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The Sun is among hundreds of billions of stars in the disk of our own Milky Way spiral galaxy.
Over five millennia ago, in the days before evening television, the Babylonians and Chaldeans kept accurate records of the night sky. Over five millennia after Ptolemy, in the days of space travel, recombinant DNA, and microwave popcorn there are people who believe that planets and star patterns influence their life’s events in ways derivable from the mythology of sleepless and TV-less Babylonians.
Many astrologers say they can predict your behavior and personality based on your sign in conjunction with the signs that the planets and Moon happen to be in when you were born.

An amusing addition to the above hijinks is that the zodiac contains fourteen constellations, not twelve. Some astrologers (typically the expensive ones) are actually aware of these astronomical truths. A subject of fascination and confusion for many people is the effect of the full Moon on human behavior.
Before we jump to cosmic conclusions, consider the following: 1) If the oceans were 100 percent nitroglycerin (or 100 percent anything else) they would still exhibit tides.

In a free society, intellectual enlightenment is your best defense against misguided claims in the name of science. This is a far-reaching twist of the same magnitude as if Alex Haley, author of his well-known genealogy Roots, had later discovered that he was an adopted child.

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