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Apple added the ability to share your whereabouts with other iMessage users in the release of iOS 8.
This will send your current location to the person or to all the people using iMessage in that thread. At today's Worldwide Developers Conference keynote presentation in San Francisco, Apple Senior VP of Software and Engineering, Craig Federighi, unveiled new features of the Messages app that most people are going to like. The iMessage system works by intercepting text messages, identifying the recipient (via phone number) and determining whether or not their device operates on iOS. Apple has acknowledged a bug in iOS 7 that is causing some people to have problems with their iMessage app.
UnblockMe comes straight to your iPhone and challenges you to a few rounds of head-banging on hard-wood bricks as you try to crack the code and squeeze through a set of blocks that slide dependent on each other's movements. Your task is to steer the red block through the maze, by moving and sliding the other blocks on the screen, so as to clear the way towards the exit, on the right-hand side.
Although the game features the Beginner level, the better half of the levels made quite an impression on us not to mention on our coffee machine as we drained the brown gold from it as we were too excited about the red block finally moving freely towards the edge of the iPhone's screen. Entertaining as it is, UnblockMe is still a puzzle game, requiring both wits, fast reaction time and careful strategy and planning. The free version of the app comes with 400 puzzles and just one Beginner level, while the full version gets you twice as many puzzles, 4 difficulty levels and hours on end of pure enjoyment. Let’s face it, this is the age of the smartphone, A March 2012 survey by Pew Research says that nearly half of all American adults are smartphone owners, an 11-point increase since last May. Select Account Summary to see a screen that provides an up-to-date summary of your account.
The Account Summary screen gives you a quick snapshot of the important numbers in your account.
Last week the app displayed incorrect information about the number of miles that would expire in 2013, but in less than a week since I posted this review, they have updated the app and fixed the problem Well done! Select an itinerary and you'll get all the needed information for that trip including flight number, arrival and departure time, and gate information,.
The mobile boarding pass provides a lot of information: flight number, date, boarding and departure time, gate number, AAdvantage elite status, and PNR record.
If you need to purchase a ticket but are not near a computer to make your purchase online, and don’t want to call in and pay the telephone booking fee, you can use the app to purchase your ticket.
You're never far away from being able to call American Airlines, this screen lists the important numbers you will need.
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Back to Seattle (7) Spending AAdvantage Miles Not As Easy As I Thought (6) Finally – I’ve Found a Mileage Run (4) Triple EQMs on New Mileage Run (4) Will Emirates Dominate Long-Distance Air Travel?
HappyFlier: I spoke with the lady at the Board Room and she said I had no extra status on Alaska Airlines. You can choose to share your current location once via text message or share your location in every text sent for an hour, one day or indefinitely. The "Details" section is also where you can leave a group message, delete another person you added from a group message or change the name of a group message.

Most people gave themselves nicknames when Siri and the iPhone 4s were originally launched. Users have been reporting that they are unable to send messages, or are being forced to send messages twice.
The app provides you with countless hours of play packed with both enjoyment and frustration at the same time. The movements are simple, just slide the blocks up, down, left or right to free up your way for the red block to go on undisturbed towards the exit. Think before you act is the rule of the game, as the Challenge mode keeps track of your number of moves.
The simple idea behind the game, simple and effective graphics and the lack of annoying sounds quickly made this iPhone app rise to the top of Apple's Appstore for Top Free Apps. The best friends feature was taken away in January 2015 but it looks like we have it back but in a much different way.
Have you been able to decipher all the different icons or emojis on the brand new Snapchat best friend update?
As the number of smartphone users continues to increase, a company that does not have a smartphone app has, as the old saying goes, missed the train. Their app was one of the first I loaded when I bought my iPhone and it is one I use regularly.
However, I've found that when I call the number abut the mobile app, I get the AA web team and almost no one there knows anything about the mobile app. Instead, grey it out or display a message telling the passenger to check in with AA at the ticket counter.
If the app knows that the flight is delayed and is correctly displaying the new departure time, it should know that the flight has not departed. They have fixed the problem that I had written about earlier when it said I had zero miles expiring in 2013. That is something that should happen with every company’s product, but sometimes it seems that it rarely does. It is obvious that the designers and engineers put a lot of thought and effort into designing an outstanding customer service tool for AA’s customers. This can be annoying for users who have more than one person with the same first name listed in their Contacts.
If you told Siri to call you something ridiculous you may want to change your nickname by opening the Contacts app and locating your info. After last weeks night spent teasing our brains with BrainTeaser, we challenged our testers again with another puzzle game, only this time their task seemed somewhat easier for the first ten or so levels. The lack of any bothering sound effects and the clear and seamless graphics and motions give this game a refreshing change over your regular time wasters.
The grimace or grit teeth face beside a username means You have a mutual #1 Best Friend – The person you send snaps to most is also who this person sends snaps to most.
If you know anything about the different face or icons please be sure to comment below as I would love to get a little bit of conversation going about the different emojis and what they mean. It is an outstanding application needing only a few tweaks to take its grade from B+ to a solid A!

The designers of this app put some time into the design resulting in an application that is both easy to use and attractive. I have however had problems when boarding an aircraft with this mobile pass, I’ll explain that shortly.
That message would have saved me at least five minutes when I checked in that morning; not a big deal to me since I was so early, but those five minutes could be the difference between making a flight or missing it for someone else.
They also removed details about a sweepstakes that ended last September.  I’m glad they took care of those things so quickly! Bravo to the American Airlines mobile app team for being so proactive and customer-centric! In January they displayed the EQM number for both EQMs and segments, so it showed that I not only had more than 23,000 EQMs in the account, it also showed that I had completed more than 23,000 segments in January alone.
I had already done an electronic check-in for my flight using the app, all I needed was my electronic boarding pass to show to the TSA screeners.
In Challenge mode, the app keeps track of all your moves, and, of course, the less, the better, the smarter you feel. I cannot even imagine two high school girls or boys having someone of the opposite sex that is a #1 mutual best friend. Apparently the boarding pass part of the app did not know that the flight had been delayed.
A fix to those two issues I spoke of will easily make this an A+ application that I will recommend to every AA passenger. For more on all the emojis on the new Best Friends update check out this resource; April 2015 Snapchat Best Friends Update. Maybe I was doing something wrong, so I closed the app, reopened it and again tried to get my boarding pass.
I got to the front of the check-in line and had to explain to the gate agent what had happened.
She was the only GA working that gate and had to step away, go to the counter, pull up my itinerary on the computer, and then print a boarding pass for me. I had no choice but to leave the line and go to the AA counter to check in, where even the kiosk could not issue me a boarding pass — I had to have an AA representative print one out for me. In other words, the flight boarding process came to a complete halt for everyone while she took care of me. I took it and got back on the TSA check-in line where the first officer said to me, “Sir, we noticed you left the line a few moments ago instead of checking in. If there were other passengers on that flight using the app, the same thing happened to them. Was there a problem?” I explained the what had happened and they allowed me to go through, but I did not appreciate being put in a situation where I drew that much attention to myself. A problem with the app should not cause the boarding process for a flight to come to a halt.

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