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Rasiwasia cautioned that he could not provide a full analysis, as he had not been inside the building, which was designed by the architectural firm Perkins & Will and the interior design firm Hirsch Bedner Associates, both American.
Muslim political leaders and other critics said that the land was sold for only a small fraction of its market value.
Last year, as Antilia was nearing completion, many Mumbai residents criticized the building as an ostentatious display of wealth in a country where most people live on less than $2 a day and in a city where more than half the population lives in slums.
Many domestic and foreign newspapers a€“ including The New York Times a€“ wrote about those sentiments, which one friend said had upset the Ambanis. But even if the Ambanis now have reservations about Antilia, the building appears to have some admirers. Click here to Personal Appointment You can meet for personal consultancy on these locations after appointment. Plants : Heavy leaf bearing trees like ashoka, neem, banyan, emli, are best suited in the southwest zone.
The only thing that separates houses and buildings that are on the same street is the number associated with each property. Another tip to note when getting your house number vibration is to know that compound numbers hold energy, too. Remember that each number holds an independent vibration that contributes to the single digit or master number (11, 22, 33, 44, 55 etc.).
Share anywhere you like but please provide a link back to this article and credit authorship (by S. Rasiwasia, a vastu expert whose clients include prominent businessmen and their families a€“ although not Ambani a€“ said Antilia appeared to run afoul of one of the key principles of vastu: The building's eastern side does not have enough windows or other openings to let residents receive ample morning light. Ambani acquired the property in an auction, and his spokesman has denied allegations that he paid less than the land's market value. The rooms in the south should never have ceiling low as compared to ceiling of the rooms in east and north side. He bought it for 215 million rupees, or $4.4 million at the current exchange rate, from a Muslim charitable trust that elsewhere operated an orphanage. I am pleased to say that his suggestions have been practical and shown positive changes in personal and business life .We found his services result oriented and wish him all the success in life. Consulate, another rich Mumbai business clan, the Singhania family, is building a tower with cantilevered floors.
The ceiling of the poojaroom should be lower than the ceiling of all the other rooms in the house.

If they are kept on floor their nourishing substance will be adsorbed by the floor. The house should always be kept need and clean and all the wastage etc., should be dumped or stored in west of the house. To prevent the house from evil-eyes, seven green chillies and lemon should be hung at the main entrance of the house, shop etc.
A cut-out in the roof should be provided in the northeast to ensure proper ventilation of the house. One should never provide three doors on a single wall, especially in the front of the house.
All the things should be properly placed and well organized in the house, to ensure good luck. The idols should be kept in the north-east portion of the pujaroom.The faces of god should not be covered with anything including garlands and flowers.
Big windows and ventilators should be in the east direction, while smaller windows should be in south. If any storage cabinets are made in the north east, use these cabinets for light weight storage only. If the kitchen is adjoining a bedroom, the wall between them should be thicker than other walls. If a dining table is placed in the kitchen one should only face east north while consumption of food as it is good for digestion.
Budha (Mercury), Guru (Jupiter), Chandra(Moon), Shukra(Venus) effect having a study room in the west direction, as mercury increases brain power, jupiter increases ambition and curiosity. If a wash basin has to be placed, it can be in the north or east of the room with the water draining to the north-east  Guest RoomThe north-west corner is ideal as a guest room.
A television screen is also considered as mirror, when turned off, and so even a TV is not allowed to be kept exactly opposite to the bed. But as people generally insist on keeping a TV in bedroom, it can be kept to the right or left of the bed at angle for a comfortable view from bed. The room should not be in the central portion of the building or in the basement; as it may lead to mental instability in person using such bedrooms. The southwest side of the house and all the rooms inside the house should always be heavier than the east and northeast side.
The colour of walls in the bedroom should be light rose, blue, green, gray, etc for they encourage intelligent thinking.

Sleeping with head in the east improves health, increases knowledge and increases a liking for spiritualism. West: Sleeping with one's head in the west causes bad dreams, illness, disturbed sleep and violent nature. The morning rays of the Sun are believed to be extremely beneficial for health, hence proper windows (of course with due provision for privacy) should be provided in the bathroom. The slope of the bathroom floor should be towards north and east so water drains to the north-east side of the bathroom.
Avoid constructing a toilet in the center of the building and in the northeast of the building. An sample plan of a toilet interior is as under: As northeast (eashanya) is the junction of Kubera and Indra, it is said that toilet in the north-east may gradually weaken the finances and the general prosperity of the master of the house.
If there is only one main entrance door to the house then more wealth is expected over other factors. If there are two doors in the entrance then a comfortable life for the inmates can be expected.
Two Doors If a house has two doors than they can be in the following combinations: East in combination with north and west.
Entrance may without doors but if they are covered overhead to form a enclosed passage, than they are counted as doors. Doors to partitions within the house which do not touch the ceiling are not counted as doors.
The owners or elder person in the house should face towards the north or east while the guest should face south or west while eating. In entrance of the house, avoid red, black and gray colours, while using white, light blue and dark green colours are good. Paintings depicting scenes of Ramayana and Mahabharata should be avoided; however, Vastu allows the use of other puranic paintings. Vastu suggest paintings of nature scenes, prayer, and temples for good health and better living.

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