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The NBC correspondent, 29, and her husband Henry Hager are keeping busy with their careers and settling into New York City with their cat, Bernadette. They've also been exploring their new hometown by bike, Hager said, riding along the Hudson River or visitng friends in Brooklyn. An Anniversary SurpriseThe couple celebrated their third anniversary in May, and although Hager was out of town that day, "Henry took me on a surprise trip, which was really sweet," Hager said. Moving to New York has also brought Hager closer to her twin sister Barbara Bush, who lives only one subway stop away. Because the two "work incessantly," Hager also said their schedules don't always mesh, but the twins are happy to serve as each other's cat sitter.
Jenna had this to say as to how her daughter felt about having a little sister soon: "She keeps saying baby sissy, baby sissy.

Jenna's second pregnancy is a good reason for her to take some time away from being an adventure correspondent for The Today show. Over 50,000 Today show viewers casted their votes on the next adventure Jenna should be in after she gives birth to her second child. In a sit-down interview with People, Jenna shared in the joy she was feeling about the upcoming arrival of her second child: "We're so excited. Jenna and husband, Henry Hager were married on 2008 at The Prairie Chapel Ranch just outside Crawford, Texas. Kate Middleton News & Update: Duchess Of Cambridge Plans Playdate For Prince George, Prince Charlotte With Angelina Jolie's Children! Josh Duggar, Anna Duggar Relationship: a€™19 Kids and Countinga€™ Star Insulted In Public With Father Jim Bob? Bush-Hager announced the big news on "The Today" show via a personal video where daughter, Mila, also appeared.

Guthrie, Hall, Lauer and Morales gave the former first daughter a bouquet of flowers to rejoice in the good news, as seen in an E! Allegedly, roller coaster rides and bridge parachuting pulled in the greatest number of votes.
Jenna and Barbara were residents of The White House when their father was America's president in the early to mid 2000's. Laura Bush pose with daughters Jenna (R) and Barbara (L) prior to the wedding of Jenna and Henry Hager May 10, 2008 near Crawford, Texas.

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