January 30 1982 horoscope

Bundaberg News Mail asked readers to dig into their photo albums and share their most precious everyday memories with us. 2 of 64, In 1983 Bundaberg had a Sportsgirl store in Bourbong St, corner of Targo St.Pictured are Meg Mooney, Vicki Flanders and manager Marie Woods. 3 of 64, Mike and Marg Lye sent in this photo of a simulated bush search for a lost child by SES volunteers in February, 1979. 4 of 64, Meg Mooney sent in this photo of the front counter cosmetics girls who worked at Reids department store in 1982. 5 of 64, On May 19, 1981, Meg Mooney won bridesmaid of the year wearing the dress she wore for Maree and John Luthe's wedding. 6 of 64, On May 19, 1981, Maree Luthe was the second place winner for bridesmaid of the year wearing the bridesmaid dress she wore for Trevor and Meg Mooney's wedding. 7 of 64, Mike and Marg Lye sent in this photo of Margaret Norgrove in Civil Defence uniform on December 7, 1974. 8 of 64, Mike and Marg Lye sent this photo taken at Bundaberg Show June 1962 - Ted and Jean Norgrove and family, Ian, and twins Margaret and Heather.
10 of 64, Ken Pascoe said the postman only delivered to mailboxes in a group at the top of the street (Wellington NZ 1950s).
12 of 64, Original Sheep Station Homestead with 24 rooms including servants quarters and built in 1909 - Ken Pascoe lived in this house in the 1950s (Wairarapa NZ). 14 of 64, Mike and Marg Lye sent in this picture of of the champion float from the Harvest Festival on October 6, 1975. 16 of 64, B and L Crane sent in this photo showing the Skyway drive-in theatre fence in 1982.

17 of 64, B and L Crane sent in this photo showing the Skyway drive-in theatre fence from 1982 still standing today, even though the area where the drive-in once was is now a housing estate.
18 of 64, One of the original Kellys Creek beach houses, built about 1963, this photo taken late 90s. 20 of 64, Meg Mooney and daughter Nicole (aged 3), playing with chickens in the yard in 1989. 21 of 64, Cloth nappies 1988 Meg Mooney sent in this photo of cloth nappies hanging in the backyard in 1988.
36 of 64, Ron and Beryl McCurley's sons Andrew, Lachlan, Cameron, Alex and David plus Livy the border collie.
37 of 64, Colin and Betty McCurley with Beryl and May Belle at Beryl's wedding on April 18, 1953. 39 of 64, Cows licking the charred sides of barbecue at Mon Repos girl guide camp, Christmas 1998.
40 of 64, Mike, Andrew and David Lye, aeromodelling at Burnett Minature Aircraft Club, Bonna airfield, 1996.
41 of 64, Presbyterian Sunday School, May Street, December 1962, Nativity play - two smaller angels either side of centre back, Margaret and Heather Norgrove. 47 of 64, First day of school for Margaret and Heather Norgrove, January 1962, going to Walkervale School.Photo submitted by Margaret Lye. 52 of 64, Beris Whitred and Hank Gaal at Austral Hall for a Post Office Ball, making good use of novelty telephones which they could use to communicate with people in other parts of the hall. 64 of 64, At the Union Bank (which would eventually become ANZ) in 1951 is Bruce Patterson, Tom Geddes, Jan Spotswood, Ivo White, Ilma Paul and Beris Whittred.

From left is Mr Hein Van der Heide, Margaret Norgrove and Peter Byrne, now the CEO of Bundaberg Regional Council.
Pictured are Tracey Hoopert (nee Davis) who worked for Clinique, Meg Mooney who worked for Estee Lauder and Karen Hillyard who worked for Revlon.
Meg Mooney said in those days they dyed the lace to match the fabric and small headresses were the fashion. The business logo in the picture shows ECA, which has now been renamed Master Elecrtricians. Mr Strub lived in Burnett Heads from 1934 at the Pilot Station Reserve with Joe Oakes and his mother Elizabeth Strub. Dianne Catasti (Dowde), unknown, Cheryl Lee (Dixon),Gwen Spencer(Gear), unknown, unknown, Team costumes and training by Mrs Beryl Dowde, daughter of well known railway identity Mr Jack Dodd. Shirley and John both served in the armed services - with Shirley in the WRAAF and John in the army and RAAF. Lalee Jagiello is not a local but was in the WRAAF with Shirley and her bridesmaid in 1981.

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