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The online IQ tests we link to on purchasing i3® will give you a valid and accurate measure of your IQ level. Wondering how clever you are compare to the world’s well known geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking?
Here is the full list of online intelligent quotient tests that are completely free, though some of the quizzes require registration in order to view your result.
Review – Regarded as one of the most accurate free online IQ test by experts and internet users. Review – If English is not your first language, then the result of your test will probably be lower than it would be if you took an IQ test in your own language. Review – A psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas such as spatial reasoning and word analysis.
Review – Another culture free and image based IQ test, the only drawback is that there is no time constraint. Review – This is a free quiz provided by Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. There are 48 IQ tests with different type of questions and time limit available for you to choose.
Review – Test the Nation is a TV programme from UK, where viewers were asked a number of questions in order to measure their intellectual ability.
Review – A psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas such as spatial reasoning and word analysis.
Review – Examines your various mental skills, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical skills, and spatial skills. Review – Some of the questions require reasoning with novel stimuli, while others require reasoning with knowledge that has already been learned.
Review – It is divided into 4 parts, which includes questions related to spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence and math.
Review – This test is actually a demo of the Pro Certified IQ test of the International High IQ society, which gives you a rough estimate of your IQ score. Review – An interesting quiz that compares your score to NFL players at the end of the test. I agree with you that these tests are mainly for entertainment purpose and not necessary accurate.
I have been doing a few iq tests online and have found that if you practice your score gets higher, this way the tests do not seem alien when you take them and your not afraid of the test, the first iq test I took I did not know what the perimeters of the test were like and id bad, now I take iq tests and my score is high, I do not think people should take iq tests serious until they know what the lay out of these tests are about, but they still do not make me feel smart because now I know what to expect on iq test and it is the shock and awh that makes people do badly, I would not mind taking a real iq test.
Some of these are definitely not accurate – my results ranged from 55 (mentally retarded) to 170 (genius).
There are quite a few decent free online iq tests in cluding the mensa denmark and norway ones.
We congratulate you on your decision to take the immensely popular Quizmoz Kids IQ Quiz which has been widely proven as an authenticate and accurate measure of IQ. At the end of the Kids IQ Quiz you will shown your IQ score along with a description of what the score means relative to the IQ of other people.
While there could be many inherited or societal factors that influence IQ, the Kids IQ Quiz score can be used in many contexts and is a great predictor of educational and career achievement, moreover you can compare your IQ score with peers, friends and family and see where you rank! Disclaimer: The information in the QuizMoz Kids IQ Quiz is published for the sole purpose of comparison & intellectual stimulation. Whether you're a student, a parent or a teacher, a free IQ test for kids offers an effective way to test the cognitive abilities of any child. There are many types of intelligence tests that psychologists and other experts use to gauge the intellectual capacity of an individual child, but the most common ones used are WISC-IV, WAIS-III, and KBIT DAS.

