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On some days, the sun doesnt seem to have risen from the east, and neither does it seem you have gotten up on the right side of the bed. Overwhelming changes in life are predicted for Sagittarians as you will be gifted with personal development and plenty of opportunities to enhance your life. Your job and professional life will dominate over all other aspects of your life this year. As mentioned above, the beginning of 2016 will be very strenuous for you giving you little time to relax. After April, expect to travel and enjoy leisurely activities, as these will revive your physical fitness and emotional health. In response to people wondering such attacks violates the sovereignty of Myanmar, Director of Myanmar’s presidential office, said in a Facebook post the attack was conducted in India, not in Myanmar. On March 27 the insurgent group called Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland (Khaplang) abrogated the ceasefire with Indian government and started engaging in guerrilla warfare. The Nationalist Socialist Council of Nagaland was established in 1980 and its aim was to establish an independent Naga sovereign state.

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Pursue your goals single-mindedly to attain success in the field of your choice, and exploit your abilities and talents to the hilt, advises Ganesha. You need to be in high spirits to work with your team and delegate equal responsibilities to your team mates. You start your day in a tensed atmosphere in the morning, caused by some annoyance on the part of one of your family members. Entertain people and set the evening ablaze with your arsenal of jokes and gags, says Ganesha. He added that Myanmar will not accept any foreigner who attacks neighbouring countries in the back and creates problems by using our own territory. The reason for not informing the government of Myanmar was due to the fear of information leaks according to Information Ministry of India. Government official said the surgical attacks were revenge against the insurgent recent killing of 30 Indian soldiers.
You will need to do more than necessary, if required, to make sure that your business relationships stay strong.

You will be more logical and calculative, rather than emotional, in matters of your relationships.
The attacks aimed at militant groups that had over the past couple of weeks killed 30 Indian soldiers were ordered by Indian PM himself without consulting with Myanmar government in advance. There has been good cooperation between India and Myanmar in countering insurgencies operating inside their respective territories.
Indian government designates the group as terrorist group according to the website, satp.org. Your mood will change for the better as the day progresses, thanks to your attempt to keep yourself busy.

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