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See the document: "Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Small Switchmode Power Supplies" for more info. This is the circuit diagram of a fully transistorized sub woofer amplifier that can produce an output of 100W.There are seven transistors including four in the output stage. If you are not familiar with the basics of electronics, CircuitsToday has provided a list of 4 really good books to learn the basics of electronics. Hi Mr.Seetharaman, can I use your 150 watts amplifier as a subwoofer amp in my 12″ 8ohms 200W subwoofer instead of this 100watts sub- amp as shown obove? Hi Sir Seetharaman can you please send me your PCB layout of this circuit.Thank you in advance. I was using this amplifier for past 3 years i checked my amplifire recently and i found the resistor R13 100R 2W is blown.
Sir in mfb amplifier if i use TIP35C and increase the supply to 70V what will be output power?
I have a pair of car Speaker with old magnetic car tape And also have a 12v power eliminator to connect at home but this is old fashion. Hi sir, I have tda7294 sub woofer, witch is the best sound quality, tda 7294 or your 100 wat trans..?
Hello, every one can i attach Q4 to Q7 in one heat sink and also give the perfect size of heat sink for this project thanks please reply I m waiting . I managed to build the circuit and on an ossciloscope the readings look correct but when i connect a speaker instead it shorts on the negative end of the circuit. The circuit given here is a current limited lead acid battery charger built around the famous variable voltage regulator IC LM 317. To setup the charging voltage, power ON  the charger and hook up a voltmeter across the output terminals and adjust R4 to make the voltmeter read 28V. I Have 36 volt 10 AH lithium battery, can I modif 24V lead acid battery charger circuit, to charger my 36 volt lithium battery? Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series?.if no,what is the implication? Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only.
Hi joe Two 12 volts batteries of similar type and conditions can be charged up to a maximum of 7 AH only.
Hello engr,in this your design.can i use it to charge two 12V,26AH lead acid battery connected in series.if no,what will be the implication? Hello would you be kind enough to publish a 48v 5 to 10 amp lead acid battery charger circuit ? This charger can be used for single 24 volt 7 AH battery or 2nos 12 volts 7AH batteries in series.

Hi Tran you can charge 24volt 1.3AH battery (hope dry means dry fit lead acid gel cell) also. Thank you very much for the charger circuit, i would like to use this circuit for charging two lead acid (12v 150A X 2)battery, for inverter. Sorry, I can’t quite follow how the resistor R2 provides 700mA, can you explain how the calculation is done please? I am looking to make an in-car charging system for an electric mobility scooter – it uses a 24v 10Ah battery. 1) can I substitute a 12v step-up DC-DC converter for the transformer and bridge rectifier section of your circuit to give me the DC input to the regulator, and what output voltage would the converter be required to supply? 2) what if any of the components of the regulated charger section would need to be changed to provide the correct output current and voltage? I’m a big fan of your circuits,and I would like to ask about the possibility of modifying this circuit so we can control charging current (like a pot. Hi Gangadhar you can but ensure the output voltage is adjusted to 14.2 volts without load with pot R4.
Click here for new pictures & details on this energy efficient, earth sheltered, solar powered home. DISCLAIMER : Alway make sure that all of your equipment is properly fused and grounded for safety. New Feature!  Check out our new feature Solar Projects where you can build easy, do-it-yourself projects for your solar power system to save money and have fun doing it! To get a better practical knowledge in the subject you can buy these books from here:- 4 GREAT BOOKS TO LEARN BASIC ELECTRONICS. As per your requirement of 26 AH a power pack capable of maximum current limit of 7 amps (9 amps preferred) is required.
Pls I need your urgent assistance in responding to these questions to enable me modify this circuit to do something else. I tried to insert a second BC547 as suggested (base of 2nd BC547 to base of 1st and emitter to the other emitter and collector to a led and a 2.7K resistor to C1 positive) to indicate full charge with no luck whatsoever!
Pls can u send me the circuit diagram containing the charging indicator(green and red).pls send it to my email. 5 Meters display charging amps, power, voltage, & more as you change the sun intensity, load usage, etc. These system sizes are based on 100 watt solar panels and 5 hours of average daily sunshine. Also, be sure to read and follow the advice and instructions that come with your equipment. Use 2, 4, 6, or 12 volt batteries to build a system voltage of 12, 24, or 48 volts using series and parallel wiring with just 4 clicks.

These example diagrams, while reasonably accurate, are not meant as a substitute for the recommendations of a licensed electrician. Battery bank capacities from 300 AmpHours to over 4000 AmpHours are displayed graphically so you can see exactly how to wire the batteries together.
Since no ICs are used the circuit is very robust and can be easily assembled on a general purpose PCB. Of course, under actual operating conditions a solar power system does not produce full output every day. Certain grounding and fusing circuits have been omitted from the wiring diagrams for clarity.
These examples are a guide only and are meant to demonstrate how typical system components are connected together. Because the iPod range has batteries of a wide selection of capacities, our solar iPod charger is instead voltage limited. Diode D1 prevents the reverse flow of current from the battery when charger is switched OFF or when mains power is not available. Even in the brightest sunshine the voltage is not excessively above that of the iPod battery, and the current is plenty enough to charge the battery in a few hours in bright conditions (even in the UK!).A blocking diode should be used (in the positive solar panel lead) to prevent the iPod battery from slowly draining at night if it is still connected to the panel. Modified Sine Wave Design With CodeHello guys, in the last post I have explained the basics of inverters along with its types and also the inverters topology in other words working of inverters.
To connect this to the solar charger a female USB-A connector (socket) is required such as the one pictured below:It can often be cheaper to buy a cable with a fitted female USB-A connector and cut it off to use in this project. Before starting on sine wave inverter read this article again and again as I have also mentioned the problem i got while making it.I have divided this tutorial into four parts which are shown below. This is a step by step guide to design and build an inverter and I hope at the end of this tutorial you guys will be able to design your own inverter. I tried my best to keep it simple but still if you guys got stuck at any point ask in comments and I will remove your query. This project is designed by our team and they put real effort in getting this done so that’s why we have placed a small fee on its complete description. These include Solio Solar Charger, PowerMonkey-Explorer (pictured above), and Freeloader Solar Charger.These commercial chargers feature a small solar panel and an onboard rechargeable battery which in turn is used to recharge your iPod or other device.

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