How to find your lucky numbers for lottery

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One of the first steps to begin Feng Shui is to know our Kua number (also called Gua number) so that we know our four most favorable directions.

By organizing our personal energy areas in a particular way, and by just spending time there, or even facing these directions when we sit down or sleep, we can reduce the stress in our life and create more joy. To calculate for your Kua number, first you need to know the year of your birth (based on Chinese New Year) and the gender. Before finding your number from the table below, you must check the date of your birth based on the Chinese New Year.
If you know how to calculate for your Kua number, then look up this table below to determine your auspicious and inauspicious direction.
According to Feng Shui, different colors bring different kinds of luck to you based on your Kua number. It's the place to go for games, downloads, activities and exclusive sneak peeks!  You can read all about Hiccup and all of your favourite characters, learn to speak Dragonese and train your own dragon to do tricks! By knowing which 4 directions are our personal good directions, we can maximize our luck by facing our good directions in almost any situation.
People who belong to an East group should sleep and choose a house or working desk and chair facing an East group direction while those belong to a West group then follow the West group direction.

For male, they replace it with Kua number 2 and for female they replace it with Kua number 8. Different colors bring out different qualities in us and this is determined by our Kua number. For example, if your kua number is 3, then you can choose a house facing North, East or South. Kua number 5 males do not use a trigram (these people have the same characteristics as as kua number 2 people).
If this is not possible, then you can sleep or working at your desk facing these directions.

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