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Wow, this is an amazing camper van, it has all the features needed for a nice and comfortable trip with the family. The German company HYMER, which is based in Bad Waldsee in the southwest of the country, have been building and converting camper vans since 1961. They first became well-known in 1971 for the HYMERmobil, which was their first series production camper. This model was listed for the next 4-5 years, with the version illustrated in the 1992 catalogue (PDF) the most similar to our van. In 2007 the HYMER car was relaunched on the basis of the newest version of the Fiat Ducato.
The van sleeps four adults, with a fold-down double bed in the roof of the van and a piece-together jigsaw puzzle bed directly below, in the area which is usually the table. The passenger seat swivels to face the communal area and create a greater feeling of space, but the driver’s seat is fixed. The van has room for two 6kg gas bottles, which power the stove, the heating and the fridge. The van originally came with two 16 litre fresh water canisters (we now carry 60 litres: 2 x 19 litre and 2 x 16 litre) and has a 50 litre waste water tank below the car.
The van has two sinks: one in the front section for cooking and dishes, another in the rear for bathroom-type activities.
The van has a rack for two bikes behing the back doors and a roof rack above that, which has standard-width rails for mounting a car roof-rack. This entry was posted in Fiat Ducato, HYMER Car 3 Camper Van and tagged Design, Fiat, Geeky, History, HYMER. I guess it might benefit some to know that I purchased my Veloster from "Missoula Nissan Hyundai" in Missoula, MT.

The bracket for the front only has four holes and goes into that little black pad you mention.
Just went out and checked mine, the rear plate should have the plate slide behind that Veloster badge. Newbie, were you able to install everything just using the pre-drilled holes on both fenders?
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But I think it’d prefer to do it myself and make it really kitsch, I’ll let you know when I make a start! We’re delighted to know that someone else shares our passion for travelling and the same camper van.
We’d love to see some photos and if possible hear a little about your experiences too!
I’m refurbishing a 1993 Fiat Ducato Hymercar Family just like the one that you used to own. While the basic layout of the van remained the same, it clearly belongs to a completely different generation of camper vans. The fridge can also run on mains electricity (if the mains is connected), or else off the battery if the motor is running.

I found quite a few online auctions for similar models, a great archive of HYMER product catalogues (hence the plentiful links) and a similar blog in German, which is what inspired us to finally getting around to writing one ourselves. I just looked at the photos of my car and the dealer hasn't attached either bracket yet (or the little black pad) and I can see the hole matches for both the back and front brackets on the car. Aber ich bin schon gespannt, wie Eure April Tour und der entsprechende Bericht dazu ausfallen wird.
Since we’re stuck at home for a while now, Jay will be writing a post about different kinds of Ducatos – would it be possible for you to send us a photo of your grey one? As it happens, at the time it was actually the luxury version of the HYMER Car, with its massive 2500ccm engine delivering a staggering 75 bhp of pure diesel power, along with a fair few of the optional extras: bike rack, solar panel, swivelling passenger chair and very substantial gas heating. I could just make something that would work but I’m trying to get close to the original. I asked the salesman and he said that they don't put them on unless the customer requests it! Still shopping around, check out Allen Hyundai (in Laguna Niguel) and ask for Brian Carpenter (great salesman!)!!

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