How to use revlon brow fantasy pencil and gel

Never found a brow product that suited me.Im Blonde,pale and have allmost invisible eyebrows as they are so blonde. At first they are alright and you can see them then they go basically white and with my pale skin you can’t see them. I can see why those of you who use tinted gels might like this but as I’ve harped on about at length in the past I need stronger stuff than that.

The gel was a nice tough but ultimately I need the pencil to create brows from practically nothing so that’s where my attention was focused. The swatch on the left is my all time favourite Smashbox Brow Tech To Go as a comparison, that for me is just the perfect balance between ash and golden and although the difference may not look drastic it’s the world when you have to wear it all day long. If I had slightly darker, warmer hair and perhaps not quite such a pasty complexion I MAY be able to make this work but with my colouring it was a huge thumbs down I’m afraid.

Like I say the brunette pencils I would imagine will fare very well, I’ve found in the past some great budget brow products that worked when I was dark but blonde brows are a serious battle so sorry, Revlon but if it makes you feel any better there are VERY few I actually like.

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