How to find someone on facebook that is private

I am warning you, what I am about to teach you may give you information you think you want to know, but actually don’t.
You will never be able to tell who is looking at your Facebook, it’s just impossible, but with the use of some scripts and simple add-ons you can monitor your own friend list to detect changes. So, if you are prepared to know when one of these changes happen, here is how to get set up in each of the major browsers. Firefox: Firefox is another great browser and works by using a Greasemonkey add-on in combination with a script. Safari: Now if you are one of my dear friends unfortunate enough to be stuck on a mac and for some reason love Safari (jk, my apologies), I got something for you too. With that I will leave you to your own demise, install carefully and be prepared to start second guessing every Facebook friend change that happens.
Hard to say, that’s one of the reasons I personally try and stay away from some of the built in FB apps-you just never know when Facebook is going to take them down or change something that breaks their app. This plugin basically allows you to know who deleted or unfriended you on facebook as soon as it happens. Then I started wondering what I could have done wrong…it could lead to a vicious circle so just be ready! Facebook has changed the interface for its Find Friends Browser, switching to checkboxes for filtering, adding infinite scroll, and making the Add as Friend buttons constantly visible. The Find Friends Browser was introduced earlier this month, adding the filters from user search to a buildout of the People You May Know sidebar module.
Now, users first see suggestions of users with a variety of shared networks and connections with them and their friends.
If there are enough suggestions for the selected filters, user can use the same infinite scroll employed in Photos and the news feed to load more suggestions. Facebook has a high market penetration in some areas of the world, which can make it difficult to find people you’ve met but only know a little bit about.

Update: The new Find Friends Browser interface does not allow users to filter by a specific class year of high schools or colleges. Facebook Covers InformationFacebook Quotes Cover - Find someone who will change your life, not just your relationship status.
MenuFearless doesnt mean you're completely unafriad and it doesnt mean you're bulletproof, it means you have alot of fears.. Our site is the largest covers site on the internet and we have many Find Someone Like You facebook profile covers for you to use on your facebook timeline profile.. While there are all sorts of scams out there promising to tell you who is visiting your Facebook the most and other bogus apps like that, this is a little different, mostly in that it actually works.
To install the friend checker install the Greasemonkey package first and then go here to install the script. If you let me know what browser you are using, I can look at it and see if I have any problems. I’m guessing that a change on Facebook with how friend lists are stored is responsible for it being broken. I started using the Greasmonkey today, but would like to know when has my friend deleted me (it muss be less than a month ago, but would like to know the exact date)? The friend suggestion tool has been refocused to help you find other users that share profile traits with your friends, not just you. The feature defaulted to display other users that shared a profile trait with a user in one of a few categories, such as high school or college. Users can simultaneously filter this pool of suggestions through pre-made filters of popular entries in different categories including high school, college, employer, hometown, current city, or mutual friend.
Lastly, buttons to add the displayed users as friends are always visible, instead of only when a user is moused over.
This prevents users from seeing only those that graduated their year — a popular method of finding potential friends.

We update our Find Someone Like You covers on a daily basis so make sure to check backn for new FB covers!. I found that I wanted to know whether or not they actually deleted me, just deactivated their account, or blocked me. Anyway, in the case that you love it or can’t change, there is a script that runs a Friend Checker for Facebook using a Greasemonkey add-on. This interface was better suited to finding people you had met numerous times within that shared context, but not added as friends. For instance, they might see filters for their own current city, one they previously listed as their current city, and a current city shared by many of their friends. While some may complain that the new Find Friends Browser makes it easier for people to track you down without your consent, most will benefit from being able to add people as friends who they only met briefly. Then I started wondering what I could have done wrong…it could lead to a vicious circle so just be ready!
Even I do not know his email address but his nick is  (vabichoda dewor or VABICHODA DEWAR). The change favors users who have been on Facebook for awhile and probably have more friends still left to be found in the networks of friends than their own. Users can still use class year filters when performing a search for people within Facebook. Unlike the old drop-down menu, category-separated interface, the checkbox filters can be combined to show you very specific suggestions, such as people who went to your high school and work at Google with some of your friends.

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