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First half of the year will be financially rewarding due to favorable movement of the stars. The Virgo horoscope for 2014 predicts that there will be conflict between professional and private lives and it requires all your energy to balance the two. The love forecasts for singles predicts that they will have many romantic moments during the first six months of the year.
First half promises to be good as far as finances are concerned while second half requires careful planning and spending. Email me right here right now and I will personally deliver to your inbox 4 editions of my ‘one of a kind’ weekly horoscopes! One morning this week I felt a strong pull to take pictures of a neighboura€™s Canadian Flag. Unfortunately Ia€™ve been spending way too much time in front of my computer screen a€“ not very conducive for optimal mental health. Over the next 48 hours, youa€™ll feel a great urge to kick Old Man Winter in the nuts and escape to greener pastures.
Hope you locked your doors a€?cuz youa€™re getting busted Tuesday, at the latest Wednesday! There will be moments of despair when you get a feeling that your hard work is not getting the expected returns.
Second half will not offer any opportunity for new jobs and you will have to wait for the New Year. Some accommodation is required on both sides to avoid marital problems and even separation.

They should not hesitate to express their feelings to their partners and the chances are it may end up in marriage. Postpone all big expenditure and keep away from borrowers warn the 2014 Virgo astrology predictions. I dona€™t really know these people (an older couple in their 70a€™s) but when I would see them sitting outside, I would stop to say hi and chat a bit. In my neck of the woods, wea€™ve been blessed or depending on how you see it a€“ cursed – with an unusual amount of snow.
On the home front problems are expected which can be solved with some patience and adjustment. Only way to be happy is to devote more time to be with each other and keep your temper in check.
22NIT-PICKINGMETICULOUSNESSNEGATIVISMSNOBBERYCRANKINESSRESERVEExcerpt From "The New Astrology©" by Suzanne White Show me the upstanding citizen whose "rightness" and probity put every other sign to shame and I will show you a Virgo. If travel is really not possible, no worries my friend, as you decide to make your own fun.
No other sign of the occidental horoscope system (except at times the Capricorn) has such a well-developed sense of what is proper and meet in any situation. Actions, well thata€™s another story a?? You are analytical, detailed oriented and practical. Virgo is logical, analytical and keeps a cool head.Virgos are not coldhearted or indifferent.
So I could of sat back and waited for good cards (predictable & lame) or I could adapt to the situation and become a force to be reckoned with.

Obviously the flag was a very important symbol of freedom and opportunity for this proud Italian immigrant. But what is so peculiar to Virgos is their ability to penetrate the fog of subjective thinking that surrounds emotion-laden situations.
Virgo eschews mess.Often people in high positions in industry turn out to be born under the sign of Virgo. If a Virgo boss thinks John acted badly at the office party, he may call him on the carpet, saying something like "John, you acted like a perfect idiot last Friday night.
But their ability to analyze complex situations is at the least astute.Virgos are gifted for art appreciation and are very often creative. They know how to take care of things and can be trusted to return borrowed items.In the shortcoming department, Virgos may like to gamble, try drugs or dabble in the seamier sides of life.
For some reason, Virgos often think themselves separate and not-so-equal beings in relation to the rest of the world. They are a bit on the stiff side and could stand to have a turquoise popsicle melted over their heads.

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