident this year. But he or she might also be hanging out on a neighboring branch, waiting for you to show weakness. A small 'clash' or misunderstanding is possible near the later hours of the 7th and may be a misjudgment based on vocal tones, implications or erroneous info. Single Sea Goats do best near the opportunities of the day time hours of the 7th and the evenings of the 5th and 11th. Single Totters make hot connections near the 8th and 11th that may have long range potential. Saturn rules accountability and fundamental change, so hopefully the boycott of major actors (and a possible speech by Pisces Quincy Jones) will be a powerful wakeup call.
Competitive Mars is also in Scorpio until March 5, giving him an extra edge—and the moon is in Scorpio this Oscars night.
Carol’s plot is all about marriage and a forbidden love affair, also working in her favor.
The early vibes of the March 23 Libra lunar eclipse could also push her into the spotlight, bringing a defining moment.
She might actually be passed over this year, unless the judges deem Joy to be a hefty enough role.
That said, she could give a stunning and thought-provoking interview—or acceptance speech, should she defy the cosmic odds. Be patient with their point of view and also be quick to clear up any 'misconceptions,' they may have, especially if they are prone to insecurity. Let’s face it: When the underpinnings of their million dollar seaside villas begin eroding and their houses teeter on the brink and threaten to topple into the ocean, even the most conservative climate change dinosaurs will begin to pay attention to what reforms are necessary to save the earth from self destruction.
And by comparison to the hardworking Horse or the slog and drudge Ox person, Monkeys look like lightweights. Others of you will encounter snag after snag, often having to do with one of the members of the couple evolving and growing in a direction that both frightens and alienates the other. Plus, Steve Jobs was a Pisces, and the forthcoming March 8 Pisces solar eclipse could send some lucky beams his way.
In 2016, more and more patients will be drawn to homeopathy, acupuncture, osteopathy, naturopathy, traditional Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and many other nonconformist techniques. Simultaneously, get yourself to a physical therapist who can guide you through exercises to heal even the most painful and debilitating complaints.  Too, you should either join a gym, swim four times a week, jog or sign up for courses in Pilates, Yoga, Zumba or cycling.
Do not barrel ahead on any project or make any investments that you have not thoroughly researched.
Competitive Mars and the moon will both be in Scorpio, his ninth house of publishing, and he would win the Oscar based on his portrayal of novelist Dalton Trumbo (who was incidentally a Sagittarius).
Whether or not she takes home the statue, she’ll look amazing—and if she does, a breathtaking speech could be in order. Health maintenance and disease prevention products such as food supplements and natural healing methods will begin to be taken seriously. Study each situation and pore over complex documents ‘til your eyes are popping out of your head. 2016 could be just the right time to invest in the stocks of laboratories which make vitamins, homeopathic remedies, food supplements and the like. No matter how passionate you are about your bodywork and cures for chronic ills, remember to maintain a satisfactory level of passion between the sheets.
Just because 2016 is a leap year doesn’t mean you should leap before you take a good hard objective look at all the details. Monkeys get what they want by adapting their behavior to the situation and then setting about dismantling it in order to fix it. If all of the above approaches are also above your means, grab a throw rug and download an exercise video.
The Fire Monkey year urges and even pushes us to find original ways to remain healthy and strong.

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