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We get a lot of emails asking how to use brushes correctly so I hope this helps you out a little! Use the tip of the edge to draw a line or draw individual hairs by flicking it repeatedly upwards. Hold the brush perpendicularly at the inside corner, as demonstrated above, mimicking a brow hair. Switch to the top edge of the brush (the tip) and place it at the beginning of the top of brow, holding it at the angle above.
Draw the top outline of the wing using the same tip of the brush by starting at the peak and pulling the tip down and outwards to the end of the wing.
Now from the peak, pull the spooly brush downwards to the end of the wing at the same angle (45 degrees, so it’s not straight down, more down and out).
Out of all things makeup related, I probably care the most and spend the most time trying to perfect my brows. I had the opportunity to review the Billion Dollar Brow Kit, which is sold exclusively at Kohl’s, and am so excited with how easy and well the kit works for my brows.
Billion Dollar Brows has some amazing products, and this kit has everything you need to shape, highlight and set your brows for a full day or night look.
Next, the brow duo pencil can be used to highlight the brow bone and the concealer part can be used to conceal around the eyes and eyebrow for an overall flawless look. Using the smudge brush, I create a beautiful highlight on my brow bone and seamlessly blend the concealer to complete the look. After using this for over a week, both during the week and on the weekends, I must say I’m impressed with how easy it is to use and how quickly I can create more full, bold brows and that the brow gel has kept those babies in place all day! This palette comes with everything you need for a quick brow construction including brow wax, a duo of eyebrow shades (you can get it in either blonde or brunette), a highlighting duo (shimmer and matte), an angled brush, and finally a complete set of eyebrow stencils for any shape you like! Contouring your face can be difficult or confusing at times because you don't know what products to use or where you should be highlighting or contouring. My name is Jackie, I'm seventeen years old and I've been in love with makeup ever since I can remember; in the future, I aspire to be a make up artist.
Pro artists, beauty editors, beauty bloggers and women all over the world know look to Anastasia Beverly Hills as the authority in beauty. Today Anastasia has expanded her beauty empire and developed a revolutionary line of cosmetics and skin-care products that reflect her view of classic beauty.

Everyone uses different brow filling methods - some swear soley by pencils, while others prefer brow powders.
Don't feel the need to go run out and purchase a brow powder - Any matte brown eyeshadow similar to your hair color will do. My favorite is Too Faced Bulletproof Brows in Universal Brown (it actually comes with its own dual-ended brow brush).
And I say trying because I’m certainly no expert, I just think a good, strong brow really helps pull a makeup look together. I like to use it at the top part of my brows to ensure the perfect shape, filling in any areas I might have smudged the universal pencil.
To me, it is like hairspray for your brows (which I actually used to have a brow brush that I’d spray hairspray on and brush my brows for this very reason, this was before I knew what brow gel was).
After some careful consideration, I decided that the High Arch stencil is my favourite because it gives me the shape that I normally craft. If you’d like to grab this super handy palette, you can get it at Sephora or on Amazon here.  You can even use it as an eyeshadow palette, so it truly is an awesome product! When I'm not running the Wonder Forest blog ship, you can find me creating artwork for phone cases and home decor, whilst managing the daily tasks of Dana Fox Creative. Founder and CEO of Anastasia Beverly Hills, Anastasia Soare has achieved iconic status in the beauty industry as The Definitive Brow and Eye Expert. For now we`ll focus on her famous brow products which will make you achieve the perfect brows. You may even prefer a cream product (such as a brown cream liner) or a brow-marker (such as Milani Brow Tint Pen). Although we all favor and thrive for eyeshadows with lots of pigment, we don't necessarily look for the same in our brow products because we want our brows to look to look natural.
Since we all have different face shapes, natural brow shapes, etc, this figure might not work for everyone. This pencil works for both blondes and brunettes, so I make sure to use very light strokes as I’m filling in my brows. I recently wrote about the Anastasia Dipbrow Pomade but realized that perhaps some of you were still a bit uncomfortable attacking your brows freehand with a single brush. I bring mine in slightly, overlapping the section I already did, otherwise I find that my brow extends outwards too far.  Fill in the stencil once again.

I just think it looks better when the inner part is thicker and noticed the stencil didn’t really do that for me. Visit me at the links below if you wanna be friends and follow along on Snapchat: wonderforest. It's often referred to as the ideal brow - with the beginning of the brow lining up with the side of your nose (if you hold a pencil vertical to your nose, it should line up with the beginning of your brows).
I found it a little tricky to hold the stencil in place at first, so try to copy how I am holding it with my fingers so it’s a bit easier. Each pan contains densely-packed, finely-milled pigments in two corresponding light and dark hues, allowing you to add deeper or brighter tones exactly where you need them. Today, I'm going to go through one way I fill in my brows using both an eyebrow pencil and an eyebrow powder. And, if you don't own an eyebrow pencil, you can use a brown eyeliner - but don't apply it straight on as it can look too intense for your brows. Then I fill in from the inner portion and keep brushing with the spool on the other end to fill in for a natural look. On the inside of the wound, I used a a black eye shadow around the edges to give it dimension and created a gradient towards the center of black to maroon to red. The complexity of the shades lets you fine tune to counteract oxidization or ashiness due to skin or environmental changes.
Scribble on the back of your hand, and run your brush through the product for a more natural look (or you can just lightly rub your brush across the tip of the pencil).
Anastasia invented a technique of shaping eyebrows based on The Golden Ratio and universal standards of beauty.
The Clear Brow Gel ($22.00) is like a clear topcoat for brows, this lightweight, brush-on gel sets product and keeps hair in place.
I use the concealer (with a foundation brush) for my cheeks because they're especially rosy and i hate it.

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