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Many celebrities are rumored to be a part of this new world movement, including Lady Gaga and Rihanna. Backmasking is the process of reversing an audio signal and placing it in something meant to be played forwards. Missy Elliot used backmasking for aesthetic purposes on her track “Work It” from her album Under Construction. In the late 80s and early 90s, parents and special interest groups began accusing artists of using backmasking to hide disturbing and even satanic messages. In the early 1980’s, Queen was accused of hiding a reversed message in their song “Another One Bites the Dust”. Pink Floyd used backmasking to hide a message on their song “Empty Spaces” from the album The Wall. The Beatles self-titled 1968 album (White Album) was thoroughly searched for clues about Paul’s death rumors (see #2) by fans. In 1990, Judas Priest was involved in a court case which alleged subliminal messages in their song “Better by You, Better than Me” led to the suicide, and attempted suicide, of 2 men in 1985. In January, 1982, Paul Crouch accused many rock artists of hiding messages in their songs through backmasking. The band ignored these claims, however Swan Song Records issued a statement saying “Our turntables only play in one direction…forwards”. The cover of Watch the Throne is a golden pattern not unlike what you would see if you turned on your winamp visualization as you listen to the music. Revelation 4:6 In front of the throne was something that resembled a sea of glass like crystal. The sea of glass is the computer moniters in front of the millions of thrones all over the world. The HNIC still has a bone to pick with Jay-Z, but this time, the issue has nothing to do with music, as Prodigy laid out some astonishing newallegations about Mr. What do you see when you look at Warhol’s Rorschach on the cover of Jay Z’s Decoded book? I think Jay is telling the truth when he says he’d have trouble joining a golf club never mind the Illuminati.
The new avant-garde video for “On to the Next One” — with images of ram skulls, black crows and a Joker-like clown — has some bloggers talking that Jay is dabbling in demonic imagery and Freemason symbolism. Hov is also the subject of a new independent street DVD that alleges he is “Hip-Hop’s Master Mason” and the Blueprint pays homage to a secret society. With rumors swirling that Beyoncé is expecting her first child, the singer was content to play the role of supportive wife during a party in Miami Beach with hubby Jay-Z on Wednesday night. The couple kicked back at the Delano Hotel, where Jay-Z was working with Bing to launch the DECODED search experience, an Internet scavenger hunt based on his new book. As the rapper gave interviews, Beyoncé slipped away into a poolside bungalow, where she ordered snapper, salad and sparkling water from the hotel's Blue Door Fish.
That’s right, people really believe Bey and Jay named their child after a super secret group founded in 1776.

Basically, it’s just a conspiracy theory made up by those with way too much time on their hands. When played normally the message will sound like gibberish, however, when the song is played in reverse the original message can be heard.
One instance that had fans buzzing was on the track “Eunuch Provocateur” on their EP Tremulant. The chorus of the track is “Is it worth it, let me work it, I put my thing down flip it and reverse it” followed by backwards gibberish. Christian evangelists claimed that when played in reverse the lyrics “another one bites the dust” become “It’s fun to smoke marijuana”.
Waters congratulates them and asks them to send a response to “Old Pink” at the “Funny Farm”.
One of the most noticeable pieces of supposed evidence was a backmasked message at the end of “Im So Tired”. Allegedly Raymond Belknap and James Vance drank beer and smoked marijuana for several hours while listening to Judas Priest. The alleged satanic message has become, arguably, the most famous instance of backmasking, adding to the mystery and legacy of Led Zeppelin. This reflects Kanye West’s Christian upbringing and loyalty to Christ in Jesus Walks. The media was loathe to touch George Bush’s secret society, Illuminati lodge 322 in 2006.
And though it was Beyoncé making headlines, she left the spotlight all to her husband. Some of the first instances of reversed audio were the result of The Beatles’ experimentation during the recording of Revolver.
When the gibberish is played in reverse, it says “I put my thing down flip it and reverse it”. Weird Al poked fun at the issue and hid a humorous message about those searching for hidden messages on the track “I Remember Larry” off his album, Bad Hair Day. Some believed since the song had other strange effects on it, it was possible the band had purposely used backmasking to hide the pro-marijuana message. While the theories about him are far-fetched, believers of these theories thought they found proof when the song “Lucifer 9” was reversed. Before Waters can give the full address he is notified by someone that his wife, Carolyn, is on the phone. At the very end of the song, as the music is fading out, John Lennon can be heard speaking incomprehensibly. They then went to a church playground, where Belknap shot himself under the chin with a 12 gauge shotgun, dying instantly.
In 1969, as the rumors of Paul McCartney’s death were spreading, Revolution 9 became an important piece of evidence to those claiming Paul was dead. Many however, say it’s merely a coincidence, and is simply another case of phonetic reversal.

Kanye and Jay are niggaz torn between their loyalty to the United States and black nationalist revolution. Since then, backmasked messages have turned up in all kinds of music with messages ranging from humorous to satanic. Gibberish played normally was the message “666 murder murder Jesus 666” when played backwards. Many think “Old Pink” is a reference to former member Syd Barrett who had mental problems and was in a psychiatric hospital (“Funny Farm”). When played in reverse, some hear the words “Paul is dead man, miss him, miss him, miss him”. A caller to a Detroit radio show explained possible evidence of Paul’s death, and convinced disc jockey Russ Gibb to play Revolution 9 in reverse. The Illuminati put fluoride in the water supply to stop people from ascending into this higher state of consciousness.
Prodigy alleges that Jay-Z is affiliated with Jacob, who orchestrated the set up and incarceration of the elder York. Fans found that when played in reverse the gibberish could be heard as “The Itsy Bitsy Spider”. In the same song at around 2:08 Missy says “Listen up close while I take you backwards” followed by the reversed message “Watch the way Missy like to take it backwards”. What many didn’t know was the track “Lucifier 9” was actually from Dangermouse’s The Grey Album. Alot of blogs say Jay is a Freemason and a devil worshipper because of this kind of imagery. Many cite this song as an example of phonetic reversal, where a word when reversed, sounds like another word. He later told a reporter of a suicide pact he made with Belknap, saying “We had been programmed.
Listeners called in to the phone lines to voice their opinions, which further spread the rumors. Also in the track, the phrase “Did mommy or daddy ever have to spank you?” can be heard when reversed. Dangermouse chopped up Jay-Z a capellas and created the message over The Beatles “Revolution 9”. When played in reverse many claim to hear other clues such as the sound of a car crash and someone screaming “Let me out”. If you want to be a member you have to go through a hazing ritual just like any college fraternity. The men’s parents filed a civil action which alleged that, when played backwards, the Judas Priest track encouraged listeners to commit suicide and “Do it”.

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