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Lahore (Thursday, Friday, December 7, 2012) – Pakistan Telecommunication Authority’s (PTA) decision to withdraw International Clearing House (ICH) charges on incoming international telephone calls has not been implemented. Federal government of Pakistan has decided to withdraw the ICH charges as the international call traffic has registered a decline of almost 30 percent in just one month.
Talking on condition of anonymity, the CEO of a leading LDI operator said that international traffic has fallen to approximately one billion minutes per month from the previous level of 1.6 billion minutes per month. On Wednesday, the Lahore High Court (LHC) turned down PTA’s plea to dismiss a petition challenging the imposition of additional tax on incoming international telephone calls. However, the lawyer for the petitioner said that the tax was still being collected and, as a result, overseas Pakistanis were paying four times extra charges on calls made to Pakistan.
A private company, Brain Telecommunication, had filed the petition arguing that the additional tax on the incoming international calls was a violation of the rules prescribed in the Competition Commission Act prohibiting price fixing and the division of market through quotas.
In a statement released on Tuesday, the PTA spokesperson said: “It is in line with the policy clarification by the ministry of information technology, asking LDI operators to suspend interconnect circuits, as the matter is sub judice in the court. According to these sources, LDI operators are happy about the implementation of the ICH regime as they stand to make easy money every month in accordance with their pre-decided quota.
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PTA’s counsel told the court that since the federal government had decided to withdraw the tax, the petition was no longer valid. Accordingly, the PTA has now been asked to furnish the court with a copy of the notification withdrawing the said tax at the next hearing.
The petition maintained that the CCP had objected to the levy but that the PTA ignored its reservations.
AT&T offers a number of international plans that enable both voice and data usage in oversea.
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Further, the court has also extended the stay order on the recovery of tax till December 13, 2012. The petitioner asked the court to declare the impugned tax unlawful and restrain the PTA from collecting the same. And the best AT&T global phone would be the new Blackberry Bold which features Tri-band network that lets you use in over 200 countries world wide. While you are oversea, it will be great to stay connected with families and friends without purchasing or renting a different phone from locals. Imagine you travel to several countries during the trip, it will be such a hassle to keep switching phones.
Whether you use it mainly for voice or data, you will be connected via 3G GSM network wherever available. Luckily, all the AT&T phones run on GSM network, which is also popular in Europe, Asian, and rest of world. Majority of the AT&T phones will work in other countries after you switch to a SIM card purchased locally. The disadvantage of this is that the phone number will not be the same as the phone number you have in the United States.

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