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New York NYC Crime Bronx Brooklyn Manhattan Queens Education Obituaries Sports Yankees Mets Giants Jets Knicks Nets Rangers Islanders Football Basketball Baseball Hockey Soccer College High School The Score News Crime U.S. Herea€™s whata€™s in store in the stars for 2015, courtesy of our astrologer, Jennifer Angel. Venus, the goddess of love, is your ruler, and if you are still without the one who completes and complements you, this year you can make the connection that can change the very essence of your being. Whether ita€™s work, love or social situations, youa€™ll be dared to follow your heart and walk the path of your truth. The new year promises to be eventful, astrologically, and a time when you can be witness to many changes happening in and around your life. As it moves to your sign, Jupiter, the planet of growth and expansion, together with powerful eclipse energy, spark astral opportunities for you to overcome lifea€™s murkiness and function on a higher vibration. You can move into the new year with cathartic assurance, having undergone various changes in the past few years that had you look more closely at your life and relationships. Finally, oh-so-serious Saturn will move out of your sign this year, so youa€™ll feel a whole lot easier about life in general. Saturna€™s in your sign for most of the year, so you can settle past disputes and emotional issues a€” anything that prevents you from living the life you want. Preventative care for pet health Exercise, a balanced diet and mental stimulation are important for maintaining a pet's good health. The healing properties of essential oils Have you ever caught whiff of a fragrance and been instantly transported to a time and place in your past, or a person you once knew?
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National Disaster Preparedness Day - 2016 May 14 is National Animal Disaster Preparedness Day, and don't forget to include your pet in your disaster readiness plans.
Preventative care for pet health Exercise, a balanced diet and mental stimulation are important for maintaining a pet's good health. May 2016 Pet Horoscopes Expect Taurus pet to be light loving, happy and bright this month. This week on the Jennifer Angel & Miss Fallon show, the girls share Mariah Careya€™s exciting news, Hulk Hogana€™s beach wedding brawl, Miley Cyrus and her bong troubles and yet another Hollywood power couple calling it quits, Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. Jennifer indulges her viewers with an astrological overview for the week and the girls discuss holiday gift giving, handling depression over the holidays and take live calls from their fans in order to help with their personal dramaa€™s. Psychic Mediums, Angela Ashton and Jennifer Fallaw provide personal private Psychic Readings. Our Psychics also have medium abilities which means they can communicate with crossed over loved ones, and access guides, Angels and spiritual helpers. It is our goal to provide a clear connection, a compassionate experience, and detailed answers to your questions.
Daily News astrologer Jennifer Angel looked to the stars to divine whata€™s in store for all of us mortals. Ita€™s a time of self-assessment, of making changes, discarding what is not working and adopting new practices and field of studies. When you decide to eliminate things, situations and people that are not serving you, the result is a gap for the universe to fill with something better.
Next year will be filled with many changes in all phases of your life, each more interesting and inspiring than the next. Developments and challenges that took place over the past few years can come full circle now. Jupiter, the planet of luck and abundance, remains in your sign through August and will influence you to be optimistic and to take advantage of opportunities as it places you in situations that are advantageous. It is essential to operate from your center core, Virgo, to figure out what it is you want to achieve this year and then steadily work toward fulfilling every wish. But there are still some situations that will need to be taken care of and, after dealing with and leaving them behind, youa€™ll feel more empowered. But the planet does come back for one last stay from mid-June through to mid-September, offering you another chance to clear up any unfinished psychological business that could be preventing you from living the life you desire. Born today you are serious about business, but a softy when it comes to love and your personal life. We exist in a multidimensional reality that we can access via different forms of focusing energy. Need Help with a Missing Persons Case, Healing, Negative Energy, or just need Counseling on the Paranormal, Twin Flames, the Ascension or Spiritual Awakening? Our Psychic Mediums also have empathic and healing abilities, which allows them to feel in their energetic body your feelings, energy areas in your physical body, and the feelings of guides, angels and spirits that will be working with us. Psychic Angel Connections wants to provide an enlightening, uplifting experience of love, light and healing through a clear message of better understanding and insight. Transformational Pluto, in your sign, can break down anything not working in your favor and then restructure it.