It's important to understand that IQ tests offer a measure of a child's intellectual ability, not their learning achievement.
Free IQ test for kids are not easy to find online because the authentic tests are offered by an administrator who understands how to gauge and measure the answers provided by the child. Fun Education has a whole mix of great tests & quizzes, not only for children, but for everyone.
IXL - This math site is primarily a resource for teachers who want to help students achieve a higher level of achievement for particular math skills that they struggle with.
Required skills are organized by grade level, and when you place your mouse over one of the skills, you can see a sample of the sort of test questions that measure a student's ability in that area.
Clicking on any of the skills links takes you to an area of the site where students can practice those skills through a series of test questions.
All The Tests - This comprehensive website filled with tests of all varieties, also offers a small collection of free IQ tests for kids. Fairleigh Dickinson University - This tremendous resource offered by Ron Dumont and John Willis and sponsored by Fairleigh Dickinson University consists of a full profile of all major IQ tests including the WISC-III, WAIS-IV, WISC IV and many others.
Each of the test pages provides a full and detailed profile of the test, including all of the areas and skills that the test is designed to measure. This site is a perfect source for test administrators who are looking for information about free IQ tests for kids and the accepted methods used to administrator and analyze those tests.
The test takes the child through 25 questions, with various questions involving verbal comprehension and logic.
I work with childrens with cerebral disfunctions and need do assessment in form different of school pratice. Intelligence Quotient, more commonly known as IQ, refers to a person’s ability to reason, plan, solve problems and think in abstract terms. A wealth of free online resources can assist teachers in finding strategies for incorporating new teaching ideas into their classrooms. This means that the IQ test has been designed to have an IQ bell curve distribution of scores in the general population, with an average (mean) score of 100. There are plenty IQ tests available on the Internet, but not all of them are free and accurate.
The test is completely culture fair and based on logic, which measures your general intelligence. The results obtained from this test are scaled in a way that the average value of all of the test results taken will be 100, which means that each completed test contributes to the standard deviation graph. It will not qualify you for Mensa, as this is just a sample test for entertainment purposes only.
This quiz is made available on BBC website so that online users can calculate their IQ score online. The Quizmoz Kids IQ Quiz is based on the universally acceptable method of projection of the your measured rank on the Gaussian bell curve with an average IQ of 100. The Kids IQ Quiz is totally free and there is no paid component to the final IQ report what so ever. While IQ tests are not usually considered the most accurate measure of intelligence, they do provide much needed insight into which children need additional support as they work through the learning process. Valid IQ tests typically involve shapes, colors and other simple elements that need to be manipulated in some way.
While some tests are fully written, other IQ tests are both written and verbal, with the test administrator monitoring responses and analyzing results. Some examples include a Personality Test, a Spatial IQ Test and even a Smarter Than a 5th Grader test.

However, the "skills" area of the site also offers a whole range of sample skills test questions that students are often also asked on the computational section of IQ tests.
While the site doesn't specifically test a student's IQ, it does provide an excellent resource for children to practice the sorts of questions many "Achievement" oriented IQ tests may ask. For example, parents or teachers can have students complete a "personality questionnaire," which provides educators and parents with valuable information about the child and how they interact with other children and adults. However, this site is also one of the truly "free" resources on the web with free IQ tests for children. While most focus exclusively on general intelligence, other tests incorporate elements of arithmetic or reading achievement. On the website, they offer a fun and free verbal reasoning test for children from nine to twelve years old.
Verbal reasoning is a significant part of how many psychologists believe that intelligence can be tested, so the results of this particular test could offer some insight into a child's potential IQ. However, most experts agree that the true measure of intelligence is not primarily from achievement tests, but from test of logic, comprehension and the ability to turn complicated and obscure information into clear and understandable solutions.
Many people are curious about their IQs, and the availability of free online assessments makes it easy to find and complete an IQ test.
At IQ Mindware we develop brain training interventions to increase IQ, critical thinking, decision making, creativity and executive functioning. At least they give you a rough IQ score as well as an idea of how IQ questions are like :). I don’t see myself as a genius given my level of privilege that has allowed me to even take this test. In Belgium people, I do provide offline testing for free in Brussels and for transport cost outside (and something to eat and drink if very far). The Kids IQ Quiz results are relative comparisons of IQ traits with test takers who have already appeared for the Kids IQ Quiz.
Any test that involves math, reading or writing questions is not an IQ test, but an achievement test.
However, there are a few good free IQ tests for kids that can help provide an estimate as to the IQ score a particular child may receive in an official test. McConochie, Ph.D, and includes about 200 multiple choice questions that gauge the IQ level of children aged 6 to 16. IQ tests offer educators and parents with an important method they can use to truly gauge the intellectual capacity of a child. So, I'm not trying to be rude, but I think that it shouldn't be like an online tutoring thing. They are not free but yield accurate results that are comparable to what you might achieve on a group-based proctor-administered IQ test. The test measures the child's ability to gauge similarities between items, process information, comprehend information and more.
An IQ of 115 or greater is regarded as a high IQ. It is our goal to help people attain this level of IQ. While you can read through all of the quiz questions for free, to receive the results of the online test, there is a $19.97 service fee.

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