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TecInfo is owned and operated in Jackson Mississippi, and provides communications products and services such as Residential Internet, Business Internet, and Phone Service. Providing businesses & residents in Leland, Mississipi & surrounding areas with high speed internet & phone services. I showed him my VBox and what it can do and the pricing for the TV packages he was floored. VMedia provides innovative TV, High Speed Internet and Home Phone services - offering more choice and flexibility, exciting features and lower prices than the major players.
VMedia’s unique set-top box , the VBox, powers both TV channels and the world of internet content on your TV, with easy access to 100’s of apps in movies, music, games, social media, multicultural channels and much more. With TV, Internet and Home Phone services, VMedia provides consumers with the only real ‘triple play’ alternative to Bell, Rogers and Cogeco.
Monmouth Telecom is a New Jersey Based Internet Service Provider and Local Telephone Company.
Enjoy unlimited scalability with a cloud based phone system provided by a service provider who you can trust.
In today's fast-paced world, more and more important phone conversations are taking place while you're on the go. The introduction of Monmouth Telecom’s Mobile Application is a game changer for customers utilizing the Hosted PBX Service. Founded as an Internet Service Provider in NJ in 1995, Monmouth Telecom has grown to offer a complete set of innovative and economical Business VoIP Phone Services and Business Internet Services. If you’re looking to lower your monthly bills for basic necessities, try finding a low-cost phone service. Oftentimes, combined phone services will be cheaper than paying for these features separately: All services are often available in urban areas with access to the Internet. Only TELUS lets you bundle TV, Internet, Home Phone and Mobility services to save you money. TELUS provides Wireless and Internet services across Canada, along with TV and Home Phone services in western Canada.

Along with unsurpassed expertise to Mississippi while providing the highest quality of local full-service customer support in order to meet your individual needs. TecInfo was started as a dream and a desire to have access to informational resources, on the Internet, that were unavailable to the state of Mississippi. I can watch the latest Cosmos without the hassle of downloading putting it on a media player manually. So watch movies on Netflix, check out videos on YouTube, listen to music on TuneIn and play games on the big screen - all from your couch. VMedia brings together live TV, Cloud PVR, internet content and social media in one seamless user interface, one set top box, and one remote or keyboard, delivering a whole new experience in home entertainment and enjoyment.
These T1s can flexibly allocate resources to your data or voice needs and supports cable failover to a backup cable internet connection.
Cell service, distractions, and other factors can detract from key points of an important conversation. With a simple Mobile Data Friendly design, you can take control of your Hosted PBX Extension from anywhere with your mobile device. We have been publishing information on our new features, product announcements, and general news. Call us to have a telecom specialist help your business plan for ever increasing harsh weather, power outages, and communications disruptions. People in all departments at Monmouth Telecom have contributed to our new site and we are happy to hear feedback on what we can do to make the site more helpful to you. Check your local company to see if they offer these programs and read the rules and regulations to see if you qualify. Includes service descriptions, hardware requirements, a location directory, subscription information, and support. Servicing all of Mississippi including Greenville, Jackson, Leland, Cleveland, Oxford, Tupelo & Greenwood. Over a span of 8 years, TecInfo has been recognized as one of the 40 fastest growing companies in Mississippi.

And for everything else, our PVR (BETA) which allows you to record any show for later viewing. Customer's can now utilize the full functionality of the Call Recording Feature with the Monmouth Telecom Mobile Application so no conversation is ever forgotten or mistaken again! Segmenting the phone system into workgroups allows for each department to customize the system, for their own organization, while having the assurance that other departments or branch offices will not be impacted.
Monmouth Telecom thanks our Network Operations Team for its tireless and continuous customer support during and after Hurricane Sandy. In addition to your local telephone company, you can also choose between mobile phone companies and the Internet, which is also wireless. With the availability of a free and cheap home phone, you do not have to worry about paying the money directly to cheap home phone usage. The beauty of VoIP calling plans is their flexibility, which allows you to change the package whenever necessary. These services may include not only access to the Internet and telephone services, but also long distance calls, cable TV, and a few extras.
If you regularly call a particular destination, such as the United States, Canada, or Pakistan, you can include these locations, as local calls, and even other calls, with a cheap home phone.
At first glance, it may seem you’ll pay much more here compared to other cheap home phone services. However, it is necessary to calculate the total cost paid for other services, such as television and the Internet. Cheap home phone services are web interfaces for administration and offer other functions, such as call forwarding.

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