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An aspect of the past you could be inclined to put behind you might have a helpful part to play in the present.
Focus could be given this week to your involvement and contribution to a plan, project or collaboration of some kind. To start with the focus is on matters of the heart and while that will remain the case for not only months to come but for the rest of the year and beyond, in the later part of the month the love gods have some competition from the relationship gods, who will finally demand their turn. The sky speaks this month of a need to assess where your time is best invested and also of a delightful surprise that awaits you by doing so. The Archer symbolizes Sagittarius and seeks the truth with arrow upon arrow pointed at the horizon. Jupiter, the planet of luck, rules this Mutable Fire Sign and it seems to have cast a fortunate glow onto Sags. This sign has a great admiration for people and adventure and the reputation of a lifelong teacher.
If you’re a Sagittarius, you may make a great teacher, extreme sports athlete or travel guide. The New Year will be overwhelming for you Sagittarius, there are many changes waiting for you up ahead.
Who knows where your fate will take you, Rome, Paris, China, Ubud Bali, Kashmir, Hawaii maybe? The art of learning is a very beautiful thing, it never ends, and there is always something you get to know even if the information has been repeated to you repeatedly. You do not need to suffer or torture yourself, once you decide you want to move on and leave this experience behind.
Since your career will be looking at some difficulties, you may want to consider saving as much as you can and spending responsibly.
You trust yourself, you have faith within, and that is all you need to tackle such situations head on. Improving your skills and finishing pending or current projects will be good for you in the near future. You will have a bit of disturbances and instability in your romantic relationship with your better half in 2016.
If you and your partner have been family planning and discussing about how to go about with pregnancy, postpone the idea for another couple of months. Things may get more frustrating when you start to feel as if your other half is betraying you, as the insecurities grow the relationship will continue to be problematic. Your health will see many variations, due to which your health will be affected to quite an extent in the future. Use your free time on hand to join the gym, if the gym is too far away, then why not get your own setup somewhere in the house and start working on your health. In all areas of your life, your relationships will begin to finally bloom to their full capacity. You will need to make promises and offer favors, so you need to be sure that you can honor your words before they leave your lips. You are climbing a dangerous ladder in the corporate world; as you ascend, the people behind you will try to pull you back down to their level. Work hard this month using your observational skills and diplomacy to stay on the radar of important clients. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, you might start to take out your frustrations on those around you.
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As keen as you might be to move on from a situation having learned from it and believing it is best banished to the recesses of your brain, try to see how something within it can provide insight or even a solution to something needing dealing with now. This is one time when the communication gods are around to help, with open communication lines now completely up to you.

You appear to play an integral part in progress or results certain others are relying on and you're likely to play even more integral part very soon. While this would be easy to dismiss, especially once the Moon leaves on Tuesday, but while you receive these wakeup calls once a month this one is likely to feel different. The fact that the Sun's return to your relationship sector on the 21st May and Venus' on the 24th May is likely to bring some challenges, this is even more reason to embrace the spirit of romance and keep the romantic flame burning in the first three weeks of the month. It appears your faith is about to revived toward an obligation that has, so far, been seen by you as uninspiring and falling short of what you have wanted and needed it to be. Sagittarius aims at life in this way, delving into unfamiliar territory with an optimistically open mind, awaiting all that the universe has to offer. Sagittarius is also known for fun and humor on one hand and a thirst for intellectual growth on the other. You yourself want to grow, personal growth is what you have intended on, and it shall happen. Travel helps one to open to new opinions and perspectives, and you can surely use them at a time like this. Work will be smooth, until you feel dissatisfaction in some stereotype activities, which can be resentful to you.
You know that you have to be there for yourself, you are the only answer to the problem, and your family is dependent upon you. Make sure you have your coworkers and colleagues in on this with you, their contribution will make a difference. Expecting a baby in a time of distress in your relationships will not make things easier, but it may make the situation more complicated. On the other hand, your parents will remain dependant on you, and since you are a family oriented person, you will have to balance that relationship too. You need to keep yourself easy from excessive tension, stress, over thinking, and other trouble causing situations. Now is the time for you to make important decisions for yourself in regards to your health. Meditation will help bring your mind to a state in which decision taking and making will become a whole lot easier. If you are married, you may find that your sexual and emotional connection with your partner can be very gratifying if they are well-nourished. Be sure that you are feeding these relationships, both personal and professional, on a daily basis so that they can become healthy and strong. There are envious people in your life that will try to take away what you have earned, be it money, power, or reputation. With your priorities in place, the flood of transitions flowing around you won’t knock you off your feet and wash you away.
Spend as much time with family now as you can, because time and motivation won’t be your strong suits as the month progresses. You’re more physically affectionate with your partner, which can lead to higher satisfaction in your relationship.
Religion and spirituality are an important part in your life, and you may want to share that – and other things – with people around you. Be clear in your desires, work hard, and this high point in your life will carry over into 2017.
She loved my Saggitarius Blade design so much, she had it tattooed onto her arm, along with the zodiac circle which surrounds it!
They can be accessed immediately after purchase, then in your reports locker for 90 days and from an email. A connection exists and you can draw on past experience in a helpful way if you're willing to make the effort. Certain connections are becoming strengthened and it's possible you're understanding more about others as they also grow to understand you.
As the Moon's last visit before the Sun returns later next week and Venus the week after, the relationship gods will be using the emotional responses this triggers to get your attention ahead of the most important relationship weeks of 2016 begin.

