How to get siri to read a book to me

We know you don't need to know every little attribute of your iPhone, which is why we collected only the most important tips.
If you really love looking back at old photos over and over again, just tap the small heart button on the bottom of the screen. Instead of carrying around an extra charger to extend your battery life, find out which apps are consuming too much power.
If you want a softer lighting on your iPhone, an LED flash, larger text, and more, you can find it under Accessibility in the General tab of Settings.
Turns out, you can easily adjust the amount of exposure when focusing a photo simply by holding down the sun icon. Nestled at the top right corner of any text message is a Details tab that takes you to a wonderful part of Messages. Any newly minted Apple Watch owner will agree that speaking to Siri without having to press anything is awesome — and that feature is also available on the iPhone.
While not everyone likes HealthKit, you should definitely add your information into the Medical ID tab. Every nation mints her currency keeping in mind the blind citizens so that they can easily differentiate between denominations. Now, we have got another cooler feature of Siri, with which you can get Siri to read webpages. This will invoke Siri and a Speak Screen box will appear on the screen; it will automatically read entire web page including advertisements. In the wake of the record decline of iPhone sales, there is massive pressure on Apple to wrest the slump.
Over the period of time, we have a lot of pictures, files, documents, and many other things on our Mac. Kelley AdvantageThe Kelley School is consistently ranked among the nation's finest business schools.
What’s it like to author the first global study of social entrepreneurship?Just ask Siri Terjesen. I sometimes use Siri by accident or stumble into a random tab in Settings and quickly get out of there. Each one is easy to learn, and trust us — once you start using them, you're going to wonder why you didn't before.

Turns out you easily can just by clicking the small white button at the bottom left of your screen.
You'll find a variety of uses here, from using Invert Colors at night so that the lighting isn't as harsh or, one of our favorites, seeing an LED flash whenever you get a text message.
To get Siri to speak chunks of texts, head to Settings > General > Accessibility and, in the vision section, turn on Speak Selection. Just click on over to the General part of Settings and under Siri, toggle on "Allow 'Hey Siri.'" Then, as long as your phone is charging, you can just say "Hey Siri" and it will respond. If there's ever an emergency, someone can see any allergies or medications you're taking, as well as a contact to call. You can use to Siri read articles, emails, and webpages including advertisements appeared on the screen. You can make Siri read content faster or slower by using Turtle and Hare symbol on Speak Screen box. The Kelley assistant professor is one of three authors of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM) Social Entrepreneurship Study, a survey of more than 150,000 adults in 49 countries, ranging from Guatemala and Lebanon to South Africa and the United Arab Emirates to the United States. But of course, as it turns out, I'm missing tons of hidden features that make life a little less complicated — and you might be, too.
In that section, you'll see just which apps are killing your iPhone's battery, so you can close the app if it's open or delete items like photos and songs. For example, did you know you can teach Siri how to pronounce a name and keep emergency medical information a tap away, just in case anything ever happens? While you're at it, make sure to follow these other tips to save your phone's battery life. Another option is using "speak screen," which will make Siri read the entirety of your screen once you swipe down on the screen with two fingers. Moreover, there are times when listening to content is more comfortable than reading it – driving, taking a bath or cooking in the kitchen are times when you are unable to read content.
They presented their paper at the New York University Stern Conference for Social Entrepreneurship in 2010, and it is forthcoming in Small Business Economics.And to think, she’s only been at Kelley since 2008. Her research has been published in leading journals such as Strategic Management Journal, Small Business Economics, Entrepreneurship Theory & Practice, Venture Capital, and Journal of Operations Management.
Ustvarite album ‘Priljubljene’Si radi znova in znova ogledujete fotografije, ki ste jih posneli v preteklosti?

This former professional athlete has run more than 100 marathons and ultramarathons around the world, and placed third in the World Championships for the 50-kilometer event. Podaljsajte zivljenje bateriji telefonaSte se kdaj vprasali, katere aplikacije porabijo najvec energije?
In their memory, she coordinated the “24-Hour Benefit Run for Tsunami Victims” in 2005 at Goodenough College in England while working on her Ph.D. Na tej tocki boste ugotovili, kateri pripomocki ubijajo vaso baterijo.Podaljsaj zivljenje bateriji telefona3.
Fotografiranje med snemanjem videa?Si kdaj zazelite, da bi lahko posneli fotografijo, medtem ko snemate video? She earned her master’s degree at the Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration in Bergen, Norway, and her Ph.D. She was a post-doctoral fellow at the Queensland University of Technology in Brisbane, Australia.Kelley is her academic home now—and she’s glad. Uporabite Siri za branje cesarkoliSiri si definitivno zasluzi vec pohval, kot jih prejme v resnici. Ce ikono soncka pomaknete navzdol, bo fotografija temnejsa.Fiksna osvetlitev pri fotografiranju7. Spravite vse pomembne podrobnosti v sporociloV vsakem besedilnem sporocilu lahko delite podrobnosti, kot so lokacija, na kateri ste, ali fotografije v skupni rabi. V nujnih primerih lahko nekdo pogleda, ali imate kaksne alergije in ali na primer redno jemljete dolocena zdravila.Shranite si svoje zdravstvene podatke za nujne primere9. Spremenite smer med fotografiranjem panorameCe bi zeleli preklopiti smer fotografiranja panorame, kliknite na ikono s puscico.
Brez modnih trendov, zgodb o uspehih, glasbene umetnosti, potovanj, joge in kuhinjskega ustvarjanja bi bil svet prazen.

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