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CAREER AND MONEY: The personal and the professional are beginning to merge, and everything depends on your relationships and how you behave in public. 2016 SUMMARY: This is a year to make your mark in the world, to make your dreams come true and achieve success on your own terms. CAREER AND MONEY: The first part of the year is so uncertain that if you change your job once, you could change it a thousand times. 2016 SUMMARY: Expect positive trends and personal intensity, which will impact on all areas of your life. CAREER AND MONEY: You are driven by deep passions, although your emotions don’t always coincide with the jobs that are on offer! 2016 SUMMARY: Planets at the top of your chart reveal your high hopes, but you may put secret ambitions first. CAREER AND MONEY: No less than eight planets are firmly on your side in the early part of the year, with helpful consequences not just for your money, but all joint finances. CAREER AND MONEY: Jupiter’s continuing passage through your chart holds out the promise of quite exquisite financial rewards. As per the prediction based on the Gochar astrology, the time is favorable for the native of Libra especially for those who are waiting for marriage. The aspect of Jupiter on the fifth house of Libra horoscope is the indication that your house will organize the auspicious function. The time period after 10 January 2016 is not going to be good for you as the Rahu’s sight will be on the seventh house and seventh house represents the marriage. If you have faith in gemstones then wearing of Hessonite Garnet stone is useful and auspicious for the native of Libra. Choosing a blonde eyebrow pencil can be tricky, and it can be difficult to find a shade that enhances the brows of someone with fair hair and skin without looking fake.
When shopping for a blonde eyebrow pencil, it is important to not make your choice of pencil simply by looking at its color while in the package.
If you dislike the task of sharpening eyebrow pencils, you may wish to select an automatic pencil that does not require sharpening.
For those shopping for a blonde eyebrow pencil, buy one that has a brow brush on one end or be prepared to buy the brow brush separately. The Year 2016 has started off with two major planetary transits, which are worthy of a detailed understanding of their effects. The Rahu-Ketu Transit report will capture the affect these two planets would have on you in the next one and a half year. Last time, such a strong conjunction of these planets took place was way back in 1984 and things turned on their heads for majority of us (for those who can recall) both at macro level and the individual level. At a time when we have been through years of crisis it sometimes seems as if we will never be back to normal. The reason is that you have come to a time in your life when your need to make your mark in the world is stronger than ever. Press on with your own schemes with diligence and hard work, winning people to your cause by your example as well as by your persuasive tongue. Given that other people hold the key to your success, April finds you in the best form to achieve professional advances.
You’ll be turning the clock back in May and June, but only long enough to complete unfinished business.
September is probably the most solid month as far as money is concerned, partly because it seems that improvements that happen now will take place as a result of your own efforts in the past, rather than by a whim on behalf of planets which tend to build you up now only to let you down later. Study is in the air, so spend your time picking up new skills and acquiring fresh experience. Your need for privacy and your commitment to group activities will intensify in February, when you will be questioning your long-term hopes and plans; it could be that you will be forced to give up a responsibility. Not just work, we should say, but your broader professional ambitions, your desire to fulfil your destiny to be the first and foremost in all human activities.
Yet when you get into a professional tangle after April your best approach may be to act only out of the highest of motives.
The only forecast we can make is that your business situation is bound to improve by July, just as long as you can make the most of the opportunities which come your way.
However, this planet’s motion is highly cautious, and at the moment it is still refusing to commit all its power to your cause.
Being a malefic planet Rahu is not good for seventh house, It will have ill effect on the long relationship. After 10 January 2016 the native of Libra will have to face lot of hindrances in the path of love marriage. Rahul Kaushl is World Famous "Celebrity Astrologer and Vastu Shastra Consultant." He is one of the Astrologers who started Indian Astrology online decade back. As a result, you may need to try several different pencils before you can achieve the look that you want.