Venus, planet of love only left your romantic sector on the 30th April, less than 24 hours before May began, so the spirit of romance is still robust in the early part of the month. During coming weeks, you're likely to see how much potential something you've seen as a drain on time and resources actually holds.
This may be due to their mutable nature, allowing Sagittarians to go with the flow with ease and adaptability. With a love for all that the world has to offer, it’s difficult for a Sagittarius to settle on one person, place or thing. 2016 will bring in your life an infinite number of experiences in all aspects, whether it be work related, or relationship oriented, you have the chance to take risks and make things work in your favor. You should take your family along with you; the quality time you will spend with them will help improve relationships.
Before you leave, do finish all of your work, this is the responsible and professional way of going about, it will definitely be appreciated. Start to eat healthy, you need to remind yourself that with the current difficulties, you cannot let the situation get to your family, as they need you to be strong. An increase in your sexual desire could lead to affairs outside your relationship if you aren’t careful. Pull off their masks before the two-faced frenemies take you down a peg or tug you off the ladder altogether.
You also need to know if these feelings are reciprocated and wanted before you move on past innocent flirting.
Take a deep breath and arrange the chaos around you until the machinery is well oiled again. She has allowed me to put her pic on here for you all to see, so check out the image below and I am sure you will all agree it looks absolutely great!
With Uranus here until March 2019 the laws of synchronicity and the spirit of romance will remain in play while Ceres, making her first visit in four years, will continue to keep the romantic flame burning right through to July.
With their eyes always open for possibilities, it’s no wonder that the freedom-loving Sagittarius stumbles upon lady luck.
Finding routine completely intolerable, this sign is often accused of being restless and irresponsible, even careless and unkind. Some of the lucky ones will have the easy way, whereas the others will be hanging from a thread. Your faith will play a very important role in 2016 and will determine what comes next for you. Feel free to explore these feelings and share your endearment with them, but only if you are sure of your true motivations. It's not that the spirit of romance will die down in the later part of the month and more that relationship forces will not only demand your attention, but in ways that at times will make escaping back into a sense of romance a welcome escape. While they have the big picture in mind, Sags are known for missing the brush strokes; in other words, their attention to detail is a bit lacking. But Sagittarians thrive on spontaneity, so those who seek the heart of this sign must be open to their love of adventure.
Sit down before the tides shift and create a strategy to face some likely scenarios that could come up this year.
The Sun will always return to your relationship sector on or around the 21st May, but this year he not only returns to find Saturn in your sign and in opposition but Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos as well. You will have an inkling already of which problems are feasible, so try to plan ahead for whatever life can throw your way. What this is, is your relationships suddenly demanding your attention, while your personal needs will fight back. A Full Moon during the Sun's first full day will ensure you're paying attention from the get go.

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