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Horoscope matching - janam kundali software online free, The points of horoscope matching (kundli matching) are given from the total of 36; minimum scored points should be 18. Getting inner inspiration, guru ji worshiped lord shani dev as his isht devta and installed their idols in temples in new delhi, india, france etc through his devotees.. Clickastro offers you free horoscopes, astrology reports, star sign, zodiac, rashifal, love match and horoscope compatibility, career, wealth, marriage etc.. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
Fate line (Dhana Rekha, Karma Rekha) This line arises from the base of the palm, ascending towards the mount of Saturn. Head line: It starts from the base of the mount of Jupiter and above the Mars(-), extends towards the mount of Moon.
Heart line: Starts from the percussion at the base of the mount of Mercury and from the top of the mount of Mars positive and extends across the palm to the base of mount of Jupiter. It could be curved towards the mount of Moon, end at the base of mount of Moon or, at its middle or run parallel to the heart line (rarely). This line may end below Sun, Saturn or Jupiter independently or merging with the line of head by bending towards it, but very rarely under mount of Mercury. He has a background in Computer Science engineering, and with a specialization in software testing.
If you have any problem in your life and you are worried about your future, Once visit to him he will provide you solution. This chakra, represents our ability to love and be loved, it is also the chakra of unconditional love.
A line of heart which is having a chain formation gives poor health,a fork gives immorality, health problems etc. A crescentic line gives good intellect, an angular line (bent at an angle) gives peverted mind,a dropping head line ending at the base of lunar indicates suicidal tendencies, mental disorders, introversion etc.
He is a specialist in astral science and offers effective and positive solutions & answers to your questions and problems of life. The fork may have trident or a dident (three divergent lines or split into two lines) crosses, chain formation, islands, cuts, stars are the indications of misfortunes.

A descending line is bad, crosses, cuts, stars, breaks on the line of heart are danger signs. Close your eyes and place your hands over the part of the body that the heart chakra is located. In the absence of a good life line or defective life line not supplemented by a Mars line, the fate line acts or suppliments the life line, thus enhancing its strength to give fortune. A cut indicates head injury, break indicates brain disorder, cross or star indicates head injury or danger to head.
We sat down with Gunnar, to find out what inspired him to take on such a feat, what he learned whilst on the journey and what incredible advice he has for you!
Visualize a luminating ball of green energy washing over you , bringing you joy, love and filling you up with contentedness. Tell us a bit about your journey and what inspired you to travel to every country on the globe?My dad worked as a medical doctor on Royal Viking Sea, a cruise ship sailing in the Pacific, when I was 3 years old and my brother Oystein  We could obviously not read, but he sent us audio cassette tapes where he vividly told amazing stories from countries far away, such as China, Philippines, Canada and the US (Alaska).Our mom told us that the ship was on the other side of the world, which was possible since the world was round. Not easy for a 3 year-old to understand that our dad then was upside down on a boat far, far away, but nevertheless. We obviously insisted on replying in the same manner – through audio cassettes – although our stories from the local playground in tiny village Naustdal on the scenic Norwegian West Coast were a little bit less exciting than his…I remember the stories well, and they really inspired me at a very early age.
I still didn’t start travel on my own until I was 17, when a mate and I went on Interrail and visited 13 European countries.
It still took me another few years until I first visited countries outside the Western World, and that was when I decided that I had to explore for myself to try to understand more about the world.In 2004 I decided to visit all the 7 stan countries (ending with –stan), and finally in 2008 I set out to visit every country – I had then visited 85. This even turned into a bet with a mate, and he finally gave in on live national radio when he on a trolley came with 197 beers and a bottle of rum (there were 197 countries when we did the bet – he still threw in a bottle of booze for South Sudan, the newest country).To travel like this has meant 100% dedication, never giving up and forsaking friends and family some of the time. They have still been very supportive all along.And I would never want to live without all the stories, the sight, the smells, the tastes and just soaking up thousands of different atmospheres. Who needs or wants a fancy red car, a posh penthouse flat or designer clothes when the option is memories like these? I do however work full-time in Oslo, so I do most of my work from the Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation office.3.
What is the scariest thing you have encountered on your travels?I have been incredibly lucky.

I almost ended up in a fight with a man carrying a long knife in Somalia, but a local friend I had just met stood up for me and calmed him down.
The furious man and I ended driving out of the country together, I was in the passenger seat, he was just behind me – still with his big knife in his belt.I kept leaning forward the entire journey, fearing to be literally backstabbed any moment.
I have also been deported by the police in Niger, had food poisoning from hell in India and had to use every little bit of negotiation skills that I have ever picked up to talk my way into areas where I was clearly not wanted – or out again.4. What has humbled you the most whilst on your travels?To exit the bubble that we live in here in the western world, to see how other people in other cultures live and perceive the world and to realize that many of them don’t even know anything about how we live inside that bubble (or that it even exists).
These records are anyhow just stunts, and they do not reflect on the way I prefer to travel. You may see a lot from windows during a vist to 19 countries in 24 hours, but there aren’t many experiences to be had.I am also fully engaged in fighting against pollution in the beautiful and pristine fjord next to where I grew up. A mining company wants to dump 300 tons of mining waste and chemicals in the fjord, something which should be unthinkable in any modern country, but the politicians have somehow bought into the idea.Luckily, there is a local election coming up on September 14, and we are now doing what we can to market the political parties that are against the fjord disposal – so that this can be stopped once and for all. What advice can you offer to those out there that want to travel, yet believe they don’t have the money or time?They do have the money, it will just take some planning.
With low-cost airlines all over Europe virtually anyone can visit another country by booking tickets way ahead.
Then is possible to stay for free on someone’s sofa using sites such as couchsurfing or hospitalityclub, you will then not only get a free bed, but a free guide and maybe a great friend too.For food and drinks, buy it in shops or markets, it is usually much cheaper than in restaurants. Except if you decide to come to Norway – then carry tinned food from home, it is expensive here. Angel hopes to inspire people through Astrology, Mind, Body & Soul and assist them in living the life they love.

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