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Thanks to the individuality and originality, they become excellent writers, poets, artists. These people usually have to experience much change, and they frequently changing conditions, traveling. Number 7 people in numerology has a strong sexual desire, but they do not touch coarse and brutish. These people have many attractive features, but their variability can be greatly harmed, if through the whole life as a red thread don’t brings up permanence. Number 7 is a completely independent and to some extent similar to number 2, but there is much personal level and with a stronger character.
Their strangeness of these people in all areas of special emphasis, and date 7-th born writer, in any event will get the best success for your new idea, a real originality and out of individual manners. They are by nature a philanthropist and a lot of time and money, if so, shall be paid to the social life and charity.

So they fluctuate and his life in the early stages rarely become attached to for a long time for one person.
These people are endowed with intuitive knowledge of our neighbors, they are very creative and imaginative. These people usually find their activities in rural and sparsely sitting-down parent has left the chair. Their religion is humanism, but their love for the next – almost spiritual, although they are not overly religious in the ordinary sense. By nature without being materialists, they are more likely than others enjoying the wealth and material assets, because, particularly in not attempt to seek the money they obtained through application of mind and ingenuity.
If they inherit a company, the most entrusting its management to others, but their focus on new areas. They have a strong intuition, and they immediately feel the atmosphere, but it gives a great advantage in relations with others, because they, being a step ahead, able to predict response.

Spouses of such people should not focus on petty cases of unfaithfulness, because they help soothe the human desire for change.
Sexual partners should be a strong and active, because these people have a strong sexual drive.
They need to be sure that the change they want, indeed reasonable, otherwise they will cause themselves harm. Of their variability, they are very interesting and sexually exciting, because you never know what they will do next time. No one ever knows what the following people will take place tomorrow, and the element of surprise makes them wondrously beautiful.

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