House numbers and letters brass

The lyndon shown in style 1, this time with a bold vivid colour to make sure it is noticed by everyone.
Alternative viewpoint of our modern and popular Marlettii design style 1 with clean stright lines, silver back plate and black text. A modern styled Maretti design style 6 using classic silver back plate and lblack text colour. Alternative viewpoint of our LED house sign showing the raised up gloss black acrylic house numbers sitting on 8mm thick specilist acrylic for even light distribution. The lyndon shown in style 1, always a winner with simple clean lines and shown here with simple black text with silver background and matching fixing plate. Modern and stylish house numbers that fix to the wall on stand off mounts creating a prestigious appearance and available in many fonts and sizes.
Our popular Marletti style 4 with a whiter back plate and distictive pink house number and road name. A modern style with bright pink numbers and pink stand-off fixed over a clean white back plate will get you noticed. Alternative layoutof our classic Marletti design style 1 with a white back plate and black house number and road name.
The lyndon shown in style 5, a very classic design shown off beautifully by the gold text against the black background. Our Marletti design style 4 with distinctive melon text and charcoal back plate offering a very modern twist. The lyndon shown in modern style 4 using the cool crisp orange text against teh white background for a beautiful effect. This tambourine is hand painted by me with 100% natural henna paste which stains in the natural skin of the tambourine.

By Anna Cragin Chances are, you first got the idea of starting your handmade business because you simply enjoyed making things. During your meditation and for your rituals or simply to relax, our Incense Burners are the perfect addition to creating a tranquil surrounding.
It’s Better Handmade has been a free promotional tool for artists since its inception. Nabeul (Neopolis, or New City) ancient battlefield for the Greek founded in the 5th Century AC and twin sister to an other Neoapolis (Naples, Italy), is the Capital of the Ceramic in Tunisia. Thanks to its strategic location in the Central Coast of the Mediterranean and the diversity of its agricultural produces, Nabeul has known a massive flow of immigrants from all over the Mediterranean who brought with them a know-how in agriculture development as well as in manufacturing industries. Nabeul has know three major stages in its optimization of techniques and pottery production.
In a first stage, Nabeul's pottery shown strong development signs following the influence of the Renaissance Movement, born in the neighboring Italy.
Later on, Muslims chased from Andalusia, Spain (15th Century DC) after the conquest of Spain by the Catholics, found refuge in the Region of Nabeul and neighboring areas.
Today, local authorities finance networks of schools to teach the art of pottery in order to boost supply, and support meeting the international demand for Mom and Pop factories. The ceramic numbers and letters are the latest innovation in the industry; and in Nabeul, most house signs addresses and street names are made of Ceramic Tiles.
Shop a variety of ceramic house numbers designs, different styles of mosaic house signs, hand painted in Tunisia.
Beautiful house signs for street addresses, exotic designs in stock such as Fiorentino, Pentolina, Bagnaia, Volterra, Campagna, Faenza, Abruzzi and Terracina. Royalty free avenue clipart of a pink house character with clock eyes, surrounded by numbers.

Since we are accelerating what naturally happens to weather exposed steel, the initial rusting done in our shop is delicate and a clear sealer is applied to protect it. Built using the latest specialist 8mm acrylic and bright LEDs producing a smooth backlit pannel with raised off house numbers. All mosaic tiles are made for outdoor use and the entire piece is sealed multiple times for added protection.
And you made so many things, and they were so awesome, that family and friends encouraged you to try selling them. This incense holder was carefully hand painted with Henna patterns and is the perfect touch of India to your home decoration. Flaking can occur exposing the raw steel beneatha€”once the sign is installed outside the steel will continue to rust and the surface will continue to change over the years as the metal is exposed to the elements. In this next section, I’m going to break down first the pages you definitely want to have, and then the specific elements that are most important. Please note: this image is protected by copyright law and may not be used without buying a license. No two pieces rust alike--every one is unique.Letter size will vary depending on amount of numbers. The sides and back of all address plaques are painted with an exterior grade paint in a corresponding color.

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