With advantageous planet Jupiter still in your opposite sign until August, the focus is on relationships. The powerful energy of a solar eclipse in your sign at the end of March can help move your life into the next exhilarating phase. Ita€™s a year of expanding your knowledge on a much more serious plane, which could enhance your career opportunities.
Your domestic life is very important, and you can find steadfastness within the home, relationships and family, and enjoy sharing your values with someone to whom you feel a special closeness.
Eclipses trigger change, and with this yeara€™s lunar activity and the influence of planet of solidity and reality Saturn, it's time to invite some serious romance into your life. You want to live the high life, Leo, and are working hard to achieve financial security, so be prepared to reap the fruits of your labor of the first half of the year in the second half. During March, a Uranus-Pluto square and the solar eclipse strongly influence your personal life and could test your love. The seventh and final Uranus Pluto square in March centers your attention on family, home and relationships and brings with it a chance to find a solution and settle a problem.
Fiscal matters are serious business this year, and it would be unwise for you to splurge unnecessarily.
You usually like to travel, but with Jupiter still in your ninth house of foreign affairs for the first half of the year, it may become a priority; or you might be inclined to learn about different cultures or a language. This year, prepare to spring clean; the changes you make now, with people and situations, will set solid foundations for the future in both your personal and professional life. Psychic Angel Connection handles Personal Psychic Readings, Psychic Medium Readings, Missing Persons Cases, Distant Healing, Ascension & Twin Flame Counseling, Negative Energy Removal, and Home Cleansings. Energy is vibration and everything carries its own unique vibration, somewhat similar to a thumbprint. This is sometimes known as clairvoyant (seeing mental movies or images) and clairaudient (hearing inside the mind's ear). Psychic Angel Connection's Psychic Mediums do not use any divination tools, tarot cards, ouija boards or any other tools of the occult for readings. Youa€™re strong enough to rise above the trials and tribulations and face the challenges to live the kind of elegant life you deserve. And even though this is a beneficial placement, keep your expectations within reasonable limits whether you are in a relationship or looking for love. Having begun your personal transformation a few years ago and with your sign influenced by the energy of key astral points, you now can realize your goals. Two lunar eclipses will force you to pay more attention to your purpose in life and direct you to change your career path to do what inspires you.
Therea€™s also a new beginning around your domestic environment, which places more emphasis on home, family, love and relationships.
Ita€™s imperative that you learn to feel worthy of receiving what you want to attract, as to not limit your flow of abundance.
Things can happen that completely reorganize your love life and bring back to mind what is really important. This yeara€™s eclipses also make it possible for you to begin to accept, and deal with, certain relationships and to overcome anything that blocks your energy from moving forward.
Intuitives have varying psychic abilities to tap into and utilize this energy for information. Business is always front and center for a Capricorn, and this yeara€™s eclipses could hone your intellect and intuition, turning you into an even more perceptive business maven. While embracing new ways of working, and seeing life through different eyes, you dona€™t lose sight of the changes needed to make your dreams come true. Your health and well-being as well as your spiritual development are definitely worth serious contemplation.
Friendships take on a greater importance, too, so don't be surprised if you find yourself eliminating from your circle some of the people with whom you had associated. Seek professional advice to make sure your money works for you and that you keep more in the bank to boost your account balance. To keep things in perspective, remain positive but also realistic about certain inadequacies that success unavoidably brings. Beneficial Jupiter and a solar eclipse during the second half of the year supply optimistic energy to either work on a new project, job or business, or advance your career.
Saturn now in your solar 11th house suggests you get involved in teamwork; also, you can reap rewards from past undertakings.
You should look fantastic and follow a wholesome regime that you can easily adapt into your day-to-day life. Life is always changing and, sometimes, you outgrow those with whom you find you have nothing in common anymore.
