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Jupiter will be in retrograde motion from beginning of 2014 to March 6, 2014 and again from December 8, 2014 till year end. The first half of the year could be very frustrating time that tests your patience and questions the very idea and essence of your being. In many cases, you could be looking for a suitable opportunity, where things progress and hope shows for a bit and yet the opportunity seems to slip out of hand.
There is fear of not being able to keep up your commitments, of letting down loved ones, fear of loss of face. Do not trust people easily, especially if the financial returns they are promising are too good to be true.
You should absolutely avoid dabbling in stocks till Saturn rolls over into the sign of Scorpio (this prediction for individuals actually takes in account a lot of personal horoscope details).
With adverse transits of two major heavyweights, the Pisces may find it extremely hard to keep a grip over the events of life and subsequently one’s emotions.
Make sure that you continue sharing ideas, information and feelings with your significant other to avoid this. Get more information about Indian astrology, free astrology, vedic horoscope, astrologer on that post. Indian astrology, free astrology, vedic horoscope, astrologer, Indian astrology website kamalkapoorcom provides free indian astrology horoscopes, 2016 indian astrology, online horoscope readings, free vedic astrology readings. Libra horoscope 2016 yearly predictions astrosage, Libra horoscope 2016 will help you in planning know your predictions from libra horoscopes 2016 & change future libra predictions 2016 are based on vedic astrology. Above i have explained review about cancer yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology will help you to find the best price.

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It’s a transition year that indicates movements into new opportunities and new life events, provided you must have made peace with the past and laid it to rest. Students may find themselves struggling in academics for most part of the year but will find some relief and hope as the year comes to a close. There could be loss of job, struggle with unemployment, humiliation at the place of work or being brought to book for some reason or the other.
There may be acute shortage of funds or fear of financial distress that leads to a lot of anxiety during this time.
If you handle accounts or sensitive documentation, you will need to keep your complete attention in your work. There may be a property dispute or a property related deal that hangs like a sword over your neck. Stomach ulcers, digestion issues, and metabolic disorders are likely to affect your health. But in this post i will explain Aries yearly horoscope 2014 according to indian astrology, indian astrology 2014, vedic astrology 2014, hindu astrology 2014, free astrology 2014, astrology 2014 more clearly than another blog. Can you remain unmoving till the right action arises by itself?" Lao Tzu Be aware of the motivation behind your action, the intention behind your words, and the needs and experiences of other people. The domestic environment is likely to be highly unsettled, either due to the interference of a third individual, possibly a dominating member of the extended family or due to a number of insecurities. The Pisces individual is quite susceptible to depression and mental health aberrations and therefore needs to take adequate care on that count too.

The phase till June could be marked by extraordinary coldness in equation, almost seeming more like separateness, rather than togetherness. However, that food routine and availability of nutritious food is often obstructed in this phase. There is also the likelihood of some money coming in and easing your worries to a certain extent. A lot more relief flows in during the month of November when Saturn rolls over into the sign of Scorpio. Take care to cash in on favourable time and not remain caught up in the hangover of setbacks and what has already passed by. Dear Friend , on sacred Pilgrimage we visit 14 countries and holy sites, chanting the karma avoiding mantra. In INDIA we meditate at Bodhgaya Mahabodhi temple & Bodhi tree, sacred space of Buddha´s Enlightenment. At sacred lake Tso Pema we pray to the Lotus-born Padmasambhava & to female Buddha Mandarava. In SRI LANKA we pay homage to Sri Pada at Adam´s Peak, to Kandy Tooth temple, to Mihintale stupa and other temples.

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