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Pana Sankranti or Chhatua Sankranti is celebrated to mark the first day of the astral month. The falling of water from the pot symbolizes the declining of rain and thus this Samkranti marks the commencement of rainy season and of the cultivation cycle.
The Sua or Sugga dance of the women of Chhattisgarh and the Mikal Hills is significant for its elegance and grace.

While dancing, the women lift their feet in thoughts of a parrot-walk, then bend and jerk their heads in bird-like fashion to the clapping of hands.
In the tribal villages of Bastar the Madai fairs record their social consideration as of vital importance to all the ethnic groups of the area.
Narayanpur, Kondagaon, Dantewara and Dhanara, falls within February, March and April every year.
In place of the usual drum and pipe, a cheer leader, usually a man gifted with the talent of impromptu recitation, recites couplets to the merriment of the viewers. I frequently write about how critical listening to our gut is for us to find success in our lives.
On this day a small pot with a hole at the bottom filled with 'pana' or sweet drink is hung on basil (Tulsi) plant. The people of coastal Orissa ceremonially consume the flour of horse gram (chhatua) after offering it to the basil plant.
Hundreds of men and women join and move in a circle with wild shouts and lusty songs to the noisy abandon of the beat of drums. Attired in their best finery, usually two young men on either side of a woman, holding arms together dance in step.

While men may have gut feelings as well, I believe that a sixth sense or a keen intuition is a skill that women have thata€™s innate and only needs to be recognized and it can become one of the most valuable tools in our arsenal. Click on the wallpaper of your choice to view it in larger size, then click on Download full size to download wallpaper. Devotees gather under the shade of a sacred tree to sacrifice a goat to the mother goddess. So what happens if you arena€™t really accustomed to listening to your intuition or you feel like youa€™ve sort of become derailed and your intuition doesna€™t make any sense to you anymore? Amidst much singing, beating of drums and bells, the goat is slaughtered and then taken round the entire village.

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