Indian numerology values for letters

When looking deeper into gematria and the Bible we can see it is a book of initiation into secret knowledge regarding numerical values disguised in the names of characters, to numbers relating to passages and chapters in the Book. If you want to see a wrathful overlord demanding egotistical worship you will find him in the Old Testament. If you want to transcend duality thinking and see the majesty in all creation without polarity glasses…. Below are some bible details holding numerical codes discovered when the gematria keys are applied.

In the Bible a word appears repeatedly in John , EYVWKATE the verb used to describe the Alexandria sect the – Gnostics….from ginosko or knowing.
Jesus Christ - A useful tool in getting the soul trapped in the monkey suit to find its way out of the monkey suit and connect back to the bigger picture….deconstructing the construct.
Using Gematria ‘Jesus’ pitches in with a numerical value of 888 and has been associated with this number and noted in works by other researchers …….’Christ’ pitches in with a numerical value of 1480…this gives us two sides of the 3, 4 , 5.
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