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Our company will release home-use multi inverter air conditioners (14.1kW type) adaptable for up to 8 rooms for North American market from July 31. In order to respond to such needs, the multi air conditioners for buildings have been used for housings in the past but there have been such problems as the refrigerant noise and the big size of outdoor unit for home use. Therefore, we developed the home-use multi inverter air conditioners adaptable for large-size houses with many rooms. Besides, to cope with the increased connections with indoor units, the simplification of installation was improved by adopting the function to check the faulty wiring automatically and changing the connecting part of all pipes to flare connection system which requires no welding work.
Our company will strive to expand business by strengthening the lineup of multi air conditioners suitable for the individual air conditioning system and positively introducing the excellent energy-saving performance in North America.
Also, the maximum pipe length of 70m between outdoor unit and indoor units and the largest height difference of 30m have been realized to suit for the houses where the installation space for outdoor unit is limited.
Maximum 3 Branch Box unit can be installed and maximum 3 indoor units can be connected with one Branch Box unit.
Vertical, horizontal and ceiling-hung installation is possible and also the installation in such small space as under floor or under roof is possible. Also, in spite of the compact size, the new product realizes the industry's top class*1 energy-saving performance and contributes to the reduction of power consumption by adopting heat exchangers arranged in 3 rows and DC twin rotary compressor. A schedule management function to be able to set one week operation schedule of each indoor unit individually was adopted.

A function to check automatically the faulty wiring or forgotten wiring between outdoor unit, Branch Box unit and indoor units was adopted.
As a flare connection system which has no cause for concern of inflammability like welding workis adopted for the pipe connection part between outdoor unit, Branch Box unit and indoor unit as in the case of conventional home-use air conditioner, simple and safe installation work has become possible. Comfort: Run in high frequency to reach the temperature setting quickly and then it will run in stable low frequency to generate soft and gentle breeze till room temperatures is stabilized. Strong inverter, fresh air filter, high power running, strong dehumidification, self-diagnosis and so on. Your use of this website constitutes acknowledgement and acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Air conditioner XE12 QKEW belongs into the category of Multi-split air conditioners, which allows you to connect a larger number of indoor unit to outdoor unit. Easy Install Heating and Cooling Wall Mounted Air Conditioner for rooms up to 40 Square Metres.
Credit and Debit Card payments can be taken at our secure checkout using Sagepay.  PayPal can also be taken at our secure checkout. In spite of the compact design, the new product contributes to the reduction of power consumption by realizing the industry's top class*1 energy-saving performance. The function works before the test operation and, if there is any abnormality, the error code is shown on the circuit board of outdoor unit. Whats in the Box?The Ecoair Bravo Inverter 1816SD MK2 is an easy install unit and is comprised of two main parts.
In North America, a central air conditioning system to cool and heat all rooms centrally is predominant for household, but recently, the demand for energy-saving individual air conditioning system to control air conditioning of each room independently is expected to increase.

Whit this, you can save time, work and energy of installers and save on monthly electricity consumption by up to 30% as at 1on1.
There is the internal unit which is wall mounted and then the corresponding external unit (called the condenser) which simply sits on the ground or on a wall bracket ( can be supplied separately if required ) on the outside. If you order at a weekend, your item will be dispatched the next working day.An exact delivery time  will be emailed and texted to you on your delivery date. Especially, for large-size housings, the needs for multi room air conditioning system which can control cooling and heating for all rooms individually with one outdoor unit are increasing. Also, as the full-dot LCD screen with backlight is equipped, the visibility of texts and figures has improved. By this function, the false installation work due to the increase of connection of indoor units can be reduced. Also in the box is a  4 metre coil of interconnecting copper pipe, a remote control and a wall bracket for mounting the indoor unit.How To InstallThe 1816SD MK2 is designed to be installed without complication.
Simply hang the indoor unit on the wall of the room to be cooled using the steel mounting plate supplied in the box.
Then pop outside and place the outside unit (the condenser) on the ground at the other side of the wall.
Now, pop back inside and plug it in to a nearby socket, pick up the remote and you are ready to go!

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