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The teacher firstly tells the class that they want to find out some EXTRAORDINARY information. Hand out a piece of paper to each student and get them to write down questions that they want to find out! You might also engineer a question or two so that a new member of your class (perhaps a recent arrival from Country X) is the only person who is likely to be able to answer (e.g. This technique can be used as a starter or recap activity and takes little or no preparation. Sometimes, learners need to be secure with a number of FACTS before they can access the next stage in their learning. They have been selected as examples of techniques that are supportive of the five elements of narrow gap classrooms, i.e. Students are not allowed to ask consecutive questions to the same person - they must move on, so a lot of movement around the room is required. The flip chart had 8 boxes that ranged from what the children might be good at.I used this as a main lesson.
The children worked in pairs to discussing what they thought they were good at and fed back to class.

We then worked as a whole class adding children into areas were the other children felt they were good at.
It was used as a warm-up activity.Make sure children understand that they are expected to move and not just to wait until someone comes to them.
As I read the green question all those with a green piece of paper got up to find an answer to that clue eg Find something that shakes.. Initially it was pretty noisy as everyone wanted to solve every clue and at this age they want to help each other as well.
It was easy to get the children to swap their pieces of coloured aper around and have another go as well.Tip: Laminate the small bits of coloured paper so they can be used over and over!
I gave the pupils different cards of decimals, fractions and percentages with either definitions, sums or answers on it.
They were to move around the class to find their match and then they were to cross it off on the grid. Obviously, the pupil with the first completed row would shout out BINGO!I used the strategy as a plenary. The kids found it very interesting because it was something different to the norm.I shared the tool with the rest of the colleagues in my department as a demonstration and said that they could change it to which ever way they preferred.

This task was a fantastic starter for lesson where the main activity consisted of speaking in groups about previous holidays, describing memorable food and locations etc.My students absolutely loved this game, they were incredibly enthusiastic about finding out the fun information and it really worked in getting them to become relaxed and confident with one another. It was a perfect activity for the first week of term, as it gave the children a chance to move around and question each other with few guidelines. As I was new to the class, it also gave the children a chance to talk to and question me, and generally get to know me better. There were 4 adults in the room at the time, so any of the questions that possibly the majority of children wouldn't know (what does RBKC stand for?) could be answered by one of them. The number of adults also meant that the children could all be observed at some stage to make sure that all were participating, and not just talking to their mates about unrelated matters - a possible concern if not supervised well.
The advice I would give to other teachers using it is to be very clear on the rules - particularly that you can only use 1 child for each answer on your board. The Bingo cards also need to be different, otherwise several students will get BINGO at the same time (assuming they get the right answers).

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