How to calculate numerology life path number

Dive into numerology, the study of the energetics of numbers, to find your life path number and how it will play out for you in our monthly series. Our resident number-guru Felicia Bender, The Practical Numerologist, joins us on AstroStyle every month to give you a new kind of forecast, one that will complement your Monthly Horoscope. To find your monthly Numerology prediction, you have to do a wee bit o’ math to calculate your Personal Year Number—see instructions below—which influences your whole year (from January 1 until December 31). Since this is a big year of new beginnings, March demands that you be in tip-top shape, both personally and professionally.
2016 is a slower, patience-building year all the way around so take advantage of the more frenetic energies that March brings your way—it can offer you a boost and shake things up a bit—in a festive sort of way. March ushers in plenty of exciting activity during the first week or so—some carried over from last month.
It’s your task to lay the foundation for security and lasting systems for the future.
By now, you should be feeling the energy of change and you’ve learned to expect the unexpected. 2016 is the year you feel more ambitious and feel a deep desire to better your financial conditions. Numerology Calculator for Names Using a Numerology Calculator for names allows you to discover the unique vibration associated with your name. First Name Numerology, Learn more about your personality, what’s important to have in your life, and who you are meant to be. You should be smiling more often this month as things are starting to happen and you feel more optimistic about your future.
I strongly suggest expressing yourself this month using your creative side to write or speak to others. Social events are on the agenda this month so maybe it is time to shop for some new clothes and get a new haircut.
A 2 Personal Year is going to require a great deal of patience as well as the ability to cooperate well with others. OMTimes MagazineOMTimes Magazine is one of the leading on-line content providers of positivity, wellness and personal empowerment. Learn how to work with Black Hawk, his brother White Eagle, and Mother Ross to uncover hidden plots, discover your enemies, and restore the scales of balance in your life the Sauk way.
The numerical value of your name can have a considerable influence on the course of your life! You have a real opportunity this month to shine and people will find you to be irresistible.
This month will test your patience and diplomacy especially when it comes to your work environment.
Momma Starr relates her story of how Black Hawk touched her life, defended her family, and stand her ground.
Even though there’s an element of uncertainty, the month of March is pressuring you to focus on a definite goal and then be resourceful enough to tweak and adjust along the way. 2016 will press you to dig deep within yourself to make decisions about what stays and what goes.

If the opportunity presents itself—particularly during the week of March 20th—take a short vacation.
Be aware that you may have more work on your plate in February and it is the kind of work where paying attention to detail and being efficient is a must. She reflects on the Spirit of Black Hawk and his legacy through personal anecdotes, testimonials, and conjure tales.
This is a great time to stretch your wings and get involved in something fun that piques your interest. Overall, March has all the makings of a red-letter month, with an emphasis on family and close friends. And the month of March will be buzzing with experiences relating to these themes—home, family, duty, responsibility, and relationships.
Your caution for March is this: Get ready for delays and heightened emotions—with a spiritually elevated emphasis.
You can’t put it off or procrastinate and may even have to put in a little overtime which can make you a bit stressed. Learn how to safeguard your money, do healing spells, cleanse yourself, protect what's yours, and keep the law away as well as many other types of work. Around March 9 or 15 you may find it an opportune time for fun with your own kids—or the children in your life. A number of matters that have been pending since the beginning of the year are likely to be resolved in March. By March 9 or so, please spend some time by yourself doing something that feels good and as though it’s feeding you from the inside out.
Continue to implement your plans, but understand that you’ll experience some temporary delays and unexpected slowdowns. Call on Black Hawk for Justice, as the "watcher on the wall" to have an 'eye for an eye' against all your enemies.
Even if it’s a stretch, attempt to resolve differences of opinion with parents or other close relatives on or about March 18. This is the time to begin putting your ideas into concrete form, however that plays out for you: work, family, relationships, health—or perhaps all of the above.
March is all about letting go and completions so keep that in mind and lighten your grip on the old stuff that needs to be cast off. Grab any opportunity you can to study or research areas that you’ve been putting off or on hold. Take it in stride, knowing that the delays will ultimately allow for better timing with projects and plans, even if you can’t really see that right now. You’re moving away from a sense of limbo, so breathe a sigh of relief—March brings a good deal of social activity and opportunities for fun and lightness. You’ll see some of the puzzle pieces start coming together, so it should actually feel quite exciting. You may want to spend a good part of the month contemplating your desires, motives and what you want to see come to fruition. Allow yourself to enjoy anything and everything you can derive pleasure from throughout the month.

Having a positive attitude and believing good things can happen is a great combination for manifesting!
This is the time to pull out your best logical and practical hats and wear them all month long. And why not consider a new approach to dealing with some of these persistent family issues? Know that while you might feel a bit low-energy, you’ll still need to buck up and put in the hours. Be tolerant and compassionate in both your personal and business dealings, despite the fact that you’ll be feeling a bit off-balance. March is perfect for meditating, contemplating art or enjoying nature—or simply sharpening your skill set in any way you desire. It’s time to close your eyes, breathe, and make use of some of the special insights you gained during your contemplative time last year. Give yourself permission to open up to a new direction that can bring you more in the way of personal freedom. You can turn even the smallest glitch, challenge or issue into a monster whose only mission is to annihilate your dreams, goals and best intentions. Focus on lightening up, pursuing some fun, and exploring whatever makes you feel un-caged and free.
You might be amazed at the way you can clear up chronic misunderstandings and start fresh when you get out of your own way. If you kvetch about all the work you have to do, you aren’t going with the flow, and then the demands will get you down! You’re meeting new people who are off your beaten path this year, so use it to your advantage.
The dilemma: how to optimize the energies of the contemplative 7 Personal Year with the independence and initiation of the 1 Personal Month?
Instead, focus on how great you’ll feel when you see the tangible results of your efforts. This is a progressive time meant for stretching and enlightening—seeing yourself and the world in a more expansive way.
Since you’re feeling the pull of domestic duty, you must consciously and strategically map out a time and place for romance. This can be through workshops, online courses, books, joining Meetups or book clubs—anything that plays into knowledge gathering and self-help is perfect right now. Don’t be surprised if you gain unexpected spiritual insights from the most unexpected places.

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