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So, I decided to mosey on over to the Interwebs and find a list of people with the highest IQ ever measured, and lo and behold I couldn’t find one! In order to establish a baseline knowledge, IQ (intelligence quotient) is a score derived from attempting to measure the actual mental horsepower of any given individual.
Now that you’ve read all about these really smart people, surely you want to know how you compare? Select the image below and the clock starts when the test loads, so be prepared in order to get the full 40 minutes. Now, for the rest of us (I score just above a moderately intelligent canine, but just below a porpoise), you can just join the One Man’s Blog Society for the Incredibly Average. Eight friends – Nancy, Harris, Jim, Feona, Daniel, Tony, Mary and Susan are sitting around a circular table. Study Top MBA Colleges in India from top business schools, management institutes, online mba, executive mba, harvard mba, top mba, mba finance. General Knowledge (GK) and Current affairs for Banking , SSC , UPSC IAS Exams with free online test . Wondering how clever you are compare to the world’s well known geniuses such as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking? Here is the full list of online intelligent quotient tests that are completely free, though some of the quizzes require registration in order to view your result. Review – Regarded as one of the most accurate free online IQ test by experts and internet users.
Review – If English is not your first language, then the result of your test will probably be lower than it would be if you took an IQ test in your own language. Review – A psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas such as spatial reasoning and word analysis.
Review – Another culture free and image based IQ test, the only drawback is that there is no time constraint. Review – This is a free quiz provided by Mensa, the largest and oldest high IQ society in the world. There are 48 IQ tests with different type of questions and time limit available for you to choose.

Review – Test the Nation is a TV programme from UK, where viewers were asked a number of questions in order to measure their intellectual ability. Review – A psychometric exam and will measure your cognitive performance in several key areas such as spatial reasoning and word analysis.
Review – Examines your various mental skills, including numerical reasoning, verbal reasoning, analytical skills, and spatial skills. Review – Some of the questions require reasoning with novel stimuli, while others require reasoning with knowledge that has already been learned. Review – It is divided into 4 parts, which includes questions related to spatial intelligence, logical reasoning, verbal intelligence and math. Review – This test is actually a demo of the Pro Certified IQ test of the International High IQ society, which gives you a rough estimate of your IQ score. Review – An interesting quiz that compares your score to NFL players at the end of the test. I agree with you that these tests are mainly for entertainment purpose and not necessary accurate.
I have been doing a few iq tests online and have found that if you practice your score gets higher, this way the tests do not seem alien when you take them and your not afraid of the test, the first iq test I took I did not know what the perimeters of the test were like and id bad, now I take iq tests and my score is high, I do not think people should take iq tests serious until they know what the lay out of these tests are about, but they still do not make me feel smart because now I know what to expect on iq test and it is the shock and awh that makes people do badly, I would not mind taking a real iq test. Some of these are definitely not accurate – my results ranged from 55 (mentally retarded) to 170 (genius). There are quite a few decent free online iq tests in cluding the mensa denmark and norway ones. Personally I place little value in IQ tests, but I do acknowledge that they are an indicator of some common potential success factors, so we’ll leave it at that. Well, set aside a full 40 minutes and go through this test to determine where you are on the evolutionary chain.
And if I may inquire additionally, why is it that none of them have sections on their sites where they are actually teaching people by translating highly complex issues into understandable language?
There are plenty IQ tests available on the Internet, but not all of them are free and accurate.
The test is completely culture fair and based on logic, which measures your general intelligence.

The results obtained from this test are scaled in a way that the average value of all of the test results taken will be 100, which means that each completed test contributes to the standard deviation graph.
It will not qualify you for Mensa, as this is just a sample test for entertainment purposes only. This quiz is made available on BBC website so that online users can calculate their IQ score online. This test evaluates visual spatial reasoning skills, and not verbal which some may say would be a bias toward guys. Tony is sitting 3rd to the left of Susan and also 3rd to the right of Feona who is 2nd to the left of Harris. At least they give you a rough IQ score as well as an idea of how IQ questions are like :). I don’t see myself as a genius given my level of privilege that has allowed me to even take this test.
In Belgium people, I do provide offline testing for free in Brussels and for transport cost outside (and something to eat and drink if very far).
So no one should envy or emulate people on the list that follow because some of them are miserable human beings (like this narcissistic guy). They are not free but yield accurate results that are comparable to what you might achieve on a group-based proctor-administered IQ test.
Data from that study as well as other sources around the net were compiled to form the following list. Please drop me a comment if you have additions or corrections (make sure and cite sources).

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