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L'Oreal Paris Voluminous Superstar MascaraI am often asked by friends which beauty products they can save money on, and I always tell them: mascara. Tyra Beauty Pop It Clean WipesThis nifty makeup-removing invention is perfect for the traveler (like moi)! Mizani True Textures Style Refresher MilkMizani has had a line of products for natural hair for many years, but now the products are getting an update. Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening ConcentrateVitamin C is your BFF when it comes to helping with a hangover. Essie Haute TubCooler weather — which means a nice 78 instead of 90 in Los Angeles — always gets me giddy for dark and twisty nail polish. We Love Eyes Tea Tree Foaming CleanserAs a girl who wears glasses, I'm really sensitive about my eyes.
An optometrist created We Love Eyes Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser [13] ($28) to help with her husband's sulfate allergy.
Oribe Cote d'Azur Scented CandleI've been an Oribe [14] girl for years — nothing tops the texture spray!
Revlon Ultra HD Matte LipcolorAnyone who knows me is well aware that I am obsessed with vibrant lip color, especially when it's matte. 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Bio Cellulose Eye MaskThe ingredient list on the 111 Skin Celestial Black Diamond Bio Cellulose Eye Masks [17] ($170) reads like an antiaging addicts' dream.
Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1You will rarely catch me without curled hair. My brows are one of my favorite features—despite the torture of over-tweezing back in my teenage years, these lush beauties persevered and grew back in full force. These waterproof brow pencils are like the old and beloved Brow Power pencils, but as the name implies, they are super skinny. These pencils have a slightly harder consistency that gives you better control of how much product you apply and the depth of color.
I am a very dark haired brunette with almost black eyebrows and I got to test Universal Dark Brown and Universal Gray. Wow these look great, I really like the medium brown, I feel like that’s a perfect match for me, and I’ve always liked IT Cosmetics too so I will have to check these out! Sonia Lundy { I also noticed that there is very little "lather" unless you shampoo, rinse, then shampoo a second time. The drugstore is filled with affordable eyelash enhancers that deliver results just as fabulous as their luxe counterparts.
Heat is what makes fragrance rise, so when it's chilly, you need to look for a scent with heavier notes. Tyra Beauty Pop It Clean Makeup Remover Wipes [5] ($20 for 24) remind me of those toys you have to soak in water to watch them grow.

The brand has created a range of shampoo, conditioners, and stylers for wavy to coily hair types.
Drink the juice to feel revived (adding some Champagne is up to your discretion), and then use it in your skin care to brighten up dullness caused by alcohol and lack of sleep. Essie [10]'s new Winter 2015 collection includes Haute Tub [11] ($9), a dynamic black polish that has a glimmer of amethyst shimmer in it. Shadow, mascara, and eyeliner often fall by the wayside because my eyes are hidden behind spectacles. However it also gets off the most stubborn mascara without leaving my eyes irritated and red. I have been using liquid lipsticks lately because I find them to be more pigmented than the standard bullet, but the drawback is that they're harshly dry on the lips.
Their powder [19] and under-eye concealer are the absolute jam, and their brushes are fantastic! To help you look as glam as possible [1] and then take care of your postparty skin, we rounded up the top new beauty launches this month [2].
L'Oreal Paris already has a cult following for its gorgeous mascaras, and the newest irritation — a double-sided wand dubbed Superstar [3] ($11) — does not disappoint. Simply press in the middle of the "o," and watch as the makeup wipe expands, popping out of the tiny container [6].
Kiehl's Powerful-Strength Line-Reducing Eye-Brightening Concentrate [8] ($44) is the perfect base layer for a heavier eye cream or concealer. I never expect much from automatic pencils, but this new one from DHC [9] ($11, available Nov. It's the luxury hair care brand's first candle, and it burns the signature bergamot, orange, jasmine, sandalwood, and amber scent.
I like to use these under-eye treatments while I put on my foundation and eye makeup (a trick I learned backstage at New York Fashion Week). The Harry Josh Pro Tools 2-in-1 Ceramic Marcel Curling Iron 1 [18] ($175) is genius since you can detach the marcel clip — meaning you get two tools for the price of one. My new favorite product, though, is the Brow Power Super Skinny pencil ($24, available Nov. The skinny pencil lets me feather the strokes in a very natural way.The spoolie on the end is bonus. Whether you need a flirty new mascara, genius curling iron, or under-eye savior, you'll find it ahead.
One side offers a volumizing primer, which also nourishes dry strands as the temperature drops. The makeup remover packs that I purchase tend to dry out in my suitcase — not a problem with these!

It contains 10.5 percent pure vitamin C and an ingredient called haloxyl to soothe skin and eliminate dark circles. But don't worry — the cozy-sexy fragrance doesn't smell like a salon, and the chic minimal packaging will blend in with your decor! Though it doesn't claim to be long wear, I have tested the eight shades and concluded they last postbreakfast through lunch without a need to reapply. The fabrics absorb any fall out from eye shadow, while working to minimize fine lines and dark circles.
Thanks to IT Cosmetics and their latest edition of Brow Power Super Skinny–it’s now easier than ever to fake what your mama gave you! From 80’s Brooke Shields to 40’s Joan Crawford, IT Cosmetics Brow Power Super Skinny ($24) has got you covered! This pencil blends seamlessly and matches my brow hair as well as the Universal Dark Brown.
Keep reading to find out about the newbies that are being added to our editors' vanity stashes. Creed's Royal Princess Oud [4] ($385) is definitely a "big" scent, but instead of leaving you in a choking cloud, it sits close to the skin, so only you (and people you're very friendly with) will be able to detect it.
The texture is velvety, and the container is small enough to keep in your purse for dire situations. So when it's finally time to put on my concealer, the corrector blends in smoothly without creasing. The violet, agarwood, and patchouli notes are sultry and sophisticated and make you feel like a boss. Though I expected to look like a raccoon after a thorough eye-rubbing in the shower, my liner appeared freshly applied after I stepped out. I tried both blonde shades: Universal Blonde and Universal Warm Blonde and the Blonde is perfect for me.
The marula, olive, and coconut oils moisturize my hair after being subject to the Fall elements (indoor heating, precipitation, and blustering winds). Many brands either have too soft a pencil or too much pigment and this beauty is just right. Sometimes I do color it a shade of red, but my brows are dark brown and kind of sparse and this shade looked a wee bit off. I’ve been using a very similar pencil from Kevyn Aucoin, which I love too but IT has so many more colors to choose from (I think twice as many).

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