This is because the color of the pencil may look very different on your brows than the package coloring suggests.
Many people with blonde hair often choose a blonde eyebrow pencil that darkens their brows in order to make them stand out. Another alternative is a blond eyebrow marker that uses a thin, inky substance to fill in and color brows.
The reason being that these two planets remain in a zodiac for 18 long months and produce effects which lasts that much longer and are deep routed. The effects may not seem evident as such, but a lot would be going on in your life, more behind the scene, affecting you psychologically. Though these two planets do not rule any house, but produce very strong results whichever house they occupy. Saturn as a planet is about strict discipline, stress, learning, restrictions, past Karma, shows us the value of working hard to achieve our goals.
This phase presents an opportunity to get rid of what doesn’t work in your life, while also discovering what does.Vedic astrology indications caution that Rahu could goad you to assert yourself, making you yearn for recognition, while Saturn may push you to keep a low profile. However, the good news is that the planetary formations which have stirred up financial collapse and chaos in the Middle East are at last moving on.
January and July advise caution in finances, promising profits if you are sufficiently careful.
Money matters are going to be complex and time-consuming for most of the year, so be careful in all your financial dealings and be prepared for a number of ups and downs around May, June and July. And that’s why you need to be less concerned with your own feelings and more aware of colleagues’ questions.
Assuming that you’ve increased your financial options, June could well find you receiving pennies from heaven. The New Moon on May 24th looks excellent as far as your professional prospects are concerned; you are bound to make a fresh start and embark on a new prosperous cycle.
June and July may be your most expensive months and you may hit an extravagant devil-may-care mood. It looks very much as if you will repeatedly place family commitments and romantic hopes in second place, although the New Moon of June 24th will oblige you to deal with urgent demands at home. If you have other people’s interests at heart as much as your own, you will be above criticism. You may be spending wildly in August, but should adopt a sensible saving policy in September, working for the future and seeing to it that you have cash set aside for those all-important social costs. He is blessed Soul and served more then 10000 people personally and more then 250,000 people online and still serving.. Things that you will want to take into consideration include the color of the pencil, the consistency of its pigment, as well as its cost. It is up to you to decide how dark you want to go, though too-dark brows can give you a harsh look. Some brow pencils have a built-in sharpener on their caps, making for convenient maintenance, and still others have a brow brush attached at the end. It would manifest in a big way soon, when the effects would peak up from around March and would run till July 2017. Therefore it is best to understand what lies ahead of us and improve our lives seizing upon the opportunities produced during this time. Mars on the other hand is about dynamism, pushiness, getting things done at your free will, spontaneity and moving ahead. The results of this conjunction will however vary depending on which house in your chart is occupied by Scorpio affected by Mars and Saturn’s combined power. As an outcome of these influences, you will mature professionally and build up fortitude to face new challenges. And it looks at the moment as if November reveals a financial bonus – if all goes according to plan!
In July you may face a personal choice, perhaps because there’s the chance of a business partnership with a friend or lover, although domestic pressures may intervene. In November and December a strong astrological configuration in air signs means success will come to you without too much effort on your part. There are also excellent indications for those in the property market, but don’t be reckless or you may get more than you bargained for.
Career-wise, October and November are powerful months, although the rewards may be a long time coming.
Mars’ exciting movements in September will bring you some of that famous crusading spirit for which you are so well known – and a creative surge which could make a wish come true.
Those of you who have planned a brief holiday early in the year are also in tune with your planetary influences, for it is good to broaden your horizons. One key period is February-March when affectionate Venus enters the scene, bringing the prospect of close and profitable business relationships.

Other things to consider include whether the pencil is automatic or requires sharpening as well as whether the pencil includes any additional features, such as a brow brush or built-in sharpener. Some pencils have a waxy consistency while others are more powdery, and which consistency is better suited to your needs is largely a matter of personal preference. It is up to you whether any of these features add enough value to a blonde eyebrow pencil to make it worth buying. Simply brushing the brows toward the direction of natural growth can make a huge difference.
Rahu is referred as dragon’s head as it is known to affect human mind psychologically, making it manipulative and more materialistic, while Ketu which is the dragon tail devoid of a head, makes one lose out on rational thinking. You can expect changes in the relationship equations at many levels; career changes and your relationship with people at work, in power etc. Rahu and Ketu take special remedies to clear us of our past karma and bestow their benefits on our life. President Ronal Reagan came to power again in the USA and it lead to the end of era of cold war.
If it happens to be a good house, the go-getter Mars could land you up with great Money Making chances and Career Defining moves. This is a sensitive period when you may have one last chance to finalise a particular arrangement or involve a special person in your plans – and issue bold invitations. You should also check the price of the pencil and take your budget into consideration when making a purchase. Although blonde eyebrow pencil is not dark like some other types, it can still make the brows look fake if it is not applied properly. During Rahu-Ketu transit, some arrogance in our head could strain the relationships and rapports. Saturn tells us to pause, review and then tread carefully, whereas Mars believes in taking things head on and achieve the required.
In Asia, particularly India, major upheaval awaited when Blue Star Operation in Golden Temple became the cause of assassination of Prime Minister India Gandhi. It would be important to realign your life with the power and dictate of these two planets to sail through with safely, while reaping benefits as & when they come your way. This doesn’t mean that the world will become a nicer, happier place overnight, because there are still daunting problems to deal with.
And, when September and October come round, keep your options open and always have a fall-back position at the ready.
Plus, you are specifically due to gain if you are involved in any legal questions or are pursuing educational ambitions. You should be cautious about using testers, however, as they may be contaminated with bacteria from other shoppers, and you don't want to infect your eye area.
It's too dark for my brows so it looks strange. I completely agree with the article that an eyebrow pencil should not be purchased without testing the color first. These two planets of extreme natures when meet in a sign as mysterious as Scorpio, the results are anything but inconsequential. However, when the universe relaxes its grip, there is more chance for us to do a bit of good. I think it's easier for people with brown hair to shop for an eyebrow pencil because a light brown pencil matches many different shades of brown well. Moreover, Mars that spends around 45 days in a sign, will be retrograding in Scorpio and this meeting of the two planets will last for an unusually long period of 211 days this year. In the other part of the world, around the same time, Steve Job launched Apple Macintosh and more such path breaking events tool place. You are not perfect – no one is, so take criticism in the right spirit.By the end of the month, news of encouraging returns from investments made earlier will cheer you up. Those keen to buy a house should firm up decisions now as planetary transits will be conducive to take loans.Since the beginning of the year the planets remain harmonious in favour of your family and long-standing relationships. You feel a little more playful now, and love matters tend to be exaggerated with a shade of excitement. Stay alert and keep stress in check by remaining close with loved ones, cultivating existing relationships and endeavors rather than embarking on new ventures.Virgo February 2016 horoscope however indicates some trouble for married couples, the whimsical attitude of your spouse will annoy you. There seems to be little compatibility and plenty of disillusionment in the air, at this moment.
Heated situations are most likely because you are taking things very personally right now, or because you are deliberately imposing your beliefs and ideas.Extra caution is advised in driving or anything related to transportation according to the February horoscope.

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