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Jenna Dewan (spouse Tatum) is an American actress who portrays Freya Beauchamp in Witches of East End, Lifetime's TV series adapted from Melissa de la Cruz's novels.
Jenna Dewan-Tatum first captured audience’s attention when she appeared on-screen in the lead role in the hit film Step Up.
In addition to being an actor and dancer, Dewan-Tatum started the production company 33andOut with Channing Tatum. As an organization that is 100% focused on capturing the moments of our lives forever, we at NAPCP can relate to the core values of Artifact Uprising.
NAPCP: As we move forward in the digital age, with images overflowing on all of our devices, can you give us your best tips for choosing when and what to print?
JW: I think one of the most inspiring things for us has been to create product with purpose across so many levels.
A HUGE THANK YOU to Jenna Walker for taking the time to speak with us a little about Artifact Uprising and share her insights! About the Contributor: Crystal is our Marketing Director and champions our outreach efforts in the community and child photography industry. Photographing children or your family may be your passion and what feels natural to capture and share. With Mother’s Day this weekend, NAPCP feels it is imperative to celebrate all the moms and mother-like figures in our lives.
Today we have a special treat for you — a video of the Live Portfolio Review, hosted by Dan Brouillette, and 2014 Photographer of the Year Jennifer Kapala,  from the NAPCP Retreat. We’ve created this comprehensive guide with our Top 12 Tips for Work-Life Balance, and we will be discussing it at our first gathering this Thursday! Jenna Renee is now an internationally known model who has been featured in Maxim, Muscle Magazine and more.
Travis Browne: ?I?m starting to get some of the recognition I may not have gotten before, and I think it?s due. Their first production is a documentary, Earth Made of Glass, which centers on Rwandan President Paul Kagame and genocide survivor Jean- Pierre Sagahutu. A bright and beautiful company that supports the industry of photography, and they have been a huge supporter of our International Image Competition and search for the 2014 Photographer of the Year! We were professional photographers – and for all practical purposes, had arrived at a place in life that felt great.
We hope to spark new creativity in you with a short checklist of photographs you can challenge yourself to capture this month, with sample images provided by our membership.

This year, we want to emphasize to our membership and readership how important it is, as mothers, to get out from BEHIND the camera, and get IN the frame. The National Association of Professional Child Photographers is an association whose mission is to promote and support the artistry and integrity of professional child photographers. It is also a valuable resource for parents who are looking for a professional child photographer in their area, and want to be inspired and educated about our specialized industry. This video has wonderful tips for submitting your images in the January 2016 International Image Competition (open now!, and ending February 18th). Don’t worry though, you don’t have to be present to take advantage of this fantastic advice! Fitness was not always a part of Jenna Renee’s life and she comes from a bit of a troubled past. She can be seen working with companies like Dymatize Nutrition, Nutri-sups Worldwide and Schiek Sports Inc.
She was first discovered by a dance agent and toured alongside numerous highly successful musical entertainers. To accomplish this mission, NAPCP provides the most comprehensive resources for its members, bringing together a community of passionate artists committed to growth in their skills, their artistry, and their businesses. I’m in my 5th year as a full-time newborn photographer and, like many of you, I discovered my love of photographing newborns and children when my oldest daughter was born.
For the guys out there who think she is hot and want to date her, unfortunately she is taken.
Dewan-Tatum most recently starred in the popular FX miniseries American Horror Story: Asylum, starring opposite Adam Levine, Jessica Lange and Zachary Quinto.
Dewan-Tatum is also an advocate of animal rights, supporting the efforts of numerous philanthropic organizations including PETA and Southern California’s The Gentle Barn.
We wanted to build something that could be an example to generations to come on what good business looks like. The wood is then crafted by a local woodworker who is on a mission to turn this fallen wastewood into beauty. Jenna Renee has always been a petite girl but after some time of an unhealthy lifestyle she gained about 25 lbs. She can also be seen in the Anchor Bay film 10 Years, which premiered at the 2011 Toronto Film Festival with an ensemble cast that included Anthony Mackie, Justin Long and Kate Mara.
Because of this, we created different versions of this business over and over again – until our hearts felt aligned with our heads.

These planks are then sent to a non-profit whom works with developmentally disabled adults whom assemble the hardware. After downloading, make sure to purchase the correct corresponding Avery templates that we used here! Gaining that kind of weight on her petite frame made her insecurities grow to the point where she developed an eating disorder in 2007 and ended up in the hospital in the summer of 2008 weighing in at only 98 lbs. Prior to that, she starred as one of the leads in the Lionsgate film Setup opposite Bruce Willis and 50 Cent. She knew she had to change her lifestyle for the better and that is when she discovered weight lifting and educating herself on clean eating.
With only one loss and one draw in his professional fighting career, you may have a tough time beating him. Her other film credits include American Virgin, The Six Wives of Henry Lefay with Tim Allen, New Line Cinema’s Take the Lead opposite Antonio Banderas and The Legend of Hell’s Gate.
And then photographers from around the world use this product to share their art and stories.
It’s our job to give back in ways that we know how and to keep listening and building for the path ahead. When we look at the entire product creation process – we realize we have a chance to impact the world at every turn. I will never have enough words of gratitude for the photo community that has rallied behind us. Learning how to take responsibility for every turn of our product’s creation has been incredibly inspiring and continues to guide us into the future. Chose those 3 – and find ways to make them a part of your story for generations to come. This is why we keep moving on – we remember that a great business is only as great as the passion behind us.

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