Your relationships get a shot of adrenaline, and a romantic connection either will get stronger or weaken to allow someone more suitable to come into your life; either way, change is imminent. International business dealings, travel, or a better understanding of different cultures can increase the scope of your knowledge on a multitude of levels.

Singles can team up with someone with whom they are close both on an expressive as well as intellectual level. Your are on a spiritual path of evolvement and probably will be researching areas of higher knowledge, incorporating forms of spirituality and recreation into your life that let you achieve well-being and balance of your mind, body and spirit.
When you work with old as well as new contacts, it gives you a sense of purpose thata€™s very satisfying; a feeling of achievement is another benefit. As you well know, hard work pays and you can find yourself this year studying new subjects that will move you into the next thrilling phase of your life. The second half of the year will bring the option of investments and possible financial payouts; and the presence of the eclipse can indicate the beginning of a new endeavor. By the end of the year, things will be quite different, but ita€™ll take plenty of work, passion and focus, even if you do have a lucky star watching over you. With the Uranus-Pluto square during March, if something doesna€™t work on a business level, it can be eliminated to make room for something better; ita€™s as though someone is watching over you and directing your every move. When you look great, it makes you feel more self-confident; astral interactions will help you realize this. Working with groups of compatible people who can make a difference can give you a great deal of contentment as well as the joy of being part of a team. Singles can meet the love of their dreams, and if youa€™ve been strengthening your inner self-esteem, youa€™ll find yourself attracting someone worthy of your love. On the subject of love, ita€™s time to get serious; long-term partnerships are preferred to idle affairs.
Work with others on a level of nothing less than high integrity, and watch as partnerships are offered for your consideration; especially those of a financial nature. Some of the new people with whom you come into contact could be most helpful, and ita€™s possible that a move at work will pay off on a steady basis. Pluto and your ruler Uranus square off and the energy can induce you to question yourself about the bigger quests of life, like your purpose here on earth.
Generous Jupiter and delightful Venus bestow business opportunities that will seem perfect for you; watch for coincidences to know you are on the right track. Love and romance are front and center in your star chart; a connection between Venus and bountiful Jupiter as well as the intense energy of eclipses make it possible to meet your one and only true love, or for couples to rekindle the flames of yore. Auspicious Jupiter and sensual Venus endow you with the charm that is irresistible to whomever you meet. Couples can find themselves growing deeper in love, but should beware of becoming possessive. But some changes also are coming, and although change can be disruptive, everything will work out for the better eventually. Interacting with family members in the first quarter of the year can bring you closer together and break down barriers. This kind of thinking could lead you deeper into trying to understand the connection between science and spirituality; or perhaps the conflict and skepticism that it arouses.
It is essential to be self-supporting, and in 2015 the influence of hard-working and productive Saturn makes it possible to attain financial security, but it requires work and dedication.
Look ahead to being noticed and needed, and your expertise and skill of communicating being appreciated so much that you could become indispensable. The energy of this yeara€™s eclipses places your home and work in the spotlight, and makes it possible for you to find balance of your mind, body and soul, providing you with what you require most in life: emotional and financial support. You are much more intense in expressing your love, especially within the family and toward children. Love and romance are ignited by the intensity of a solar eclipse; also, it helps you realize that a relationship without friendship is not all it can be. And there could be a new intimate alliance in your future, one that you've only dreamed about but, as with all relationships, be prepared to give and take.
This yeara€™s lunar eclipses shape your financial affairs; stand up for what you are worth. If you want to change your aura and revamp your life, you can; just have faith in the process and in yourself! Everything Your heart desires could occur this year, but you to have to be ready to embrace whatever comes your way, even if ita€™s not what you expected. Lady Luck is there to hold your hand this year, but you first have to recognize and appreciate her existence. Couples will have an opportunity to work at their relationship and strengthen their love commitment. As to your personal life, a family connection, friendships and a partner will be on your search engine, as will sincerity and devotion. And be receptive to working with others who can advance your career and increase your bank balance, but use your instincts when deciding which partnerships to choose.

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